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VMware Boxer

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VMware Boxer App

VMware Boxer App

VMware Boxer


VMware Boxer is the most innovative email, calendar and contacts app available on Android! Here’s what people are saying about our award-winning app:

The Webby Awards Nominated Boxer for Best Mobile Productivity App of the Year! *****

* “This mail client is fast and efficient, and very smartly designed.” – Dave Johnson, CBS Moneywatch *****

* “The quick replies are pretty fantastic.” -Mat Honan, WIRED *****

* “Boxer has a whole set of tools for dealing with emails. You can easily archive with a swipe, send instant auto responses, add emails to a to-do list, and ‘like’ incoming messages so people know you saw it without requiring an actual response.” -Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker *****

Support available for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and up), Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, & IMAP accounts.

Boxer is a true email client and connects directly to your email and never stores your email content or passwords on our servers.

Work Smarter

• Boxer helps you work smarter and faster with features like bulk edit and quick replies, and with built-in calendar and contacts. Some other features we think you’ll love:
• Combined Inbox: add multiple email accounts
• Smart Folders: Boxer remembers where you like to file things for quick organization
• Send Availability: Select and send your calendar availability with just a few taps
• Email Likes: Use “Like” to quickly acknowledge the sender’s message
• Files: View and manage downloaded attachments from all accounts

Customize the Experience

Boxer allows you to build your own experience with the ability to choose your favorite account colors, turn features on/off such as conversation threading and much more. Some of our favorites include:
• Customized Swipes: Specify your swipe gestures to delete, archive, spam + 9 other options to choose from
• Profile Pictures: See who your email is from and even personalize your contact pictures
• Quick Replies: Write your own canned responses for the fastest response when on the go

Stay Connected

In the office or on the go, stay connected with features like conference call dialing and setting Out of Office, marking favorite contacts, and integrating with your favorite productivity apps right inside your inbox.
• Evernote Integration: Send emails to Evernote with just a tap
• Calendar Integration: Swipe to accept/decline meeting invites
• Cloud Attachments: AirWatch Content Locker, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive support & more

Protect Your Data

Boxer ensures your conversations, calendar invites and contact details are always secure.
• Passcode and PIN: Secure your email with a passcode or PIN to ensure data is secure and encrypted

To optimize security and productivity for your device, VMware AirWatch will need to collect some device identity information, such as:
– Phone Number
– Serial Number
– UDID (Universal Device Identifier)
– IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier)
– SIM Card Identifier
– Mac Address
– Currently Connected SSID

Download VMware Boxer App:-

Download VMware Boxer App ( 63 MB )

User Reviews

Md Iqbaal
awesome.keep up the good work has all that i have dreamed

Mohmad Yusuf Shaikh
Great email app I’m using this app on my iPad and now on HTC M8. This a great app for maintaining all emails in one ap and one console. The push mail works great with exchange

Abdulmusawwir Barkaati
Very underrated app! This app has been the best switch for me from Cloudmagic (Newton), so far! Bring in bug fixes, remove the lag and add more features please

Goran Kamberi
Happy user Very nice mail app 🙂

App User
Just the fact that I can add contacts with this app makes it a million times better than Outlook. I really recommend it! (This is the second review after a brief session with mobile Outlook on a new phone.). It remains a great app that leaves others in the shade!

Richard Trotter
Great app. Its the email servers that cause problems. This app is an ace

Paulo Fontes
Finally a really good email app for Android Tried several email apps (several google searches by “best email app android”) and this one is by far the best. Do not understand such low rate, compared with others far inferior and with higher rates. Anyway, download and you won’t regret.

App User
I’m using four IMAP accounts with Boxer and get immediate e-mail notifications thanks to IMAP PUSH. Battery use is very low and the application is full-featured without being complicated and has a nice interface. I used to use K-9 Mail but it has gotten buggy in recent months. Boxer is a nice replacement.

Garifullin Michael
Thank you for good product Nice and clean interface. I think is get new email faster then gmail natural app

Geron Phillip
Any chance you could support TeslaUnread notifications for Nova Launcher?

Matthew Symanowitz
Best email and calendar app I could find after trying a few to handle exchange and imap accounts. Nice email widget. No ads which is great. Good interface and settings.

Mike G
Works great I love it. The Android version works well.

Rodrigo C
The best email manager, both ios and android tested I’ve tried several options of email managers, but boxer just got me for its easy UI. quickly send stuff to evernote, pocket etc with the swipe of a button. I’ve changed for android last week and couldn’t help but get this right away. Awesome app. Keep up with the good work, guys!

Evan Blair
Great app This has finally made mobile email productive and useful. Can’t live without it!

Efstratios Karanikolas
This should be the default e-mail app across ALL platforms!

App User
Love it! Far better than any stock email app, that includes Gmail. Once you use Boxer email, you’ll never want to use any other email client again.

Erik Muench
Great no nonsense email client. Easy setup for so the usual suspects: Comcast, Gmail, exchange, &c. Thread management is visually intuitive. Kind of K9 on steroids.

Nadir Kamdar
I’ve been using MS official outlook app for my work email, but over time that app was getting painfully slow so I tried a few alternatives and, after a few weeks, boxer was the clear winner. It’s fast, shows me my email and calendar entries, great interface with clean, helpful widgets. The shortcuts are useful and helps me flag important mail very easily and quickly. It’s a great find

Bunny Brown
Appears to work well, as I’ve had no problems yet

Vampz Network
Fine client A fine client that works as well as any.

Scott Basso
Best O365 client that doesn’t force you to make it a device administrator

Karan Handa
Amazing app Superb interface & functions..

Franco Demarco
Really nice interface and very responsive.

Using this app for more than 6 months and very satisfied so far. But now it keeps crashing all the time on gakaxy S5. Please help

Abhinandan Adlinge
Nice app, Cool Features and seamless multiple account handling

Nicholas Bedworth
Positive experience with Boxer Pro Exchange So far, so good. Being able to sync mail from two Exchange servers and gmail simultaneously is highly convenient and works well. The user experience is also quite nice.

Ehouman Evans
Quick way to view your mail when you are on the go, even with low Internet access. Congrats! Wonnnnnnderful app!

Mike Simpson
Wonderfully customizable email client. THE best!

Justin Bartley
Great Really works for me, takes aspects from both gmail, and Dropbox Mailbox.

Oliver Siegel
Great email client Love the customizable swipe settings… makea processing email fast! Couple things can be improved but that’s what updates are for, right?

Kamal Kashyap
I loved it… 🙂 The app is best for emailing, especially for using POP3 account.

Glenn Tobias
Great, no more crashing They seem to have things straightened out AND have added great new features. Now all it needs is a snooze option and no one else will come close

App User
Exchange Better than M.Outlook

Abhirath Mahipal
Amazing app but has bugs (Fixed) I tried adding my second email account, it asked me to share it with 10 friends. Even after sharing it with 14 friends, I’m not able to add my second accoun

Aniruddha Arondekar
Best Email Client.. Android Equivalent of Thunderbird (which is not available for Android)..

Jamal Hussain
One of the best email apps on the play store, works fine on the Moto X4 with Oreo.

Felix Suero
Obama meets Cyanogen This app is all you need for all email app, all other fall short next to this

Daniel Sanford
Knows what folder the mail belongs in I use this for all of my email accounts, and it saves me time sorting and deleting.

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