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Virus Cleaner: Antivirus, Cleaner(MAX Security)
by ONE App Ltd

App Category:- Tools

Virus Cleaner – MAX Security, Antivirus for Android, is one of the top rated (🏆4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) free antivirus apps in Google Play Store, trusted by more than 10 million users. With professional antivirus, virus scan, virus removal, phone cleaner & speed booster. MAX Security always gives you real-time protection and increases your phone performance.

MAX Security, antivirus for Android is one of the professional phone security apps & best free antivirus apps with virus protection (virus cleaner) for your device, providing 24 hours protection for your phone security with authoritative antivirus engine.

With Main Features of recommended virus removal app – MAX Security: Antivirus Software:
☂️Real-time Protection – Provide 24 hours protection for your phone security.
☀️Antivirus – Authoritative antivirus & virus cleaner keep virus out of your phone.
🌪Cleaner – Phone cleaner app/cache cleaner that clear cache Android, free up more space and boost speed.
🚀Booster – Speed booster, boost mobile, cache cleaner and phone cleaner for android in just one tap.
🔐App Lock – Security Lock that protect your privacy apps from snoopers.
❄️CPU Cooler – Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating to cool down temperature.
🔋Battery Saver – Detect power-draining apps and shut them down, extend battery life.


Virus Cleaner Antivirus, Cleaner(MAX Security)

Virus Cleaner Antivirus, Cleaner(MAX Security)


Download MAX Security – Antivirus, you can get:

🌟 Best Free Antivirus
Best free Antivirus app for Android with virus scan and anti malware removal.
MAX Security, antivirus for android phones free, is one of the best antivirus free download, virus cleaner/free virus protection, anti malware removal, mobile antivirus software, security apps which blocks spyware, malware and Trojans from phones. MAX Security ensure your phone security. Antivirus and anti malware removal by the best free antivirus app.

🌟 Virus Scan & Virus Removal
MAX Security – Antivirus for Android Phones Free deep scans/clean system and remove viruses and threats. As the antivirus app and mobile security guard, virus protection makes phone cleaner and safer. Virus removal (virus cleaner) completely from your phone, truly ensure device’s security.

🌟 Real-time Protection
MAX Security – Antivirus for Android provide real-time protection with strong antivirus, precisely virus scan and virus removal. Also reliable app security lock protecting your data privacy. The most vital is the best antivirus software that help to resist the virus (virus protection).

🌟 App Lock
With security, the main feature of MAX Security (virus protection & antivirus), this best antivirus app not only act as virus cleaner app but also phone security lock. With password/pattern to retain privacy, MAX antivirus software (antivirus free download) make sure nobody else can access your privacy apps.

🌟 Phone Cleaner & Cache Cleaner
MAX Security also is one of powerful cleaners, as an Android cleaner(phone cleaner), cache cleaner which free up space of your phone. MAX Security – Best Free Antivirus (anti malware & virus cleaner) acts as Android cleaner with cache cleaner, memory cleaner, ram cleaner, allowing you to clear cache Android.

🌟 Phone Booster for Android
MAX Security – Antivirus for Android Phones Free, as a professional speed booster, it boost mobile to get it run faster and smoother. MAX Security- Antivirus Software (best antivirus app) boosts mobile for you!

🌟 CPU Cooler
MAX Security – Free Antivirus Software (virus cleaner & antivirus for android) will optimize CPU usage. MAX Security – Antivirus Software (antivirus for Android & free virus protection) detects and starts a cooling progress, reducing the phone temperature.

🌟 Battery saver
MAX Security- Antivirus App (antivirus free download) can extend battery life. Battery saver of MAX Security- Antivirus Software can detect power-draining apps.


Download Virus Cleaner: Antivirus, Cleaner(MAX Security) App  :-


Download Virus Cleaner: Antivirus, Cleaner(MAX Security) App (9.0 MB)


User Reviews :-


A Google user
The problem that some people don’t realize until it’s way out of control is hackers when they hack into your device the replace your apps and steal yours hiding in them so they can take over your computer. Your business and your bank account. Today’s hackers are not random they are very computer savvy. I learned the hard way. When Google tells you that you are at risk. You better listen. Thanks Google for helping me get through this.

Kagiso Peace
It’s better than cm antivirus, it does a great job. It doesn’t make your phone hot like other Apps. Please on the new update add lock notification, so that no one can snoop and see the message on the notifications. MAX protection is an app to rely on. It has it all, have to one app.

A Google user

A Google user
For real tho, this made no difference to my phone. And actually now I can’t even watch my show anymore, plus It started to overheat my phone when I never had that problem. I honestly don’t recommended this app 😞

Lyndell Cuneta
Been trying different antivirus for a long time, none meet my expectations, ending up deleting it again. This one is what I exactly I need and been looking for. And exactly how I wanted an antivirus to work on my phone. No too many annoying ads, or unpermitted installation of unneccesary apps on my phone. Great work!!!! Happy user here ❤❤❤

kellie weldonjames
I had downloaded master cleaner, too many adds! So got rid of it, downloaded this app! Worse than the other! So many freaking adds that if I post a short message on fb for example, 12-15 adds pop up during the message!! I understand u have adds to keep the app free, but my God! I can’t get anything done becuz of the adds! Now to get rid of all these adds, I have to erase my entire phone & start all over, becuz the adds stay! Thanks a lot!! DONT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE APP CLEANERS PLZ! U WILL B SORRY. I AM! I am so angry! 😣 I can’t even play gin runny plus becuz of adds disrupting the game!! Can’t do anything w/o 20 god awful adds popping up in 1 min. No joke!

Jen Klugh
It has great security features, I’m not one to have a password on my phone but having it prompt you for a password for apps you choose (online banking, app store, to Facebook and snap chat) makes me feel a lot safer.

Edproductions Studios
Reason why I changed my rating, because the app has a ton of Ads, when I download a Virus cleaning app, I’m honestly not expecting it to have Ads, because why every time I open any of my apps, or ones I protected, I get Ads, Ads, Ads, It’s really ironic that an virus cleaner, produces a lot adware, which slows down my phones performance, I’m sorry, but that’s what happing on my phone, I don’t know for others, but on my phone this app isn’t working right, please fix this please, that’ll be greatly appreciated.

Jordan Johnston
Well, can you make an ad removal? If these people doesn’t like ads than you should put a paid removal of ads. Hopefully that will fix everybody’s problem. Your welcome for the suggestion.

Naina Yamin
It a really good aap. One tap solution to fix all the problems. Too much add are annoying.

Cindy Clayton
I just bought a new Samsung phone & it is da Bomb! That said, I browsed the various virus protection apps that would also clean, boost, save battery power etc. All in one convenient trustworthy app because after all, as I said, I just dropped a hefty chunk of cash on this awesome phone right? Well, this app of its is NOT “da bomb” it Bombed out BIG TIME. I ran all the options it offers, THEN I went thru my apps MANUELY & GUESS what? The chrome app ALONE still had 248 MB of cached data AND was RUNNING & tho that was the most neglected app it certainly was Not the Only app that had MB ( NOT KB ) of cached data that ur app didn’t clean and I forced stopped 14 major battery burning apps that ur app completely lied about closing as well as cleaning. In fact, Your app didn’t even clean up after ITSELF as I cleansed 24 MB of cache from IT as well AND it was using a CRAZY amount of memory besides. Yeah. Really. I’ll be UN-installing u now. Phfft!! “App of 2018” my sweet a$$. Horse hockey. Don’t insult my intelligence nor waste my time. NO stars whatsoever.

Michael Kelly
Great app keeps everything in check normally my phone and a hundred percent after I unplug it 2 minutes later it’s a 98%. With this app it stays at 100% quite a while good job guys

A Google user
Too many ads, doesn’t remove viruses, blocks notifications from trusted websites and leaves the dangerous notifications for me to get, says it’s cooling feature is good but it is gimmicky and only removes 2° Fahrenheit boosting feature does what you can even easier do without the application, the thing i hate about it most is that i keep coming back for it thinking i can get rid of my virus i absolutely hate this app, needs a huge revamp

Dave Hough
This app was easier to use than others I have tried, and increased the speed of my phone alot. It prompts you thru actions in a simple, fast way and actually does improve your phone.

Tina Matthes
Fast and informative. It detected a message file. The only thing about that was I wanted to see what it was talking about b/4 removing it. Would not allow me too.

Great update. The last 3 my ex-wife was able to get through in not only Messenger, Facebook and gmail. Just now on 7-30-18 trying again. I hope for my 3 son’s safety this one works.

syed ahmed
So far my 2 concerns have been fully met. Virus protection n junk files taking up space.

Deborah Hegney
I has report of 2 viruses, and saw an Antivirus app, but hit 2 buttons at the same time, accidentally… So I clicked on this one, and it was “quick and slick”.

A Google user
Seems like a virus to me adds popping up all the time and wanted to lock unmentioned apps not saying what app maybe another anti virus? Blocks incoming mail from known party wasn’t impressed at all.

Sheldon Stoute
I love the fact of all the different options and types of ways u can clean your phone and not slow it down but speed it up.

Mary Peavey
Constantly running and disrupting especially if I’m in need my phone at the moment, I would hate to think what would happen if I had to call for emergency

Tyler Jacob
I love the app. It easy to use and protests my phone. It easy to use for every one in the world . Including the disabled people. My friends a wheelchair and it easy for him I wish I could give it 15 thousand stars that’s how good it is.

Ein Na
It’s OK for me..There is many ads but it doesn’t matter..I know it’s free that’s why have ads but can you at least lessen the ads but its great that’s why I rate 5 star

Has way too many adds! VERY intrusive & annoying! To the point where it is a major chore to get anything done! Uninstalling due to having way too many adds!!!

Bree lee
Love it. So easy to use. Gets rid of junk files. And even has a secret search bar for those late night searches lol

A Google user
Sooooooo far; so good! I was happy with Norton 360, but their new offering that replaced it?–not thrilled with it. So, here I am…

A Google user
absolutely worth downloading it. it cleans everything, saves battery, space, and it cools down your phone as well. and amazing for removing viruses. 5/5

Prengchim Marak
Don’t know am just installed it right now so I’ll give u the result later on

A Google user
Gd app but my mobile phone automatically switched off always so,plz…can you tell wt for mobile phone

Too many unnecessary notifications. I can’t turn them off. Other than that, not bad.

Awesome! this app literally detected a virus that CM security couldn’t even detect. This app is really recommendable for people that have CM security or other security apps which can’t detect most of the viruses your phone has.

bri fri bruo
Good graphics, useful notificatons, very fast, very good virus cleaner ! I think best app, give 5 stars

Tina Ousley
I used the feature that makes you enter a series of directions to open your phone and I got locked out of my Galaxy Note8. I can’t even turn the phone off to do a hard reset. Now my $800 phone is worthless.

Ryles Huerta
Was able to uninstall several apps after downloading this. Very pleased. Ads suck, but hey you get what you pay for 😉

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