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Viu – Korean Dramas, TV Shows, Movies & more
by Vuclip Mobile Video

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Viu is the best Drama & Movie app for Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians and those from the Middle East!

You can stream & download your favourite shows, movies, TV series and music in full HD with Viu! Watch all of this with subtitles in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin & Arabic! Viu gives you instant access to all your favourite dramas, comedies, horror and more! Watch hit TV shows from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the Middle East and India as well as our own Viu Originals.

Here’s what you get with Viu:
Watch Korean Dramas, Korean Movies, TV shows, Thai, Bollywood, Arabic, Pinoy Shows, Viu Original shows, music and more anytime, anywhere. Stream and even download for FREE! Watch and enjoy amazing new videos with a curated discovery feed and personal recommendations from Viu

Watch shows from multiple genres to in HD with subtitles on VIU:

Fan of a celebrity? Watch every show that they’ve been on! Watch hit shows from celebrities like:
Song Joong-ki
Park Shin Ye
Kim Tae Hee
Song Hye Kyo
Ha Ji Won
Lee Min Ho
Jun Ju Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun
Gong Yoo

Keep up to date and get notified when the latest episodes are right when they’re released!

Don’t Miss out on our latest releases:
From India: Social, No.1 Yaari with Rana,Gehraiyaan, Spotlight, Pelli Gola, Pill-A , What the Duck
From Korea: While You Were Sleeping, Hospital Ship, Temperature of Love, My Golden Life, Revolutionary Love, Black, Radio Romance, Running Man & more
From the Middle East: Kalabsh, Halawet Eldonia, Haza Almasaa, La Totfe2 Alshams
From The Philippines: Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap, Ang Panday , Dilim



Viu - Korean Dramas

Viu – Korean Dramas


Enjoy timeless classics:
From Korea: Goblin, Descendants of the sun, Fight for my way, School 2017, Love in Trouble, My Love From The Stars, Doctors From the Middle East: Bebo W Besheer, Khareg 3an Al Qanon, Sahar Al Layaly/Samy Oxeed El Carbon
Pinoy TV Series & Movies: Babaeng Hampaslupa, Shake Rattle and Roll XV, Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4

Users in Myanmar can enjoy best of TV Shows and Movies from across Asia:
I’m Fine Thank You Love You, ATM, Pee Mak, Lar Htar Arr Bwar, Nga Pway, Choke Say, Own Nout Nat Loat Sar Mel, Bar Me Ton, Academy Shot, Tha Gaung Yan, Shwe Min Tha Mee Nat Taw Thar Ko Ko, Chit Thu Lu Soe, Nwe Ko Maunt Tote Saung Lot Paypar, Thit Sar Kyo, Pa Sat See Thu Myarr, Achit Ka Thint Ar Pusar Khe Thaw, Andayal Shi The, PinLaeYaeChann NwayMarKhann, Bae Ka Lae Bar Lote Nay Lae Bae Ko Thwar Ma Lae and works of their favorite stars like: Nay Toe, Pyay Ti Oo, Myint Myat, Aung Ye Lin, Wut Hmone Shwe Yii, Phway Phway, Director Yin Rain, Dway, Shwe Hmone Yati, Thinzar Wint Kyaw, Lu Min, Soe Myat Nandar, Thet Mon Myint, Yan Aung, Eaindra Kyaw Zin, Soe Myat Thuzar

Viu is the Movie player you’re looking for with the options you’ll love Movie subtitles in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Mandarin & Arabic Pause and resume right where you left off Watch videos on your laptop, phone or tablet from the same account


Download Viu – Korean Dramas, TV Shows, Movies & more App :-


Download Viu – Korean Dramas App


User Reviews :-


App User
How many times I am saying why don’t you update korean dramas 2017& 2018. Plz add new Korean dramas. reply me…

kritika kumar
This is totally cheating u have deducted the charges and the dramas are getting disappeared this is just ridiculous, please for god sake fix it

Lolita Puspa
Tiba” ajah paket viu premium g bisa perpanjang, padahal beli paket data di telkomsel udh include paket berlangganan viu selama 30 hari dan yg biasanya langsung perpanjangan otomatis tp sekarang g bisa, dan udh kirim email ke CS blm ditanggepin, what should I do?

Suria A.Rahman
Why i cant enjoy the premium benefit after you all already deduct the monthly fee on the 3rd of july. Email sent but till now fint get any action from viu

Indra Gunawan
When i watch movie, skip a few times and then APP CRASHHEDDD. do you know how many times i have to restart the app to watch 1 episode??? 3-4 times MINIMUM. So if i watch marathon, HOW MANY TIME I HAVE TO RESTART THIS APP!!!!

Suwandi Simon
The apss always crush i already subscribe and now it crash. Please repair it. I can’t open it it always loading.

Prathyusha sagar
Do you have any customer care contact number. Y u guys keep deducting my amount monthly, even though i paid amount for 3 months plan.

muhardiansyah kuba
selalu kembali ke paket dasar padahal udh beli paket premium, dan harus login berkali kali klu mau jadikan ke paket premium

I’ll rate this app 5 stars if they update the dramas faster… there are some dramas that took around 2-3 days to upload the newest episodes.. as one of korean drama fans, I’m quite upset since you can’t watch your favourite drama the next day after it’s premiere release.. but other than that, this app is good.

asqwef fsgerh
Pretty good. A lot of kdrama to enjoy and the subscription price is cheap too but the video is kinda laggy HD resolution. And sometimes I can’t even stream in HD even though my internet connection is stable. Don’t blame my phone for the laggy video coz I can stream at FHD in others apps like YouTube and iflix perfectly fine. Fix this and I’ll subcribe 😊

Shiv Dayal
Shows content are good I really liked it for that I subscribed it. But that’s where the problem started. I have already subscribed it than why is it keep asking for subscription. I downloaded some season but don’t know what happened they just vanished in to thin air. I can’t access my downloads because it keep asking me for premium subscription. Please solve this problem it is getting very frustrating

Irene Irn
I subscribe premium account. But each time I start the application, it keeps showing need premium account. So I need to log out and login again each time i start the application. I also find it difficult to download newest video, since each time i minimize the application, it will restart and require to login again. Please fix this issues. Also, please add older tv content. I find it difficult to find older series. And last, please add favorite/watchlist features.

Syarlin intan safitri
having fun with this app but it has too many adds. and everytime the adds played, it will be played in slow motion. the vid of adds come first then the sounds play after the video. it never happen before. please fix it for me. i already uninstall and re-download but it’s still same.

App User
What kind of a app is this .. I hate it so much please don’t start watching any Korean drama in this app.. this will somehow dissapear the series you were watching. I was watching the heirs and after I completed upto 16 I am not able to find the other ones.. I am feeling miserable right now

Kuro Ōkami
Good app. But why does it takes so long to load older episodes? I mean.. i have good internet connection, but why does it takes so long to load older episodes. And also, when i was watching some show it tells me bad connection and starts buffering i mean.. srsly, i have a good internet connection.

rewati bulusu
In the FAQ, they have mentioned they have a free trial month but it doesn’t work. I had subscribed for a premium account for a month and it didn’t last even 5 days. I lost my money and above that the customer service also repeats the same thing even after clearly asking why is it not for a month. The app has mastered techniques of getting money. I would never recommend anyone

Yael Ajgarni
The K dramas on the app are amazing. I have finished watching 3 of them so far, and I am happy that I purchased the premium version. The content quality of Indian shows is not that great, but the korean dramas make up for it.

Hanisha Krishna Gopal
worst app… subscribed for primium videos but dint work.. tried contacting through mail but dint get proper reply… can’t trust this app after loosing my money ..

Vishal Rajput
Worst app i suscribed for premium account. But still not able to get premium vodeos its shows you have basic account need to switch to premium to have full access. And customer care are worst too they dont reply on mail.

Rakesh R Rao
It’s just filled in with advertisements. Advertisement every 10 mins and sometimes the video doesn’t even start. Just the advertise and the video closes. Such worse app

App User
Liked ot alot one of best app to watch shows.. All the shows have a different and unique story.. Plz add episode of kaushiki and others atleast twice a week.. It is very difficult to wait for one week to watch next episode.. Love this app completely.. 😊👍👍

Shafrilia Ariestiawaty
The customer service really bad at handling my complain. Last week I purchased premium account for 6 months paid in advance, but when I open the app there was still free account,no access to premium videos. I’ve been waiting since last Sunday and there’s no progress. At least they can return my money.

Bharathi kannamma Chezian
Been trying to subscribe to their premium content for ages now. Times out every time and doesn’t even make it to the payment gateway. Doesn’t let you logout and when you try reinstall you are forced to use a different email. Sad since the content is fresh but you can’t really access them. And why is airtel the only payment gateway? Too buggy ☹️

Michelle Chan
Too many ads. You guys must know that we hate ads. Please remove the ads or maybe just show one or two ad(s) before the movie we want to watch

Kalprajsinh Parmar
worst app to see online show… every 5 min while you enjoying show its shows adds and adds and adds… very irritating… just installed it

Syawal Najat
It’s a really good service… But can you please fix the downloaded video “section” for example like one show.. for one folder… Cause downloaded vid section is a mess…

Adi Rizki
If downloaded video can’t change to new update subtitle. Please add zoom fill (fullscreen) for 18:9, the drama episode update is too slow.

Rio Aditya
THANK YOU FOR ADDING A LOT OF NEW SHOWS recently. Really really appreciate the effort. THANKS FOR ADDING THE WATCHLIST BUTTON. 5 STARRED DONEEEE. Also would be really cool if Viu Indonesia can let me view the recent uploads without even before the indo subs is available (people in sg already able to eatch while i need to wait longer for local subs)

App User
Yrr i am waiting for the next episodes of it happened in Hong Kong and memories and u guys are not posting the new episodes wht is this? I have watched them 1 month ago and till now it is not displaying any new episode..disgusting

App User
Tooooooooooooooo many ads i hate the app waste of installing I am doing uninstalling it please don’t install the app

App User
Whqt the hell man this premium is soo bad i cant access it .. i try many times but always shows a problem.. cant you fix it.. last version was good but this version is worst … Plzz solve the problems…

App User
having difficulty on scrolling episodes. this app stop responding after scrolling too much especially when looking for older episodes. it will freeze then not responding.

Gabriella Kristyadi

Nuraziema Azmi
too many ads..its distract me to watch the movie..i need u to remove all the ads..tq.then i will give u 5 stars..also,update movie faster..

sandeep singh tomar
only few Korean dramas are available there .. the new drama’s like “while you were sleeping is not available there…😣

May Amalia
Why list of variety show on the homepage dissapear? I hate it when i want to watch some of variety but didnt show up. Pleasee make it back

n sekaringtyas

Ravi Nelluri
Still not fixed by your team. When I try to watch offline content by downlong then it will struck like anything especially for movies . Phone need to restart to work normally. Want to try premium subscription but due to this I am not at all interested Todo this .

vinita limbu
This app is really awesome but I didn’t knew that after few episodes we have to pay premium. 3 episodes are free but after this episodes u have to pay money to watch next episodes…

Rafly Andreas
Saya punya masalah dgn akun premium, knp selalu kembali ke paket dasar setelah keluar dr aplikasi? Sdh tanya ke CS dan dpt jawaban yg tdk membantu. Dimana disarankan utk selalu clear data setiap habis keluar dr aplikasi dan selalu log in ulang. Lalu semua episode download lg dr awal ? Bukan solusi itu nama nya, tp males bantu customer. Just cancel my subscribtion and pay me back my money! I’m uninstalling this application!!!

App User
Good app actually,i can download the film n watch it offline when there is no signal or connection 🙂 and the movies just great to watch, this app upload latest movies very fast. Nice.

App User
I love it so much. Everyone should/must download this application. it’s easy to use and it’s also very very useful.

binita anand
I was only given the option of Indian, Arabic and Pinoy dramas, I wasn’t able to view any Korean dramas. Please solve this issue

App User
Search bar dont work everything that i wanna search doesnt appear im regregting download this app

juan fanny
i paid for 1 month premium membership and i just watched 2 movies and suddenly i couldn’t reached another premium movie (and looks like i lost my premium membership) what the hell.. i really want to give 1 star but i tried being generous. so plz fix this…

Neetu Dagar
Your app is just disgusting..i hate this app because it consumes data very fastly.and the ads which comes between the dramas makes Me hate it more..i would like to use k drama app instead of this annoying and irritating app..I will suggest everyone not to use viu

nur idzni ratnawati
I like this application a lot, cause it has good catalogues.. dan biasanya update kdrama yg sudah ada sub cepet banget, 1 hari setelah tayang sudah ada.. Cuma akhir2 ini kok jadi lama banget ya.. Kalah cepet sama streaming di web..

Ivy Ladykrumpin
Sempat ada sedikit masalah sih.. sudah bayar paket premium 100.000 u/ 6bln, tp tdk bisa digunakan.. kemudian coba contact dgn viu team via email, dan mrk sgt membantu sekali.. Thank you team!! Appreciate!! Hats off for Jasmine..

Harsh Deol
Today time Infinity display phone.. full screen not work Samsung galaxy S 8 aur Samsung S 9 not enjoy full screen please New update all movie and serial watching half Screen..

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