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Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup

by NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)

Vault is a mobile app designed to hide private pictures, videos, sms, call logs and contacts on your phone. Currently there are more than 100 million users worldwide using Vault to protect their mobile privacy while enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and many other helpful features for completely free! Join them now!

Direct Download Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup app:-

Download Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos (10 MB)

Download Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup from Play Store :- 

Download Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos from Play Store(10 MB)


Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup

Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup

Top Features

☆ Hide and Protect Photos & videos: Photos and videos imported into phone can only be viewed or played after the correct password is entered. These photos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection.

☆ Hide and Protect SMS: You can easily hide your SMS and read, back up or restore them anytime you want.

☆ Contacts/Call logs Protection: Set your contacts as private and all call logs and SMS with them will be hidden.

☆Call Reminder: Whenever there is an incoming call, you will be informed of whether it’s from a telemarketer, package delivery or simply a spam call.

☆ App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leak.

☆ Private Browser: With Private browser, your internet surf will leave no traces behind. There is also Private Bookmark feature.

☆ Cloud Backup: Back up your SMS, contacts and call logs, photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.

☆ Data Transfer:With Cloud Backup feature, you can easily transfer your data to a new phone.

☆ Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password? Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it.

Advanced Features

► Multiple Vault & Fake Vault
Create multiple vaults with different passwords for storing photos, videos or private contacts respectively. And one of them can be a fake vault.

► Stealth Mode
Make Vault icon disappear from your home screen and it can only be found again with the correct password, so no one knows it exists.

► Break-in Alerts
Secretly snaps a picture of any one who attempts to access with a wrong password. Vault captures a photo, the time stamp and PIN code entered by all intruders.


► Q&A:

1. What if I forgot my password?

If you have a security Email set up before, you should be able to see a “Forgot Password” en-trance once you input the wrong password. Tap on the entrance and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you do not have a security Email but you had backed up your data to cloud space, then the data can be recovered from the cloud by reinstalling Vault app.

2. How do I enter vault in stealth mode?

In stealth mode, you can enter Vault by opening the phone’s dial pad, inputting “##your Vault password” (for example, input ##123 if your password is “123” ), then clicking Send (or Call) button.

If Vault is currently not running in the background (when it has been force stopped by Android system or another app), ##Password will not work. Now you can:

1. Put Vault back to the phone’s home screen by adding Vault widget, once it appears on home screen, tap on it, and then input your password to enter, or,

2. Download “NQ calculator” in Google Play, open it, and input correct password then tap “=”.

3. Why are my photos/videos lost?

Some cleaning or free storage apps may automatically delete Vault’s data folder used to store pictures and videos. So, as a best practice, please do not choose to delete Vault’s data folder and subfolders (mnt/sdcard/SystemAndroid) when you use such apps.

You can also backup your sms, pictures and videos to cloud by using “Cloud Backup” feature in the premium page of Vault.

User Reviews :

-Everything is good. Getting updates regularly thats also nice. Please add option to disable vibration for pattern lock. Its so annoying while unlocking apps with pattern.

-Its so clever with a bunch of small idea’s all rolled into one app it has everything you need to keep ur private stuff safe even if uve lost the phone you can retrieve the documents through ur email address

i m able to open my vault as i have forgotten my password n it was also not link with email id what should i do now how can i get my data back

-I forgot my vault password please help

-It’s working great

-it’s verry good app

-Awesome, life saver

-Premium is too good.

-I just started using it and so far so good it seems good. I will be back in a month for another review.

-It is the best app but after premium

-Dangerous!!! 😨 Photos get un encrypted automatically … Its very very dangerous… Don’t trust until team replies on this I am using Motorola moto g 3rd generation

-I forgot my password and the forgot password option keeps telling that it cannot reset my password. I hae important files inside vault so please help me reset asap

-I take my vault on steal mode.but it got disappear on my phone plz help me how can I back it on my phone

-Dail pad password cannot be work some times

-Doesn’t work on my phone it doesn’t hide any of my files you guys need to repair this

-Messages, contacts and some important files cannot retrieve back to the phone memory..plz help me soon. It’s very important

-My mobile phone farmet after 3 year my image also farmet from voult how to backup plz help voult team

-Nice but please add option for creating new sub folder inside the video or picture folder.

-I keep my vault in stealth mode and I give##my password it doesn’t come back

-It is the best for lock contact, massages, photos, videos and apps

-Best app for hide videos and photos.

-Pretty handy. Probably going to get the premium version.

-Best app I’ve ever purchased.

-This app helps protect information

-Very useful app for privacy

-Nice one of the best secure app…..-:.:-.

-Better to have this app

-So it recently updated and I lost what I had in my vault. The cloud backup feature is pointless if it doesn’t do its job. And all these ads are extremely annoying.

-Someone tried opening my app. Lost all my photos . Can’t even open the app. ” Need a SD card to continue” although there is plenty space on my phone’s memory 😠

-Best app. For security purposes. The only problem I have is that it refuse to be upgraded with my network.

-The Major thing is Cloud Backup 👌🏻🙏🏻 Thanks for that No Fingerprint Unlock to unlock locked apps Stealth Mode (₹)

-Hi i am unable to unhide app icon, please suggest the process to unhide vault app

-Sirjee there were some pics in your app and due to some reason my phone get formatted and so your application also deleted…. Now how to recover those pictures…. Plzz help me….

-Keeps crashing after update, can’t use it at all now!!

-The weather extension gives access to the vault without requiring a password

-Guys download thiss app its dope

-Applock should also support fingerprint

-How-can-I-restore-photos-and-videos-from-Vault-back-to-my-device- All personal please Help me

-Its Superb App Very Very Very Nice Love It

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