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Water Drink Tracker – Water Time & Alarm
by pnmgcp1

Water Drink Tracker not only serves as a tracker of your daily water intake, but also helps you form habit of water drinking. It is a tracker app that help you develop a heath habit of drinking water. Drink water instead of other drinks; keep fit and lose weight!



Water Drink Tracker - Water Time & Alarm android app

Water Drink Tracker – Water Time & Alarm android app


We specially made it for busy people. You don’t have to remember about water intake? Water Drink Tracker will alarm you to drink water in time. Water tracker and water time alarm can help bring healthy habit back, maintain proper hydration and speed metabolism up immediately!


Highlight Features of Water Drink Tracker:

– Calculate the amount of water you should take in one day;

– Schedule reminders according to your wake up time and bedtime;

– Set your preferred remind mode and snooze options;

– Track your water drinking habits and provide reports in graphics;

– Customize drinking cup according to your needs.

Drinking water is good for your health in the following aspects:

► Keeping your skin and nails healthy;

► Keeping you hydrated after much workout;

► Helping you control calories thus keeping you in good fit;

► Helping you maintain normal bowel function;

► Keeping you away from kidney stones.

It is time to water your body! Download now this Water Drink Tracker.


Download Water Drink Tracker – Water Time & Alarm App:- 

Download Water Drink Tracker – Water Time & Alarm App ( 9.8 MB)


User Reviews :-


I Love This App. My Skin Is Glow, My Nails Are Growing Like Crazy, My Hair Is Growing Like A Week And My Pee Is Clear AF 😁


-I like the reminder’s it give’s me tooo drink water I didn’t know how much water I was sapose to drink on a daily basis…


-I love this app as it reminds me often to drink water and that’s really beneficial for my health .


-Be better if this was in American measures and weight. Totally useless to me.


-I like this app it helped me realize that water is gud for my health


-At first it does not confirm anything untill time goes buy and you set the drinking amount to lets say 100 and just keep on drinking then pres the + sign to confirm drinking.


-But normally how much litre should be take or according to our weights we should take water


-I absolutely love the drink reminders! This is what I needed. As it helps to determine how much water you need to drink, it then reminds you to drink and stick to the plan.


-It’s a nice app which helps a lot in insuring that you take the amount of water you need per day and schedule your daily important notes


-I’m one, for not drinking enough water but with the assistance of this app…I expect , I’ll become Awesome!!!! Thank you


-This app will help me keep up with my water intake


-Its Wonderful and doesnt only have a water reminder but for lots of health activity3.


-AwOSoMe App I LoVe It Bcz its make me healthy


-Best app to track our exercise process n drinking water ..


-Just started, but seams to be a good app for water intake


-its good reminde me when to take water i love this app


-Just downloaded this app very helpful so far.


-Its so good reminds me when to take water


-Hope to see the best result


-It’s working and good


-Excellent app ever

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