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Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) – Antivirus, Booster
by Hi Security Lab – Hawk Mobile

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Hi Security ( Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock & Booster ) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.8★★★★★) free antivirus and security applications for Android phones, enjoyed by 76 million users worldwide. Hi Security – the best choice for a safer, faster and smoother phone experience.

Hi Security’s Key Features

Double Engine Antivirus – Super powerful virus detector and mobile threat remover Super Cleaner – Remove all junk and cache files effectively  Phone Booster – Significantly boost mobile to get it running faster and smoother  CPU Cooler – Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature
File Scan – Scan both the internal and SD card  App Lock – Protect sensitive apps with well-designed themes
Notification Cleaner – Manage and organize notifications Call Blocking – Block unwanted calls or numbers
WiFi Security – WiFi speed test and protect online safety Privacy Cleaner – Clean up browsing and clipboard history Safe Browsing – 24/7 online security protection  Quick Charge Master – Charge battery quickly


Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster

Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) – Antivirus, Booster


Hi Security’s function details

🌟 Powerful Antivirus Protection – Super Virus Cleaner
Hi Security is powered by McAfee – the highly productive anti virus engine – protecting your phone from ransomware, extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. Through our official partnership with Intel Security, Hi Security is able to offer a world-class antivirus protection service globally.

🌟Super Clean – Junk Cleaner & Cache File Cleaner
Clean app cache, residual files, ad junk, unused package and memory cache.
Efficiently remove the junk files that occupy your memory and storage space. Clean up all junks with one-tap, free up more space and boost phone speed.

🌟 Phone Speed Booster – Accelerate & Boost Phone
Boost mobile to get it running faster and smoother. Efficiently utilize your phone’s memory and speed up your devices. Improve phone performance with one tap acceleration booster.

🌟 App Lock – Smart App Lock with Stylish lock Themes
With Hi Security (App Lock), you can add extra password protection to sensitive apps. Lock your private apps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safe from snoopers.

🌟 Notification Cleaner – Notification & Message Control Centre
Manage and organize notifications effectively, reduce interruptions, create a smooth, clean and fast phone experience.

🌟 CPU Cooler – Cool Down Temperature
Detect and clean apps that cause overheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts a cooling progress, effectively reduce the phone temperature.

🌟 Call Blocking – Block calls
Block all unwanted calls. You can add numbers or contacts to the blocklist at any time. Your blocked call history can also be reviewed later.

🌟 WiFi Speed Test and Security
Hi Security protects your online security. Test speed, detect WiFi spy and protect your WiFi.

🌟 Scheduled Virus Scan
Automatically scan your phone daily, weekly or monthly.

🌟 Deep Scan – Scanning and Examining Files
Scanning both the internal device storage and SD cards. Remove viruses and threats from your mobile phone.

🌟 Safe Browsing – For Real-Time Online Protection
Block malicious URLs and protect yourself against phishing websites with instant warning notifications.

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User Reviews :-

Shadow Ninja
Honestly I’m very mixed on this. On one hand it definitely offers a lot of protection. On the other hand I’m left wondering at times what the app is even doing to protect me with it’s vague descriptions of actions it will take. Also, I really don’t like how it kept asking me to turn on finger print reader protections. Fingerprint readers have been broken by hackers for years. You can’t change a compromised fingerprint password. It’s easy for people to force you to unlock your device with a fingerprint without your cooperation as well, the same can’t be said of a password.

Matthew Xiong
Good, but intrusive. I hate having things in my notification bar. So when I get a notification and turn on my phone, the options to either clean booster, cool, etc. Are there. I can’t get rid of it, so I have to log in my phone and see what it is. To only see that it was a missed call from most likely a scammer. Please make it an option to get rid of it. Otherwise, I’ll be on look out for another anti malaware app.

Mitchell Hayes
Worthless. Doesn’t do anything that my phone cant already do itself. It’s also annoying as hell! I downloaded a few hours ago because I kept getting a pop up ad that wouldn’t let me back out to the previous page. A couple hours after installing this app and completing all the virus protection and boosters, I got the very same pop up/ad/survey! I am now deleting this app

Mike Major
phone has a virus. This virus cleaner is a joke. It doesn’t look for viruses it only cleans up the same as the rest. I rate it a 0 for finding viruses.

Stanley –
I like the app for what it is, and it’s always nice to make sure. I’m relatively safe with my browsing, but sometimes i would get random popups. Nothing to be concerned about, but this app was a nice way of making sure.

Mj Paguio
highly recommended when connected to wifi or data my chrome opens random websites and pop ups even if im not using my phone after dwnloading this app problem is solve i have McAfee pre-installed in my phone but it seems useless

App User
I just got this app but it’s making a great change to my phone. Now I’ve been able to download more apps with my phone being cleaned of all the junk on it and it’s kept threats away

Erick Glendenning
The app has way too many ads way too many permissions and is somewhat useful after downloading this app I noticed that my phone is starting to overheat

Vya Racoma
This removed a blank app that made ads keep popping up on my phone, no mattet the app I use. Thanks!

Allan Lee Gibbs
Seems to be working OK…ads are a pain just way too many balance is wrong although everything else is OK so far !

the streaming toaster
It’s high tech almost too good even it improved my phone I thought it was fake but it turns out it REAL.

App User
Iam really lucky to have this kind of app. Easy to use and trusted worldwide. I really recommend this to everyone. This app deserves high salary tho for its awesome job😊😉

App User
Its just making my phone run lil slower than normal bt saying its speeding it up

App User
Well i don’t have a problem with ads coz it’s normal and i understand. The important thing is that it’s doing its work well.

Vinnie C
Very good app that eliminates all viruses, malware, and junk files. My only problem is the amount of adds.

Delilah Perez
It is a great app to use and if people think they have a vires you should come to this app to that is what I did it help so so much

Shena Calub
Too many ads but working perfectly great! I rated it 5 stars your welocome, and thank you for this app!!

Abhishek Panchal
Great tool for the Android phone. Works well and user friendly,no complicated action or language. Very smooth and easy.

Ads i dont like the adds keeps popping my phone without permisson

Dakota North
Keeps wanting to install more apps. I don’t know if it actually did anything

the knight of ni
Ads, the ads are intrusive and will open ed party websites which might gove viruses, the so suggests you to pay them to get rid of the ads, and the real time security sucks because it gives you a popup when you put youre device into sleep mode

Avyk Whyt
Got that malware tf out my phone , all i needed 👍🏻

Leigh Schmitt
Best app for keeping my phone running properly and does not kill my battery

Joe Mayes
Hopefully this security app dose well with google other security doesn’t get along well . sO far it’s been a great improvement

App User
Yo i finally found an app that works and im so happy because my google was glitching out really bad

sherwin uy
I only subscribe for 1month subscription and yet you’re charging me every 3months. Can you please end this.

literally…. 99 ads/second, it just gets in the way, I’d rather not use it than be forced to see ads 24/24

App User
My problem is solved. Good app

William Blanco
It helped me in what i just needed . My browser started to act dumb and this fixed it up.

Madison Lucas
This app is pretty good,if you want less lag and a better phone 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Giang Nguyễn
Great app after watching porn from strange websites:))

App User
I love this app, It’s very useful and it makes me feel that my important information and my device is safe and sound from threats.

App User
I think the app is great and easy to use. However I can’t tell if it is actually helping.

Adityasinh Raulji
I want to tell this is very nice anti virus app in my phone many viruses I can’t install many apps from play store.

Estelle Start
Adverts work offline, means that it may be downloading excess adds

Patricia Yex
I had the most worst viruses and in 1 min i had none Best

Jack Hunter
100% minus the unnecessary ads

App User
I don’t think it may work, using for 1st time

Mukesh Sharma
Good App but too many Adds which makes work stuck n irritating

Nickie Brown
Very easy to use only thing I don’t like is other virus cleaner alerts and asking to install very irritating

App User
Best antivirus I wanted to download a game for free but I don’t know that it is a virus this app cleared the whole problem

Bhutiya stories!!!!!!
excellent app never have been seen a very beautiful future and downloading process is very good and my app my mobile is been a very nice because of this app this is very happy you should prefer it it is very nice excellent

Revanati Revanati
Ads on the app are very quickly becoming more and more invasive. If it continues, I’ll be uninstalling and going elsewhere.

Ahmad Hamesh
Plz add the feature of lock app..when uninstall the app it does not ask for password there is no lock feature for uninstalling the app plz update

Paint The Desert
Seems to work great I do uninstall periodically because my phone needs upgraded it’s not the security thanks

App User
I just really like it .. when my phone is cleaned and protected .. #i🖤itwhen my phoneis secured #without viruses

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