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Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies
by Viki, Inc

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Looking for shows beyond what your basic TV and cable offers? Come explore the world of Asian entertainment with Viki! We offer a wide selection of popular dramas, movies, variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.

What makes our shows even better? Our super fans around the world provide the best subtitles (subs that actually make sense!) in 200+ languages. Together as a community, we’re breaking down barriers that stand between great entertainment and you.

And did we mention that we are totally legit? You’re not breaking any law here; no iffy streaming, downloads or viruses! ;P

You’ll never feel alone in your guilty pleasure. Chat with other like-minded fans as you watch shows on Viki. Many fans tell us it’s more fun this way. Check out ratings and reviews to help you decide what to watch. Or share your own with other fans! Still not sure what to watch? Head over to Collections and see what our friendly staff and fans have curated for you. Or explore our library via popular genres like romance, historical, and thriller.

Looking for a premium experience? Subscribe to Viki Pass Standard for an awesome HD experience with no ads. Get early access to Viki Exclusives and Viki Originals—these are our hit titles like “While You Were Sleeping”, “W”, “Because This Is My First Life” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. Got a Kocowa show that you want to watch? Then get Viki Pass Plus, a new plan we created in partnership with Kocowa. You’ll get hundreds of additional hours of Korean entertainment from the top broadcasters.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of some licensing agreements, some content may not be available in all regions.


Viki Asian TV Dramas & Movies

Viki Asian TV Dramas & Movies


This app requires access to the following permissions to perform full functions
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are required by exoplayer
READ_PHONE_STATE permission is being used for tracking via Quantcast SDK


Download Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies App :-


Download Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies App


User Reviews :-


App User
Update: Checking the app again after a LONG time. Permissions have changed, no more concerns for now. Giving it a try, will update star rating once i have used it a bit. —— Sorry, those new permissions are ridiculous. Not gonna update. You don’t need my contacts. You don’t need to send SMS.

Clarkie Puth
please include Thai drama / lakorn in viki app.

Lea Wang
I love this app! I can actually watch all of my favorite dramas in one place – and not just Korean either! They have movies too!! They dont have all of them and some aren’t available in some countries but for the most part, the ones I want to watch are available! And its so worth paying for Viki Pass! No ads and there is more dramas available for you! I even like that I can create my own folders for anything (I have one for watched and watch later). My one request would be to have some way of showing which ones I have watched when I’m scrolling through – like a tick or a smiley face or something just to stand out that I have actually watched it.

App User
Once I finally gave in and bought the pass shows are much more enjoyable. I don’t understand the two levels, twice the price for Viki Plus is a lot. BUT, it is still less than any cable channel on my home service and my daughter and I love Korean dramas, much more family-friendly entertainment! I appreciate this extra bonding with my teen…and our fun debates about which leading actor is the best. I also appreciate the subtitle teams that work hard to help us understand the dialogue; thank you!

App User
Love this app so much! Has most of the latest dramas on there so we can watch them whenever but some you can’t watch unless you have a Viki pass. Rated it a 4 because overall the app itself is amazing and has no problems, only the fact that not everyone has access to all the dramas and can’t watch them fully unless we have a pass or have subscribed, otherwise we have to wait a couple of days before it is available to everyone!

emerald queen
I love the app. Makes me enjoy latest dramas. My only setback is some drama are not displayed in the country where I reside.. I will really appreciate it if it is look into. Also I want to say a big thank you to all the subbers , though viewers can be impatient but you definitely put smiles on people face. Thank you for your hard work. Jiayo.

Christina Purdy
I really like this app! I love Asian culture especially Korean and Japanese and watching such cute dramas reallyakes me happy after a long day 😊 I do wish there was a “completed” option when you’re looking for shows. Other than that two thumps up!! 👍👍

x.abbie.x -_-
It’s an amazing app, especially for kpop fans who want to watch their favorite idol’s drama’s. There are a few bugs, like how it keeps pausing every 15 seconds or so and you have to press the play button only for it to pause again repeatedly. If it gets fixed, it will definitely be an app that is very handy and fun to use.

Rachel Tarkenton
Great app, althrough it has ads every now and then. Plus there are so many TV shows to pick from! Also it has subtitles in your language. And one last thing it doesn’t cost anything, unless you want to buy premium. Which gives you no ads and gives you premission to watch new episode.

JoseHugo Sosa
This app IS very good, I recommend it. There is a lot of Ads every 9 minutes but some of the Ads, you are able to skip through them. I really don’t have a problem with the app but sometimes you’re about to get the feels but an Ad pops out and kills the mood. That is the only problem. If your not happy with the app then I can recommend “Drama Fever” it also works well.

Nikki Jackson
I recently paid for the year subscription to viki because i love it so much. I use it was more than other (paid) streaming sites. Only negative is that there are a lot of shows not licenced for Norway where i live,which sucks. However don’t be fooled. There is an outstanding amount to chose from

Chainy Kalappa
Awesome app.I really loved VIKI so much. You can watch all your favourite dramas and movies here. I have never rated or written review about any apps so far but I’m rating this app with 5 star and also said my opinion. Just dounload it..and enjoy. VIKI had been my very good companion.

I’ve only had great experiences with this app, I also love how it gives you information about the actors/actresses and has the option for a community chat. One thing I didn’t know before using the app is that all the translations are done by volunteers, and they’re amazing! They give explanations of phrases and cultural meanings, and you get to watch the episodes faster because of this I believe.

Siyah 4ever
I don’t understand why people are getting so upset over how many ads there are. :\ they need the ads so we can watch the shows for free. Any drama app has a lot of ads though. You should just be patient and watch them because this app and DramaFever are my favorite drama apps and they both have ads throughout the shows

Roozy Gy.
I love this app. It’s amazing that fans do the segmenting and the subtitling, these volunteer teams are so cool! You can watch most of the latest dramas, however there are some that has restricted area. Also, since I love this app so much, I subscribed for Viki Plus. After a month of it, it’s declining my payment method. Why is that?

Jeannette Goins
I love watching my korean dramas on here. I also like to check out other countries. I really like being able to look up information on the cast. It helps me learn about them and what other dramas or movies they are or have been in. Thank you to all the people who get the subtitles done so quickly. It makes it possible for me to enjoy watching, since I don’t speak other then english.

Deborah Evans
I could go on all day about how much I love Viki. I don’t really subscribe to things generally but I cannot live without this app and the fee is worth every penny!! Not only that but even if you don’t pay for Viki Pass, the service is great. I watch through Viki every day. Like other viewers, I get disappointed when shows are not available in my region but I understand the reasons and patiently wait and keep my fingers crossed that I will get to see them eventually. (I am always able to find something else to watch on there anyway) Huge thanks to subbers and all production teams for such great and hard work. We love you !

kim tsosie
It’s a good app to get a quick fix for kdramas. The thing is: there are not a lot of new drama or films available due to license agreements and whatnot. As for people who complain about ads — people come on be realistic. You can pay money to keep your viewings ad free; for those Who Do Not Want To Pay for the Viki Pass you WILL see the ads.

Ammzzy 25
I have been using viki for over a year and I really love it. There are some shows that are not available in my region but there is so much to watch that this hasn’t been a big issue. And the translators do such an amazing job. I will deffintaly continue to use this for a long time.

H M.
The app is really awesome but recently it’s been freezing up and causing my phone get hot and then me not be able to get to the home screen cause its frozen. On a side note you guys should REALLY consider adding a Thai drama section. There are so many good Thai dramas out there that adding it Viki would really make the app even more awesome than it is now

Deborah Kim
Great!! I love that there’s a variety of TV Shows that aren’t just from Korea but other countries too! I just don’t like that fact of how many ads there are. It gets annoying because of the fact that there’s two ads that are half a minute long and you can’t skip them.

Kayla Dreyfuss
The Chromecast button was on the top of my video before I bought Vikipass. When I clicked on it, it said I had to purchase Vikipass to use, but after I signed up for Vikipass THE BUTTON DISAPPEARED. I am so angry that the feature I paid for doesn’t work. What a rip-off!

Marian Martinez
I really enjoy this app. It contains a wide variety of shows to watch and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I really think that ad wise this app is especially good. Compared to other apps I’ve used it doesn’t have that many ads and many are skip after 10 seconds. I have no complaints.

App User
I thought it was a good app.. So it was.. But now i really hate it.. They have many famous dramas which are unavailable in my country, India.. But it was fine.. But they started changing their license in the middle of a show.. So dissapointing.. And it is not the ast time.. It is the 3rd time happening.. I recommended the app to my friends but now i am truely irritated.. If u dont have license of the shows for my country then i dont want to have ur app.. Uninstalling right now..

Diksha Yadav
I luv it…. Best app for korean’s fans….. U can watch anything even though if u don’t know korean Chinese or Japanese becoz it provides u with subtitles in any language…. Bt ads are unlimited….. Pissed off it…..nd plus there are some series which are not available in every country😞

Meera Govindaraju
I love this app. Had become a k drama addict very recently so it’s fun to watch all the latest ones..Ads are little distracting inbetween. But yes you need to upgrade yourself with viki pass standard to enjoy latest worth watching dramas.

Anusha Tantri
Good collections… Unlike other apps , u can watch all the serials without premium mode with decent English subtitles. Also. Few serials are not not available due to geography restrictions… Hope they Will work on it.

Tracey lipford
Does what I want it to. Those complaining about ads, what do you want from a free app. They’re no more annoying than ads on t.v.. You can get rid of them with a cheap subscription.

Joy Hoskins
As far as I’m aware, they have the most variety of English subbed content. But, they are behind technology-wise. Viki has a bit of trouble switching between devices, and only offers a single screen for viewing. There was a persisting issue watching on my Android device that I had to push to get reported and fixed, which was extremely frustrating. They ultimately fixed it and followed up, so I was satisfied.

App User
This app far surpasses drama fever both in content and accessibility. The only issue that I’ve encountered is some programs which are unavailable – read SOME – due to licensing which has nothing to do with Viki and everything to do with networks. Overall amazing app!

Bornika Gogoi
I love this app…. I don’t have to put on effort in searching new drama or movie… But the ads are a bit annoying…. Only 1 or 2 ads should b given during the show instead of many.

Bimpe Olusola-Niyi
Viki is amazing. It’s like a relationship with a person, you have your ups and downs but you always try to work it out. If only a lot of the stuff i want to watch were licensed in my country 😁😣

Simran Shaikh
I think this is one of the greatest app for watching subbed dramas, love it. The only problem I am facing is there are too much adds when you’re watching it free, i guess can’t complain either. 🙂

Vuong Nguyen
Viki has evolved to be a good service. Especially for Android TV devices. My biggest complaint is sudden region restriction in some series. Recent one being “Thirty but seventeen”. It was available for the first 13 episodes but got restricted all of a sudden. If someone wonder why torrenting is still a thing today. Then this is a legit reason. Either restrict it from the start. Dont make it Viki exclusive for everyone to watch then restrict it without notice.

barsha sahu
I am a big fan of Korean dramas as well as other Asian dramas too.. Viki not only enriched my palate, but also made me fall for interest much more . Thank u Viki and the team a lot. If some of the geographical restricted dramas would be permitted to India soon, it would be more awesome for Indian viewers.. moreover, lots of love from India…😘😘😘

Toryn March
Perfect app. Watched all my fave Asian dramas here. One major problem is a difference b/w using it on a computer and using it on a phone: you can’t comment on the video when you’re using your phone, sadly.

Sarah Manning
I really love Viki, it’s my favorite site/app to watch k/j/c-dramas on ❤ Could you maybe add the option to download episodes for offline watching? Also is there a possibility to make Viki available for playstation 3?

prachi singh
BEST APP EVER! It’s hard for me to find so many shows with good quality and subtitles for free. This is the best app for watching shows and the plus point is they provide information regarding the characters too which is a good thing and they also keep track of your watch list.

Emmanuel Ekame
This app monopolized subscriptions but does not clearly explain the difference between a basic and plus premiums. That’s why I prefer dramafever. At least they won’t tell you lies

Bekki Bedow
Never disappoints. Very little frustrations. Some ad breaks, but not every 5 minutes like others I’ve tried.

One Arm Snake
I love anime but I had a a friend of mine tell me a about Viki now I love k drama and anime. Show are great and reliable and it gets your emotionally because of the characters and what they go through. If you love anime please try Viki and watch some k drama you’ll fall in love.

App User
It’s the best app to watch k-drama. I am in love with this app…. every single show is of high quality & info is at its best. But few shows are not available in my region..tht was the ly problem I faced.Other than that Viki is the best😘😘😘😘😘

Pooja Choudhary
I really like this app.. I luv Korean dramas very much Overall it’s a good app but it’s shows too many add in every 9 min.. Which is the sad part of this app. Thank you for the app 😘

Seokjin’s Rose
I love this app! The only problem is when you want to watch a certain episode, it’s locked and says it will be available in 1 day, then the next day it says the same thing. So when will it be available?!

That Girl livi
I love it soo much. I can watch all my favourate dramas here which is lovely. One big problem. The ads. I understand that ads must be added but one after the other is annoying. Especially in the middle of the episode! So annoying but i still love it

Giz Giz
App is amazing. I discovered that if you have the app for a long enough time then the apds just stop. So now since I’ve had this app for a long time I don’t get any ads. Which is pretty nice.

Aly M-D
This WHOMPS!!!! Why do I have to pay to chromecast now? Because the ‘other’ one charges to chromecast? I like to cast, it’s nice to watch it on a bigger screen. Idgi. I stopped using dramafever because I had to pay to cast, I’ll probably stop using Viki too. Too bad.

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