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Trusted Contacts
by Google LLC

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Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app that opens a direct line of sharing between you and your loved ones.

• Add your closest friends and family as trusted contacts.
• Allow trusted contacts to request your location. If everything’s fine, you can deny the request. If you’re unable to respond, your last known location is shared automatically within a custom timeframe (works even if you’re offline or your phone is out of battery).
• Proactively share your location if you feel unsafe or find yourself in an emergency.
• Schedule a location alert for a future time.
• Your trusted contacts can see your phone’s activity status to quickly know you’re OK.
• Integration with Google Maps location sharing, so you can easily enable permanent location sharing with selected contacts and find them directly within Google Maps.


Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts

Whether you’re online or offline, in an emergency or just need reassurance, Trusted Contacts connects you with the people you care about most at the times you need them most.

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User Reviews :-


telen ikros
Tried and tested it before going on holiday with my friends. And the app is giving the correct location. The one thing that I would say needs adding to the app is a method ood activation without opening the app. As my phone as a sos feature which if a press the power button 3 times fast it contacts my assign contact’s and pictures but not the location. If I could trigger the app in the same manner it would be Better

App User
This app has a nice UI and isn’t too tense on the battery, which I like. My main issue is rather major however: the app doesn’t work. Yesterday evening I was taking a train to when the app reported I was in (about 60 miles away from where I was). Then the app said I was on as I passed (about 50 miles away). The app literally thought I had moved about 110 miles in about 15 minutes. This is disappointing, as Google Maps is an excellent service. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S7 (EU Model) with location services set to high accuracy.

S MicStaelens
BUGS NOT FIXED. It use to work much better, it’s buggier now, even on Google Fi Network (which you would think their own stuff would work with their own stuff, lol). It doesn’t update even when refreshed and it’s not nearly as accurate as it used to be, it used to show us exactly where we are now it shows us on the other side of the highway or at a different store Etc. Please fix!

Corey Vidal
Great app – use it with my family to keep us all safe. One issue though: can you please update the app to support phones with the new taller 18:9 screen ratios? It doesn’t display properly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Allison Abbott
Waiting for this to have just the basic functionally of what Find My Friends gave me when I was an apple user. Very often useless, because it shows information HOURS delayed, and even if it says it’s reporting current information, it’s often totally incorrect.

James Hutchinson
Another great idea from Google, but messed up in execution. This is becoming too typical! The UX is poorly thought out and manifestly untested. It also doesn’t work with iPhone – you can view them but they can’t view your location (have trouble-shooted extensively)

Irwin Tsu
Needs a widget or shortcut option to QUICKLY let someone know where you’re at. It’s too cumbersome to go into the app and hirdle through a few steps in an emergent situation.

Mayank Talati
Doesn’t seem to actually work. When the device sends location, it doesn’t pick up the latest location…. It seems to send from cache, which is very often outdated. Requires requesting location 2-3 times before I get correct location, which makes the app useless!!

Swayamprakash Patel
Amazing App. Today I got my stolen Mi A1 Mobile back from thief. Thief was unable to switch off the mobile and we traced him through this App which is sync with my Wife’s mobile. We caught him by intriguing a trap. Interrogated him and got mobile back. We let him go as he said he found mobile on road and we was not sure. Thank you Google.

Carlos Garcia
Will not track iPhone nearly as well as findmyfriends. I’ve compared tracking my daughter’s iPhone on this app vs using my wife’s iPhones do she can see my daughter’s iPhone in real time while I get offline or 2 hours old tracking. Completely useless

Biggest problem with this app is the sheer amount of Email Notifications it causes to be spammed, if you just want to be able to let your family or friends see your location without being bothered this is the worst app ever. Also it seems to just use Google Maps Location Sharing now so why bother.

Jason Jensen
This app is complete garbage. Cannot even get it to initialize. I click continue and continue happens. Then one time I got there where it asked for a phone number but the coffee wouldn’t work and neither did going back and clicking skip.

Alex Groleau
Fix battery usage issues; adding friends is far too complex of a process with too many prompts on both ends; kill excessive notifications, especially if I choose to share my location indefinitely with someone; why call it trusted contacts if there are so many trust prompts and notifications??

Miso Filipovic
Does it actually do what it is supposed to? I have seldom seen any of my contacts at their current location, usually what I see is their position anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours ago. Even if they are currently sitting beside me on the same WiFi. Update interval seems to be completely arbitrary? Sometimes it shows every few minutes, sometimes it skips a few hours, and anything in between. Add an option to set an interval perhaps, to automatically query a contact’s location. Overall, could be a good app when kinks are worked out. But for now, do not use it if you actually need a person’s location, far too unreliable.

Doesn’t work. Requesting a location from someone who is setup to automatically share does not happen. Even when they actively share the location it doesn’t update until half an hour later. In essence this is useless.

Whitney Delgado-Bell
Needs REAL emergency type services; you know, in case of an emergency? Send SMS, pic, call 911 etc.

Nick Oliver
This app has been out long enough to have the location issue fixed. There are times that myself or others suddenly are miles away. I have read many similar reviews, and this seems to be a unresolved issue for a long time now.

The app does at least connect after 5 minutes, providing the location. However, the phone never rings when anyone requests to connect. Only issue I have is that location updates are only reliant on Google location history, would prefer live location instead of a per minute bounce

kym roth
Wouldn’t refresh and locations were up to 17 min old. Not helpful if you’re tracking someone on a marathon race course! Uninstalling

William Kratky
Does not update locations often enough. Location is often 15 min old or more. Not very useful.

App User
Terrible App, I’ve submitted numerous bug report but google’s terrible developer don’t want to fix it. I’m online! Idiyot!

JUST GREAT! NOW MY STALKER IS ABLE TO LOCATE ME, EVEN WHEN I HAD IT UNINSTALLED!!! HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS EVEN A GOOD APP??? You guys are seriously not considering every possible outcome of this app. I understand it is for some good purpose. But what is the entire reason to push the notification if the app is uninstalled?? This is SUCH a dangerous app!

Ray Ortiz
Freezes up all the time so you have no idea where they really are!! They are home next to me and it has been showing them at a gas station for 30 min and still shows them there

Keith Ng
Very disappointed with Google. This disastrous app does not work. Even though I got an alert stating that someone had started sharing her location, I could not get a reliable update of her location.

Trevor Hynds
Fantastic app…if it worked. Instead this app is extremely unreliable to the point of being useless. It regularly fails at its primary purpose and has let me down 100% of the times I needed it. Issues range from not finding anything, to incorrect locations sometimes many miles out. Due to this I really have no option other than to give it 1 star. Such a pity as if it worked it would be excellent.

Im online on mobile data.. why does it force that ibe connected to wifi to be able to set it up? Useless apl google

Drew Abas
Simply put: it doesn’t work. Do not rely on this app if knowing locations of others is important or critical. We have data plans and access to WiFi. However, my contacts go inactive for unknown reasons in suburban settings (read cell towers and wifi are everywhere). I can’t seem to ping them to get current location. Locations are always at least several minutes to hours old when available at all. I genuinely regret this appraisal as I am very pro using Google-authored apps whenever possible. I guess it’s Google trying to present its Location Sharing in its Maps app as a stand alone app. I’ll try and work with Location Sharing in that app to see if it works any better.

Denny Gursky
This app us super unreliable and doesn’t do one thing it is supposed to be doing: share location. For instance my girlfriend was sitting next toe and we enabled sharing for the fun of it and the app showed that she is almost TEN MILES away.

Philip Wand
Good grief. If you’re an iPhone refugee like me, this is the worst bargain bin version of Find My Friends you can possibly imagine. Impossibly slow to refresh, no arrive or depart notifications, missed location alerts, plus the usual threat of Google suddenly ending support for it. If this sort of thing is meant to lure users from iOS the developers should probably use iOS to see what people like about it.

Kevin Osborn
Great concept. Should be integrated with Contacts directly. Should allow user defined response period (more than 1 hour, I’d like 24 hours or 48 hours). Need text integration (not just email). Need feature to alert contacts if phone not logged into network for (user defined) period so for example, if my phone isn’t online w/ 48 hrs alert my contacts because something’s wrong. 2 stars for now with mods would definitely be must have (5).

Happy Visitors Dot Com
Great app. Has helped me track my Family members and employes. Always give correct location. Just want to get the location even when other people are not connected to internet via sms request. This is because in india data connection is not available everywhere. Love this app and recommened to more than 100 people I know. Keep it up. Love you Google.

Thanh Nguyen
Not sure y ppl don’t like this app but it worked great for me when i tried it. It was surprising how accurate it was

Mark Lambourne
Nice to see a feature I suggested get implemented (instant sharing). What I’d like to see is an option that will only show a location for X mins, then stop. Also when someone requests my location, my phone rings as if a call is coming through.

Dominik Barwacz
Has anyone actually used it? After responding ‘yes’ to location request, I got ‘grant location permission’ dialog. It worked though, which only shows that those permissions are just an illusion, Google services know where you are anyway, so why even bother?

App User
Great idea, horrible execution. Never works.

Ken Webb
App sucks balls. Call me if you want throughout details about this ridiculous nonfunctional app.

Prasad Kulkarni
From long time I was finding for such type of app and finally got it from Google

App User
Not sure what to think! I see that there are several people complaining of the same issue of it’s reliability, almost always concerning the app is inaccurate and a let down, that it freezes, or that it has not reflected or updated the true location of their whereabouts…. I have not read any counter argument by Google. One sound consider how many folks are using this app and then are clearly dishonest and easily blaming the app’s technology being sub-par. For example- a rebellious teen or cheating spouse who might tend to blame the technology as an excuse for their slack offs as it would likely be accepted in a world where majority of folks aren’t tech savvy enough to investigate and prove it. But I bet the developers could confirm whether or not the app is glitchy, or if it’s keenly accurate.. but honestly, for those who are saying it is not as well as the g-maps location sharing– in my experience, I’m finding it to be almost exactly the same! Does x-platform hinder it’s accuracy, between iOS and Android? Does being connected to WiFi have an effect if one or both parties are? What if randomly it states the person is offline when they claim to have never shut it off? I’ve many questions, and the given instructions do not have extensive answers provided in the app’s description

Edward Figueroa
Way more private than Google Maps’ “Location Sharing. It is smart, intuitive, and easy to use. I would like to see Android Wear compatibility, especially for the “Alert” feature.

Justin Albertson
Everyone in a natural disaster situation should have this app. Easy setup, you plug in the number from your settings with a direct carrier and your assigned number with an MVNO carrier. Of which I have both, and with 4.4 and 6.x android.

Darien Rudolph
now that Trusted Contacts is cross platform i can give it a shot so thanks for that! would like to see a feature added so that we can get notifications when contacts arrive at certain addresses. like when the kids get home from school or home late on a school night or when our SO’s leave work to know when to get dinner started.

Forrest Carlton
It works most of the time. Pinned contact no longer shows up in notification bar, that’s the biggest bummer. Google maps location sharing, contacts and trusted contacts need to be integrated together.

Mark Gregory
Cannot get real time location data. Only updates locations every hour or two rendering it a useless app.

Jeb Eldridge
The entire app is all through email. Why don’t you add SMS and MMS support? Who checks their email that often? Nobody, really. And why is this app even in existance still? The location sharing features have been integrated into Google Maps.

Naman Arora
Works as advertised. Needs a lot of work in the ease of access department. Not very easy to use in first go.

Mikaela Suomalainen
My only wish for now is that it would have a widget for sending location alert to all contacts as currently the feature is hidden behind multiple touches.

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