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VivaVideo – Free Video Editor & Photo Video Maker
by QuVideo Inc.

Get your free video/photo editor App for the ultimate editing experience and become a short movie expert!
VivaVideo is the best video/photo editor app that lets users create stylish and personalized videos with ease. With over 400 million users, VivaVideo is becoming the most popular video editor among both professional and non-professional photographers and video makers. Play with millions of themes, stickers, fonts, and music to spice up your videos & photos! VivaVideo is here to make your short movie dream come true.

VivaVideo android app

VivaVideo android app

VivaVideo comes with a brand new interface design, making it easier to edit all your photos and videos with superior quality. This app also comes with various editing features, such as stickers, themes, and a whole collection of music available to make your videos fun and eye-catching. With around 2,000+ new songs, VivaVideo is setting the bar high for other video editors.

Video and photo editing
The VivaVideo comes with a range of editing tools to make your videos and photos pop. Below are some of the features we provide:
1. Slideshow maker. This tool allows you to create a slideshow, where you may turn your plain photos into your personal movie with the additional text art, animated texts, and Photoshop features.
2. Video editing tools. This app provides various features for your videos, such as the video trim, cut, crop, merge, copy/duplicate, collage, and looping video clips on your storyboard. This tool allows you to do what you want with your videos. Whether it be merging them together, cutting clips, or putting videos on loop, their video editing tools are made for convenience.
3. Video editing effects. This offers 1,000+ components to alter your videos, such as the background blur, video speed adjustment, fade in and out, animated texts and fonts, GIF, Giphy video stickers, a music editor, and more. You may also use the fast/slow motion editor to choose the best video speed for you.

More tools
This photo- and video-editing tool also has other features to look forward to, such as the following:
1. Lens: This app comes in five different modes, which are basic, music video, Selfie, facial effects, and live: where you can add filters and effects to all your scenes and images. Feel free to mix and match with the right tone-of-voice.
2. Unique Video Collage (PIP) camera: This tool merges clips into a story with music.
3. Music: You can also download your music for free from the music library for all your videos and photos.
4. Themes: VivaVideo comes with a number of different themes to choose from. With options like wedding, birthday, travel, festival, etc., you can choose from a range of themes that are ready-made and easy to edit.
5. Screen Recorder: Record your screen while you are outdoor and play with a facial tracker to capture live movements
6. Export and share: You can export stories to your galley any time, and you can share it to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, etc. directly from your phone, all with the click of a button.
This photo and video editor is designed to create fun videos faster and more conveniently. You can now easily create photo effects, text art, animated texts, and more. This opportunity creates limitless possibilities of what you can do for your videos and photos. Time to get creative and uncover the amazing capabilities this photo and movie maker can achieve!


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User Reviews:-

-Great app, but hate hate hate the “caller id” feature where it gives you an ad every time someone calls. What does video editing and calls have to do with each other? Looks like you are just stealing contacts. You also hide that it’s your app doing it.

-I found this app very user friendly. I struggled with putting various songs on it(but that could just be me). The free version only works for clips under 5min! Other than that I think its great 🙂

-I’ve paid my subscription fee, and the app will not update. Not getting useful help from app creators right now. I need to submit a video without the watermark, and I’m not able to do so because I’m nit getting the support. I will adjust my review if I do get support.

-Feautures are nice and easy to use… The thing is… It won’t allow you to post or export videos that are more than 5 minutes…. I spent one day editing my video but ended up wasting my time in facing with a VIP pop up inscription. This is so insane.😡

-It’s a really good app for video making. Really love it. Would give 5 stars, just because of the so-often terrible lagging and i have to force closed everytime it happened. But it has a lot of features I need and I collage both pics and videos along with the music and text too. Love it!

-It was great in the beginning but now it won’t export any videos 55 seconds or more. I’ve submitted several bug fix requests over the past few days and haven’t gotten a reply yet.

-I never thought I’ll love the VivaVideo.. It’s so damn cool.. Those who didn’t try it doesn’t know what they are losing😌

-More features need to be added. I want to download YouTube videos (up to about 2 minutes). Remove the logo from the video for free. For a phone, this app is okay. Edit January 2018 (please read): They actually REMOVED the “funny filters” features and probably others. None the other issues that I previously been mentioned have not been addressed. I would recommend that you hold off from downloading this particular app for now.

-It’s a pretty good all but I hate how a lot of filters, you have to buy, and the free ones are all the same. I also think you should be able to add your own text for all of them not just some. Besides that it’s pretty great!

-This app is a great video editor. However all of the spyware and dumb caller ID is not okay and an invasion of privacy. I’ll be switching to InShot video maker. Screw all the malware

-Its good bt I am nt able to download any themes.. I tried.. Bt I dnt knw I can’t able to see any themes nor able to download.. Si plz fix it… Otherwise it’s 5* app..

-If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.

-I have tried compiling videoes here which often get stuck. So u can never know what music beat goes on what video.. horrible the way it stops n starts in between.

-I’ve made a few simple video projects with photos, personalized music and effects. I like the app very much. MY ONLY NOTES ARE that I wish it could rotate videos that were shot or saved sideways instead of upright. I have yet to find an app to help me do that. Also the watermark name Viva Video in the corner should have an option to remove it without having to pay, I think that’s ridiculous and sometimes I have to use a separate app to edit out the Logo. Please fix.

-An amazing app and can share easily to a variety of different apps. Has many songs, some not so good, but has a time span of 5 minutes

-Mind blowing aap i never thought I love so vivo vedio so many. Vivo video which is a lot of memory convert to a lovely story which I love very well and whenever my friends hang out with me, then converts them into a good movie… I love dis app….

-It’s all awesome & I am having fun making videos. But I have a problem….. can’t we just click pics why only videos?

-Great little app. Works well and has a decent amount of built in functions. I did have a bit of an issue with the final edit being a little jerky but I’ll play with the settings to smooth my next one out.

-Ya its really nice working with viva video… So thick they should add different types of 3d animationd for making videos…

-It is the one of the best app that i use but their was some bug that some features are missing But i think in new update you will find and repare these problems in this app

-It is the one of the best app that i use but their was some bug that some features are missing But i think in new update you will find and repare these problems in this app

-It’s a great video editor but why the text subtitle is getting blurry when it’s OK when your editing it the letters are clear but when you OK it. It’s getting blurry

-I am so tired of having to find pertinent information about an app from other users. Even when the app makers make all information available it is not readily so. Even after installing the app and looking around inside I could find all the info I needed. But worry not. Other former users had the information in an easily digestible format. What information you might ask. The actual details are unimportant, it’s more about how I have to waste time trying to figure out prices, the exact limitations of free versions and trials, etc. I don’t mind paying, but forcing me to install the app to find the info or dig through their homepage and FAQ (and still not have all that I need), feels dishonest. I know they’re trying to compete and luring users into

-I love this app, but I want yo erase the Viva Video name on the botón right paying, but it keeps saying error. What can I do yo resolve this issue?

-I think this app has to do some chnges nn otherwise it gotss some of many amazing factss which goes in floemw of interest …….☺

-the new update also provide the feature of viva Camera .. in which i like alot selfie portion .. but they should give that portion only for still shots to make photos … their selfie portion affects are fabulous as like of snap chat beautiful face … if they provide that selfie portion seprate to make random click then as my opinion people wil only switch to it because at very first click the affect on face will be perfect so no more extra photo edinting will be required and it looks natural as every one else wished for it .. so kindly provide for stills or for photos click the selfie affect of Viva camera

-I like it very much… Very good editor any video . easy to have great features

-I am feeling difficult in making collage vedios.. Any suggestions for how to make collage vedios.. 🤔

-After updating this app, I cannot even select pics from the gallery. It shows nothing. Useless app..It was useful before the updation

-Just lag sometimes. I wish its easy to add stickers to clip ccording to what second i want

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