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Virgin Mobile My Account

By Virgin Mobile Canada.


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Virgin Mobile My Account

Virgin Mobile My Account

Virgin Mobile My Account


Hey Member! Welcome to the Virgin Mobile Canada My Account App! Get the support you need from device to data at the swipe of a finger. Hook up with the app to pay your bill, check your usage or grab a travel bundle before your shopping trip to NYC. It’s all right there, and it’s all about making things easy! Get the most from your phone when you’re on the go.

Here’s a bunch of stuff you can do with the app:

• Check your balance, view, download (PDF), print and pay your bill
• Easily manage your travel usage
• Check out your usage
• Add or remove add-ons (including travel passes)
• Check out your plan details
• Find support from anywhere in the app

We’ll never charge you data when you use it on our Canadian 3G, 4G and LTE networks, the app works on WiFi, and the red colour scheme makes it perfect for angering bulls, if that’s something that might be helpful.

Heads Up! If you’re using Android 4.1 and above, awesome! If you’re on an earlier version, please check out our mobile site at to do your account stuff.

The My Account app is only available to monthly members. On Prepaid? Manage your account using our nifty website at

Download Virgin Mobile My Account App Apk:-

Download Virgin Mobile My Account App Apk ( 11 MB )

User Reviews

marc bellizzi
Well laid out config..quick and legible.

Love Virgin Mobile…Excellent Service and Home Internet

Steve Krieger
Great app for managing my account.

Ryver Vixen
Super handy Great for easy checking of your usage

Taylor Verge
Very convenient and easy to use and pay your bills!

App User
Love this app…so easy to use! Thanks Virgin for making bill payment that much easier!

Justin Donoghue
Great app for managing your account. Simple to navigate, make changes, review usage, set up add-ons and pay bills.

Stephen Clark
User interface improvements highly appreciated! Wasn’t the best app at first, but I can almost completely manage my account from it now on mobile or wifi. The new bottom nav was needed and finally makes navigation to the most used sections very easy. Bravo for doing incremental changes instead of just redesigning the whole interface.

Darlene Fleming
Virgin mobile my account I love the freedom I get with Virgin Mobile. It can’t get any better than this. Thank you! What a great day. What an incredible Life (smiley face).

Christopher Chomyn
Awesome app! A big kudos for the folks at Virgin who fixed this app. I was having issues with it, and they had it fixed less than a week. It’s a great app to pay your bill and check usage when your on the go.

Jiju John
So convenient app and I am using 4 lines with virgin now and with this app I gets clear cut information about time to time usage,upgrade eligibility and so easy to make online payments and getting updated right away. Loved it and virgin keep on trying to make the app more and more user friendly.keep it up!

Michael Cummings
So it doesn’t make a sandwich… Big whoop! But it makes my life a little easier? Thank you 🙂

Jessica Petrie
Virgin Mobile was the first mobile company I signed on with and I honestly think they’re great. I even came back after I had left for a little while and they treated me like royalty when I did. I have no issues with the app, it works great for me.

holly sunfrost
Very helpful way to pay bills, check usage, view previous bills and change services.

Its a great way to pay youre cell bill quicker.

Tarik Mahmood
Awesome app and can do most of the portal stuffs from the app. Thanks!

Kelly Clark
No complaints so far. Have been with Virgin for almost a year after being with Telus for 13. I like that I can see the breakdown of the bill and it is easy to pay every month on the app. Thanks!

Rain Siren
Please add an option to optimize or change some of our accounts details from the phone

Samantha Pinto
I like that it shows you how much dada ia used on each of my phones i habe activated with virgin.

App User
So easy to use anywhere,at your convenience.

Max McDougall
Good and stable. Gives me all the Info I need and let’s me pay my bills

Kina Loz
Tried a few others before Virgin but have been with them for years now. Best customer service ever, very good reception and excellent pricing.

Alex S.
Does the Basics, I only use pay bills and check usage. Easy to add plans if traveling. I have 3 phones and its easy to switch between each plans.

robert grant
Many improvements a few bumps in the road but I am confident that is in the past. Great service, I am a happy customer.

Sm Bishop
Love the services always been a great provider thanks in return if your company needs help my services are yours with hats off

Lawrence Bennett
I love that it makes everything more convenient. I pay my bill from my bed sometimes :p it’s that easy

S. M.
It’s very handy Changed my rating from 2 to 5 stars. The app suddenly stopped working on my samsung s4 after the recent update. But they fixed that so now it works like a charm. Features and ease of use are super duper. Thanks, virgin staff!

ThatCanadian Norman
App works well for me personally, quite easy to keep track of my usage and my current bills and account balance.

Dean Forbes
I’ve only been a member for a few months and am very satisfied with the ease of use.

Nasser Bensaid
Excellent app. Does what is supposed to do with clear interface and sleek graphics.

Dylan Campeau
Can pay my bill while watching Netflix. Can’t complain.

App User
With my expertise in mobile application development, I think the application is great and I’m impressed with it’s progressive update. However, infomation update are not real time making it difficult for a customer to accurately track usage

Laura Osborne
Love it! Perfect for checking data usage or anything else you did with my acct! Super easy to use!!

Eric mellomida
The app is fantastic.very convenient way for paying and checking.

Cassy Kohls
I only use the app a couple times a month this but it does what I need and if it can’t it redirects me to where I’m supposed to go!

Rita Davey
I don’t mind. a msg being sent so l can answer but when it takes up my whole front page and l cannot get rid of it so l can check my msgs that is more than annoying

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