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Uplive – Live Video Streaming App
by Asia Innovations HK Limited

App Category:- Social

***Uplive – the leading live video streaming platform***

*****Uplive, live it up*****
Connect, interact and broadcast around the world! Experience the most popular video social media!
Millions of people around the world gather here! Let the world know what you are thinking, seeing and feeling!

「Creative Live Streaming」
◆Showcase yourself on Live Streaming
◆Luxurious gifts
◆Foodie adventure
◆Cool sports
◆Smart beauty
◆Hip-hop artists

Special features

【Real-time translation around the world】
*Chat with your show host real time with one-click translation from the comfort of your own home. Keep up with live streaming shows worldwide. Share your everyday highlights, too.

【Awesome gifts】
*Tons of fancy animated gifts as well as adorable presents help you lift the mood and enhance your awesomeness!

【Game center】
*Feeling tried from live streaming? Take a break in the Game Center! Check out the large selection of games. How about The Jungle Adventure-Road of Gold? Your gifts and uDiamonds await. (*≧▽≦*)


Uplive – Live Video Streaming App



【Sharing on Social media】
*Share your epic live streaming highlights or everyday snapshots on the Facebook, Twitter…are just one click away.

【Non-stop ultra entertaining live shows】
*Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers, music prodigies, fierce talk show hosts, big eaters, comedians, etc. Excellent entertainment galore!

【Short videos/ replay the great show】
*Record short looping videos. Never miss a live streaming by your favorite star!(′▽`〃)

【Connect with people】
*Uplive broadcasters and users around the world take part in their favorite live show right in the chatroom. With millions of gorgeous people by your side, you will never get bored. The big wide world is your playground!

Download Uplive – Live Video Streaming App App  :-


Download Uplive – Live Video Streaming App App (54 MB)

User Reviews :-

Abel Chavez
This app keeps on stealing diamonds from hosts. They need to stop that. Because there playing with people’s money

I don’t know why but my live privilege has been revoked

App user
You can’t smoke anything at all not even vape or cigarettes. It’s about the worst rule you can have.

keshav gandhi
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aaron hancock
There are fewer rules in a supermax prison. It’s ridiculous! You can’t even vape or show money on camera? Wow!

arpana dathia
Its a good platform but need to make a compatable for all android lower systems/android version cannot use it properly

Intoxicated tv
Can u guys monitize this app so we can watch videos to earn COINS. It will be more fun.

The customer services r so bad also unsolved any issues-also they has the big conflict for a location detection without any solution till now…in finally i had been banned whereas i harassing them 😒😒 i don’t know which live app this’ they are a foolish teams i swear

Jeanette Holder
I hate cause someone is revoking me on live

they banned me for doing nothing?what and app ,,all I have is bunch if creepy people 😊

Mukesh pundi
Only time waste asking money

Isnaini Abdul
To much internet quota spent, need to add chat places.

App user
The app is OK,, u have to improve performance wise… Sincerely Najir Alavi tk

Shade Whitescale
This app was great but I got a 24hr ban for having an unlit cigarette in my mouth and 3 days later they have not unbaned me from streaming nor have they responded to my messages.

Paul N.
Even though I have notifications turned on for users I follow, I never get notified when they go live. It’s been that way ever since the I first started using the app.

iqbal banday
Uplive is one of the top livestreaming apps, make new friends in your area and around the world

Lion Heart Gole
i tell everyone use this app to watch football its more better than just other one ….

Muhammad Fikrie
internet consumption is very high on this apps, 1.2mbps to watch a live stream is ridiculous while other apps make average 130kbps only… with this apps consumption speed, I’ll buy more internet quota than spending your services… do highly take note uplive… tq

Anoop Das
hangs all times, videos loading are slow, most annoying is those stupid Indian girl’s

Travis Palmer
I cant even got past thr begain part there no mark to continue when I pressed confirm it doesn’t do anything i need help

david dube
I love this app but I cannot gift anybody even after I recharged. I have 585 coins which I converted and it says I cannot send a gift. I can’t even send a red packet gift please please please help please fix this

Deuris DH
Best app I’ve ever use in my life!!! I totally recommend you to download it

Muhammad Alif
why must sent me the notification that has sent gift to me…. i dont like it…. if someone sent me gift i like it…. but dont sent me notification that who sent the gift to the other to me… i hate it

The Bear
Honestly this is the nicest live streaming app on the market. It’s global giving us the opportunity to meet people from everywhere (including celebrities). I have been streaming for over two months on this app and I love every minute of it. It is a safe place. A bigotry free place. It is a place where you can grow love and friendship. I have made more real friends and business connections on this app than I have in the last two years. If you haven’t tried this app you need to. It’s the most amazing experience you’ve yet to have!!!

Jesse R
You get banned easily and streaming privileges get revoked for basically nothing. I only showed my face and laptop and still got banned. Customer support is unresponsive and thats the only way to get streaming access back.. Dont bother using this app. You might as well use another streaming application

Avlla Dy
I am Avlla Dy, I’ve been a streamer since January and I just love it! I am making friends, showing my art and on the top of the making money! My manager Tina is amazing and takes care of every single streamer of the group. The Uplive team is always ready to help you with any problem you have anytime! It’s a serious app woth serious people! Definetelly worth it!

Melanie Dernoga
I absolutely love streaming on here! I get a chance to put my self out there, interact with my audience so they can actually see the real me, and I get a chance to meet other streamers. It really helps build your social media platform to making it big and you dont have to do it on your own.

Yosairy C.
By far the worst app I’ve come across. Just don’t even bother wasting your time with it. They don’t even pay you like they say they will all their contract thing is just bs.

App user
Impersonating users with no real viewers. Has 2 or 3 sister apps with alternated colors.

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