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VPN – Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN
by Golden Frog, GmbH

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VyprVPN is the world’s most powerful VPN. We’re the only provider that operates 100% without third parties, offering exceptional online security to protect your sensitive data. Access an unrestricted, free and open Internet. Enjoy a fast, secure & private Wi-Fi connection with your free trial today!

Why Use VyprVPN?
– Encrypt your Internet connection
– Connect safely on public Wi-Fi
– Protect your online privacy & security
– Prevent communications interception
– Stop private data collection
– Defeat throttling & improve streaming speeds
– Unlock the Open Internet from anywhere

Why Choose VyprVPN?
– Fast VPN speeds
– 70+ global server locations
– 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs
– 24x7x365 customer support
– Unlimited data usage
– Easy-to-use apps for all devices
– No third parties


VPN - Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN

VPN – Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN



Innovative VPN App Features:
– OpenVPN 256-bit encryption protocol
– Automatic reconnect
– Ping test to view server location connectivity speeds
– Up to 5 simultaneous connections
– Proprietary VyprDNS – Zero-knowledge DNS

“We evaluated several VPNs, and it became clear that VyprVPN is the best service on the market. It’s the only VPN that is reliable, with user-friendly apps and fast enough for the business use.” – Reddit

Our approach is unique in the VPN industry — Golden Frog’s founders, Internet veterans who have fought to preserve online privacy, security, and freedom since 1994, established Golden Frog in response to Room 641a, an infamous room in San Francisco where the NSA conducted surveillance on AT&T’s networks. Incorporated in Switzerland, we harness favorable privacy laws to defend your data and reflect our mission as a company with respect for the rights of Internet users. We own, engineer and manage our VyprVPN servers so we can deliver fast and reliable connections. These efforts make Golden Frog the only company who protects your privacy and data from end-to-end without 3rd parties, arming users in all 195 countries with a secure personal VPN to safeguard online activity everywhere while we advocate for global Internet freedom.


Download VPN – Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN App  :-


Download VPN – Fast, Secure App (25 MB)


User Reviews :-

Matt Lawrence
I gave up after spending more than an hour trying to pay for 1 month of service. The app works, but the billing system is a total disaster. I just want to get on with my work,and I can’t with VipsVPN

Eddy W
On One Plus 6, Android 8.1.0, the VPN connection and the app doesn’t run in the background for long time. After opening or using different apps, suddenly connection through VPN is dropped and auto-connect doesn’t work. Edit: Down rate to 1 star, it doesn’t matter what you report, you will never ever get an answer. On MacOS, if laptop goes into sleeping mode, then waking up the system again, a WiFi connection could take some time to establish, this app will fail most of the times to reconnect or keep on connecting status forever. If kill switch is on and the app crashes, that’s all, needs a complete reboot of the system, otherwise app won’t start and internet connection completely blocked.

Nigel Stuart North
I’m in a country that blocks WhatsApp and Facebook among many. I installed this app using another VPN as an Android user, to log in. Once I had done this, I could log in to vypr VPN and it worked great. Thank you vyprVPN for letting us access the free liberated uncensored internet, which is a human right. A great VPN..I am using the PAID version.

Javier Lim
When switching between wifi or from wifi to cellular/vice versa, the VPN would drop and I’ll lose connection with the VPN showing connected but actually isn’t with no internet svice until I manually disconnect it and reconnect. It also doesn’t play well with other VPN that you have. It will require you to turn off everything in VyprVPN before you are able to use other VPN. Whereas other VPN only require you to at most turn off kill switch.

Hammad Mubeen
No easy customer support. Not good speed in Beijing, China. I contacted many times, no response. On their website they always put in queue for 30 minutes to 60 minites for a simple response. Unsatisfied

App User
Terrible VPN app. Continuously disconnects after about 15 minutes device inactivity, followed by not receiving important notifications for the rest of the day because Kill Switch is active. Reverting to ExpressVPN until issue is patched.

Garshasb G.
It’s just perfect; but the auto connect option doesn’t seem to be working for me. The VPN disconnects regularly and it doesn’t reconnect automatically and I have to do it manually, though the auto connect option is checked.

Charles Bluett
***IF YOU ARE IN CHINA DO NOT GET THIS VPN*** Used to be quite good in China now it’s just trash. Contacted support to ask if they were working on the problem and got a form answer telling me that there shouldn’t be a problem, which even looking at the reviews here is obviously not correct. So they are either incompetent or liars.

App User
The kill switch is not working. I emailed you guys about it twice last month and never got a response. Since then it hasn’t worked 4 times. Please fix it. It’s a must have for me and I’m sure for many others.

Andre Lot
VYPR consistently delivers connections to any requested server. I haven’t had connection problems in more than one year. No noticeable effect on battery life.

App User
DO NOT USE! This company lies & logs ALL USERS. They hide behind “our payment processor requires reoccuring payments” when you politely ask who provides them that service so you can follow up LIKE ANY NORMAL action they disconnect you. They are bait & switch then simple rob you of your payment & refuse you service. READ THE REVIEWS. SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO A YOUTUBE STREAM to SHOW how corrupt this VPN is.

Fox Eternal
It’s pretty good, but the pop up asking for a rating has a typo. “It’d be really helpful if you rateS us.” Horrendous.

Aaditya Thukral
I really appreciate the hardwork behind this application. It really does the job what it says. Interface is very refreshing and Innovative. Many servers to choose from and some movie applications which were not supported by other vpns are supported by this vpn. Cheers 💐✌🏽👌🏽

App User
Edit (Aug 7 2018): Wrote a damn long review to describe my disappointment but VyprVPN got disconnected so I can’t even post it and now my draft is gone. Yep a simple reflection of daily Vypr connection. Taking my good comment below back and resubmitting a low rating for its disappointing after-sales service. It’s been almost a month and I still can’t connect using my desktop app due to TAP adapter problem. Asked for help and got reply twice at 1st, then absolutely nothing in the past 2 weeks despite sending follow-up emails and bug reports with application logs. Long story short: is Vypr connection good? Yep it’s decent although it keeps on disconnecting sometimes. But does it worth your money? If you are in China, considering the after-sales service – NOPE. I’m so done with this I totally will withdraw the subscription plan next year. Remember: You are safe ONLY IF you have no problem using it. You can’t even send bug report from Vypr desktop app if you are NOT connected to VPN. Imagine experiencing connection problem but can’t do anything about it without a backup VPN because ironically you need to be connected to VPN to ask for help. So yes of course forget live chat when you have no VPN connection. Good luck trying to contact them only to hear nothing afterwards 🙂 Saw reviews from others who also get ignored. Way to go, Vypr. What a reflection of an exemplary after-sales service (this is sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it). (OLD REVIEW Apr 11 2018): Can’t be happier with Vypr’s Chameleon protocol connection in China. Tried various VPNs to get the fastest and most reliable one here, seriously Vypr is the answer. Sometimes I do have problem connecting but most of the time everything else is satisfying. Well if only the site or at least live chat support can be accessed from China without VPN…

Anton Petrov
Horrible. Doesn’t work in China. Doesn’t work on Linux. Only works well in situations when I don’t need a VPN. The app is ok but functionally this is bad. Not worth the money EDIT: In regards to the generic reply I received from the developer, no, I’d rather stick to free OpenVPN which works just fine for my needs. If I’m paying for services, I expect more functions than the free app, not less.

I’ve bought so many VPN, And This was my last VPN that I purchased I really like it because of the Killswitch… AAA+++ I really recommend ViperVPN.

joshua martinez
Always worried about updating. Every time I do the app does not work and I have to uninstall and install older version. I am in China using a Huawei phone. Any clues or hints as to why I get issues?

Andrei Batarin
It’s very handy that the VPN has a free trial period for you to test all the features. The interface was nice and convenient!

Davorin Gajic
Asking for choosing a plan before even trying it? No thanks I’ll skip this one. It’s 3 day free trial – at least they say so.

App User
Works ok, but there’s a big annoyance: LAN connections (Hue lights, NAS, Chromecast) are not working while connected to VPN. This is an Android specific issue – On desktop and iPad they works just fine.

App User
Yeah great VPN. Got free on humble and decided to use it on my phone for when I browse some gentlemens literature. No lag, works a treat and no ads since it’s subscription anyway. 5/5

Moustafa Khordagui
VERY unreliable connection! You won’t always get a VPN connection when you want it, and if you do, doesn’t last.

Federico Leonel
nice VPN ,better than competition in most aspects ,but lacks in one thing, do not have a proper client in Linux as it does in other platforms , that’s why i send 4 stars

Sergi Jini
Everything is fine except one detail: while switching from wifi to cellular data, app hangs, preventing any data communication and often can only be closed by forcefully killing from Apps settings. Please fix it. Mobile: Galaxy S8

Brian Cape
Does what it says on the tin. Great value, although doesn’t always trick the content provider! On holiday in Spain, set to GBR and BBC player and All4 don’t believe me.

Christian Westcott
Upgraded to Android 9.0 and ‘connect on untrusted Wi-Fi’ doesn’t seem to take notice of trusted networks. It connects on all networks regardless.

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