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Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download

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Turbo Browser , the top ultra-fast and lightweight browser for Android mobile, provides incognito browsing and fast web opening for all the users. It enables fast downloading of video, image, doc, PDF & files; secure & fluent browsing with ad blocker and antivirus.

Features :
✔ Private Search
Private search with incognito mode, no trace left. Turbo Browser gives you anonymous browsing and secure protection. In Turbo Browser, everything you’ve done will disappear, including history, cookies, password, and so on. Make sure you’re safe surfing on the internet.

✔ Adblocker Provided
Turbo Browser has adware guard, which enables to remove all the ads, popups, and other harmful browser extensions for Android users. Meantime, it can protect you from phishing attacks. A stable and clean browsing experience ensured.

✔ Fast Open and Download
Speedy and quick web browser for access to any website and any types of files (photos, videos, doc, PDF, etc). Any files can be downloaded in a super high speed.

✔ Minimalist UI Design
Turbo Browser provide the concise home page so that you can concentrate on browsing, and find the information more quickly.

✔ Multiple Search Engines
Several search engines here are allowed to choose from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, you can find your loved style in any case.

✔ Data Saving
Download and save all the files from Turbo Browser on the phone; you can browse and sort files by different selects inside. In addition to saving data, Turbo Browser takes up less memory usage and consumes less battery, make your phone the same as the new one.

✔ Switch Text Font
Free zoom the text font on any page inside the search engines from 1PT to 24PT. Make sure you can read comfortably on any screen.


Turbo Browser Private & Adblocker & Fast Download

Turbo Browser Private & Adblocker & Fast Download



You may encounter the following problems when using Turbo browser:

– How to use private browsing mode?
– Scroll up at the bottom of the homepage to open the homepage menu. Select “incognito” button and then you are in private browsing mode.

– How to clear all browser cache and cookies to make my browser private and secure?
– In settings, select the “Clear data”, then you can choose to clear your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history.

– How to Find the File I downloaded in Turbo browser?
– Open the “file manager” in your phone, select “Phone files”. From the list of file folders, scroll down and select the “download” folder.

– How to switch the search engine?
– In settings, select the “Set search engine”, then you can choose Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex.

– How this Turbo Browser blocks ads for Android?
– Turbo Browser has built-in AD blocking feature, and is enabled by default. So once you open our browser, you’re in AD blocking mode.

Now download the best private browser free on Android mobile phone in 2018! If you like lite products, you can’t miss it.

Download Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download App  :-


Download Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker App (7.1 MB)



User Reviews :-


App User
I used CM Browser which is similar but it have ability to open up to 100 pages (I have 6GB RAM), night mode and better bookmarks. Unfortunatelly CM Browser is crashing on my current smartphone so I use Turbo Browser as workarround

Tech Pro
Please edit the icon of Google on home screen and we can also add bookmark on home screen Google icon is looking like Chrome icon n and a download manager or you can make choice to use our Download Manager like Loader Droid Loader

K. Sou
doesnt load some pages, cant show previous page/next page properly showing wrong pages.

App User
Does not have download manager. Does not have night mode for senior citizen. Via browser is smaller and much better

Dave M
I’m very surprised! This is an Alcatel app that’s actually really good. It’s lighter & faster compared to Chrome etc, and has a good set of privacy options, and… an Ad Blocker! All very similar to Opera, so this has now become my default browser. *UPDATE* The one annoying feature was the default home screen, used some kinda monetized Google search and showed a lot of unrelated content, and most of the news feed items were inappropriate / spam. However, as promised, Alcatel have now removed all of this in this update. Thank you! So, no longer any need to change the home screen URL settings, although I have out of preference to Bing. In short, this is a fantastic alternative browser well worth considering over the mainstream ones, which tend to be bloated behemoths, and do they offer Ad Blocking & Privacy? Let’s face it, Google makes it’s money from data and advertising, so is are they gonna block ads?.

OK, its fast, but STOLE A MASSIVE 34Mb of my data in just a few minutes?!?! What??? Can I get a refund of my expensive UK data?? 34Mb was ripped off me for what exactly? OK layout, bit dated.No data saver. Hyped up, avérage app. Deleted.Uk review

Vinnatto Smith
has a slight problem when in iPhone or iPad mode when going on curtain websites where it say “error to many redirects”

priyan tawfid
Fast speed download really…. Best browser in playstore really I used all of browser now tell this is best better than uc browser😾

Md Sujon Mia
I want to see google as my default search engine not why you link this site with google logo?

sakthi narayana v
Very honest browser keeps it’s job perfect but speed on download lacking behind

ricky darby
Good app but bookmark sync would be a good add then you’ll get 5 stars

Paul Overton
Can’t use DuckDuckGo as a search engine in this browser. Forget it. Bye-bye!

Larry Nordsieck
Search results have no relation to what was requested

Nick Mashek
Haven’t had an Alcatel phone in a while, but still use this browser and love it. So simple, with a true HOME page not littered with history or bookmarks . Also the built in user-switcher allows me to access Google Play like I was on a PC.

A Cooper
Thanks for re- programming the launcher to work on kitkat mobile!!!! But it does pause often and you can’t change weather location. So I believe it’s giving me the weather for America and only receives American news, which is no good as I live in the UK!! Good try though.

Your perfect idiot
Why is it not opening, it keeps on saying “UNFORTUNATELY BROWSER HAS STOPPED”. Is that a problem? If it is, please help.

Jason McKinnon
I emailed you last night about issues with the browser not opening and no response….yet you reply to reviews on here after I emailed you. Piss poor service No… THE APP DOES NOT OPEN….it simply force closes with an error mesage saying ‘Unfotunately Browser has stopped” Either fix it or I will stick with Chrome Update 19/12/17…no you haven’t fixed it because it is still doing the same…still getting same error messsge saying browser has stopped. Cannot uninstall this worthless app so I am just going to disable it and continue using Chrome. Far more reliable, better features and far less memory use also

Deruin Gambin
Hola. He puntuado esta apk muy bajo porque sin ningún motivo evidente dejó de abrir. Vino por defecto en mi Alcatel U5, funcionaba de maravilla pero ya ni se ejecuta. Diciembre 14 2017: sigue sin funcionar 😭

Keith Weston
Superb lightweight browser with all necessary functions. The developer has corrected a problem where the text input keypad covered web form boxes. Back to five stars again. It would be great if we had a bookmark to homepage function. But not sure if that may make the size of the app use far more resources. Great browser though.

Michael Mccarthy
Alcatel seems to love adware on there apps recently. Having adware on my core apps don’t work for me. Both this and the file manager are no good to me or my phone! Remove and dont trust this app or internal file manager thanks to adware.

App User
Unfortunately some how some sites not working with mini app like this. Only option they have fast , quality low! Your developer link address does not support encryption email, This risk of stealing users account information, how can trust to this app?

App User
I don’t know why it seems that it is not compatible with my phone. So slow. And freezes a lot. Acer liquid z530 lollipop

Anna Violo
Waste of time new update and still same why do they say fix in new update and lie every one put no stars if we cud so when u reply to this don’t ask to give more stars what a joke chrome the best 10 out of 10 turbo browser not worth storage on phone when the next update and it be fix thanks and can u now change rating into higher thanks looking forward to your response

pat mansfield
First time using this browser or says no ads but don’t believe it the first time I opened it up and went to a website I have used with other no ads browsers and the first thing to pop up is a as.

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