New Android App ”Unfollowers for Instagram – followers analytics” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, App Information, App by dmmedstudio

Unfollowers for Instagram – followers analytics
by dmmedstudio

App shows these lists:

-Unfollowers (who don’t follow you back), non followers, lost followers
-Recent unfollowers (who unfollow you recently)
-Mutual followers
-Fans (follow back)
-Ghost followers (who haven’t left any likes or comments)
-Last comments under your posts (images, videos, stories)


Unfollowers for Instagram - followers analytics android app

Unfollowers for Instagram – followers analytics android app



Download Unfollowers for Instagram – followers analytics App:-

DownloadLip Unfollowers for Instagram App (2.1MB)


User Reviews :-


-I was enjoying their previous apps but I don’t understand why I need to download a new app every few weeks now. Why not just have in-built updates? This is the last updated app I’m installing… After this I’m switching to another provider. Because  I’ve never seen this happen with any other app


-Why did I have to install an entirely new app for an upgrade of the old app that was working just the same? That is what UPGRADES are for. I have never had to install a new app for an upgrade so the excuses make no sense. I had to redo all my stars, which is time consuming. Also, in your images above, “who aren’t left any likes” is not English. I am deleting. Also, a lot of FAKE 4 and 5 star reviews. Look for yourself. I read over 10 reviews with the same thing said and funny enough the dev replied to most of them.


-My last app was working fine. Update versions, don’t just wipe and start again! There is a real problem in that, my whitelist I created in the old app (400-500 people) is now gone. Can the developer please import people’s whitelist into the new app? Might I suggest you create a login for the app too and store some of this in the cloud?


-I get people are annoyed u did a whole new app but I don’t get what’s bad it’s perfectly fine it still does the same thing and works just how I want. Tells you who follows back who doesn’t, recent unfollowers and ghosts. It seems fine to me I don’t mind installing a new app at least they didn’t completely delete it.


-It works good, same as last version. I’m not using whitelist so no problems here. But it is annoying to force people to install new apk, not just to update…even update is pointless for applications like this


-Download a new app for every new update.. Loosing all the account logins.. I have 3 accounts.. N i hate the fact that i have to download a new app everytime and login every fucking time you guys decide for an update..HEREZ A TIP: INBUILT UPDATES.


-it will be more easier if u just needing us to update the app. why we need to install another apps just bcos the version is out to date?


-Stop forcing us to do the damn updates. If it happens again, I’m uninstalling and finding a new app


-It works but keeps updating which makes you have to restart with your whitelist and is obnoxious


-I have logged in my acc through Facebook and there is no option for log in with Facebook as in there in Instagram I request u to put that log in with Facebook option in this app to


-Please juust update, I lost my whitelist every single time that I have to install the new version


-I love the app. It takes a lot less time to open the app (even if I have to download a new app because they don’t have an update) and unfollow people that don’t follow me, rather than going to my followers’ pages and searching for my handle to see if I should unfollow. Helpful app, people just can’t seem to handle uploading the new version, even though updating can take longer from my experience.


-If you can get an update regarding follow back just as you’ve for unfollow, it’ll be easy for us to follow back 20 accounts at a


-I think this application is awesome but my suggestion is the no. Of unfollow rate is increase from 20 to 50 or more …So thanks so much


-So tired of having to change to the new app. Figure it out or I will just leave it altogether


-Have been using this app for the past year but being forced to download a newer version 2-3 times in the past month looks pretty bad.


-Have you never heard of this thing called an update? Its saves us from having to reinstall whole apps….

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