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Discover amazing videos from the world’s best creators, and upload your own—all on your phone and tablet—with Vimeo for Android.

Watch and share videos in gorgeous HD, minus the ads, and follow categories, channels, and collections to fill your feed with amazing stuff each and every day. Have your own stuff to share? Upload videos from anywhere, and access them whether you’re at home, or on the go.

With Vimeo for Android, you can:

Watch videos in gorgeous ad-free HD
• Stream videos in full 1080p HD
• Rejoice in Vimeo’s always ad-free playback
• Save videos to watch offline
• Chromecast videos to bigger screens

Easily upload, manage, and share videos
• Upload videos right from your phone or tablet
• Easily manage your video settings and profile
• Share videos privately with people you choose
• Access your videos and collections from anywhere
• Maintain total control with our new video action sheet




Discover videos and creators you love
• Follow categories, creators, and more to customize your feed
• Tap the Explore icon to discover new videos and creators you’ll love
• Delight daily in a fresh batch of Staff Picks, hand-selected by our team
• Dive into different human-curated categories like Animation, Documentary, Travel and more

Download the app for free to start watching incredible videos from the Vimeo community, and sharing some of your own.

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Download Vimeo App


User Reviews :-

Jared Smith
These guys are just as bad about allowing free speech as YouTube. I thought this platform would allow people to express themselves freely without moderation, it’s not. They’ll take down videos that offend people just like YouTube. So you might as well use YouTube since it’s a much larger platform and youll get silenced either way if they don’t like your message.

Tom Adshead
I’m giving this score in the hopes that you see this: put manual resolution control during playback. I’m often showing my work to people, and I hate being forced to tell them, “sorry, it’s not the film that’s fuzzy.” Please add this. Otherwise it’s a solid app dragged down by a pretty big problem.

App User
Blows YouTube out the water . We pay for are internet with great offers and package deals and now they want you pay for everything on the site because the ads are not sufficant now. so ye its buzzin this for my music

Abdelrahman Mohsen
Vimeo has improved a lot since the first release, however, there are still some flaws, I can’t access my old account even when I use correct credentials.

Fantastic search facility; for me as a Christian I need access to daily encouragement and Bible study , so was thrilled that John Piper’s ministry was so easy to find through this app, thank you so much.

Andrew Bailey
A marvelous thing, this Vimeo. I discovered it recently and am very impressed with the content and format. I am very glad you removed the lunatic infowars.

App User
After removing ALL offline vids, app is still using 1GB of my 32 GB Android. UNINSTALLED ! App needs to be improved anyway.

David Grace
Well secure as staff will notify user of bad activity and have users change their password to continue use.

Shakir the Game Shaker
I can’t upload 680MB Video Telling me to upgrade Seriously I just started now and got stuck on it Anyway your app well fail on future

Michael G
Cancelling my account because Vimeo succumbed to pressure to ban accounts deemed “hate” (whatever that means) speech.

tim nuhn
Vimeo attacks freedom of speech, so I uninstall. App is trash!

App User
Just installed as need to play a video on vimeo format, tried to sign using email and fb account in, all can’t go through… why? can help?

Nathan Bolstad
Doesn’t support a popup window. Tap outside overlap window and it pauses. Can read news at same time. Makes download pointless.

Adrien Boucicaud
Could be a Very good app but keep bugging on Android pixel 2 .. love Vimeo but really disappointed with the app !!!

App User
This app is good but it can be better if they add quality control for videos.

Anthony Newman
Another one sided platform killing free speech Lied about Alex trends and removed him.

App User
Trash platform, trash company that censors political viewpoints they disagree with. Avoid at all costs if you support the 1st Amendment.

Big Clips

Ronnie Brown
I love it! Just open it and before ya know it, it’s been hrs!

App User
Mostly creative Art type videos. Not a good source for news or politics.

Mohsin Basheer
Only wasting of time , No new videos here there all videos are 3months ago 7year ago no new update no new videos, make it better i will come and rate 5 star otherwise no need more notifications please , I think you understand my review, Your mission is good but your website and application is not

Uğur Gümüşhan
I’m not allowed to choose the video quality and the automatic sitting chooses a quality level that is lower than what I want. I would rather choose 1080P and wait for the buffer. High quality video is why I am using Vimeo. This is the most important thing so I should have the option to choose the highest quality I want. Because of Tears I’m using the web version as the default app and I’m keeping this app so that I can use the share function and upload by using the share function. the competitor YouTube has an option to trim videos. I would like to have the option to turn videos and benefits from the high bitrate at the same time.

joe j
Vimeo has just automatically downloaded itself onto my Pixel 2 with no option to delete like the rest of my apps. Clearly some tie up with Google that I didn’t ask for. Hate it. Pretty shady practice. Will not be using this app even if you try and force me to!!

App User
Unable to change the video resolution. Even though my tested download speeds on my phone average @ 50mbps (twice as much needed to play back videos @ 4k), the auto quality on my phone provided by the app is atrocious. Very disappointing. I don’t want to have to go to my computer each time just to watch a friends and favorite filmmakers.

C-Marie Thomas
So tumblr linked me to this app because I was trying to post a video too big. Irony? Vimeo wants me to pay to upload the video. Who pays to vlog?

Theodore J. Stonich II
Life changer compared to YouTube. SOOOOOO much better than Big Brother’s YouTube+propaganda. YouTube is FACEBOOK AD CRAZY and those ads could NOT be more annoying!

Dan Beje
Can’t watch HD videos on Wi-Fi or any way of changing the quality of video playback. Useless.

trev tink
You removed INFO WARS, so I remove you. Freedom of speech is paramount in a free democracy.

Adam Bendelow
It’s pretty good. BUT! I don’t like how you have to pay for a better version. You have to pay to upload more?! Get your act together!

Josephine Akirapa
Your app is customer unfriendly!! Terrible, it just does not open…I keep getting the message that Vimeo took too long to open. I can’t even find the help I need

Michael McKenzie
App works great but I wish I could force the player to playback 1080p or 4k. Even with a good connection I never get great quality and there’s not options to change it.

Chris Harpner
Vimeo, Suppression of political speech is completely unacceptable. You have failed at your stewardship of other people’s access. Use BitChute or or LBRY instead.

chriddof jnr
Captions work on phone but not when you cast it to chromecast or smart TV. Nothing shows even though cc button is highlighted in blue meaning that it’s on. Please fix this.

Garry Preslon
I love this app. This app is better than youtube itself. Dont change how it is i love it just the way it is. And i dont rate usually. Thanks for the creators of Vimeo

Emind 08
So far this app is great! It allows any one to build their own channel,and have their own platform.. Vimeo isn’t sensoring people nor ideas. That makes it stand out. I love it!

Nigel Burn
It does what it says on the tin, great service not had a single issue on my galaxy note 8

Kieran Thornton
Finally a platform to give power back to creators that YouTube has so horribly taken away from them

Adam Shirk
While waiting for a favorite youtuber to upload i can kill time watching something off of here.

Jay Pierre Alvarez
Would be nice if we can listen to podcasts as people do upload podcast here too, and be able close our phone screen and allow the audio to still play.

App User
I’m giving 5 stars simply because it has full video debate between zakir & ravi shankar, which I couldn’t find complete video on YouTube

App User
It is a great app but I could only find a couple of show that lasted the length of a tv episode

Sara Nesbitt
Great, quick way to upload videos for my business.

Warih Suryo
When I tried to log in there’s always “something strange occured” notif. What kind of notif was that?! Im using Huawei P20 Pro btw. Please fix it!

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