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Visual Support

By SightCall

App Category:- Business

Visual Support App

Visual Support App

Visual Support


The Visual Support App allows support agents, experts and claim professionals to see what you see. Either by leveraging the back camera of your Android device or by sharing your screen.

To use this application you must be invited via SMS or start the interaction from a webpage.

To start the visual interaction you have to download the application and go back to the SMS or webpage to connect the session.

During the interaction you can leverage advanced capabilities as:

• HD Audio
• Video frame rate auto adapt
• Screen sharing and co-browsing
• Live remote pointer
• 2 ways drawing and annotations
• Pause video, photos and picture saving
• Session recording

The app does not allow the remote agent to access any data stored on your device.

Download Visual Support App:-

Download Visual Support App ( 5 MB )


User Reviews

Nigel Smith
This app was used by my ISP EE to remote support me, it worked flawlessly, well done.

jose jose
The best Great app

Michael Haight
Really neat concept and application. As the one being supported it made working through the issue and resolving it simpler. Kudos to companies that use it. There are probably less stressed support techs also.

J Johnson
It was so nice to be able to use this app so someone can help me with troubleshooting my machine.

Brittney Baker
We use sight call at my work and use it to help people fix their exercise equipment. Sight call had made that so much easier.

App User
Need to test it

Wibble Wobble
Installs but isn’t shown on my apps list and as such can’t be opened.

octavious harp
Can’t be opened won’t work nor show on my apps anymore

App User
Won’t install

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