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TracFone My Account
by TracFone

App Category:- Communication

Here at TracFone Wireless, we have something new!

With TracFone My Account App you can manage your TracFone Account anywhere at any time.

Widget to check your Balance
Purchase Airtime
Add Airtime with a PIN Card
View Service End Date
Account Creation and Login.
Enroll in Auto-Refill
Customer Support Chat
Retailer Locator
View Transaction History
Manage Credit Cards
Edit Profile
And More!

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TracFone My Account

TracFone My Account

Download TracFone My Account App  :-


Download TracFone My Account App (15 MB)


User Reviews :-


App User
Does this use text bc I clicked the retry button a lot and it used 100 or more texts, my message app shows I have made 20 text, so I’m missing a lot of texts and it might be this app so be careful. Also it keeps reverting to me old balance even after it update, guessing it’s better to just use the website? How are you a phone company that can’t make a phone app correctly lol… Also this Google app sucks I can’t even see what I’m typing right now bc it auto scrolls down.

App User
Was working okay until recently. It now loads the last known balance and then when it goes to refresh it shows an error message and then after you clear it, it then shows updated balance. Also, if you try to login manually with an email or phone it shows “unexpected error” and won’t do it. Tried clearing cache on the app and other things but nothing works. Worked fine until recently but now needs to be fixed.

Christina Bougas
An idiot designed this app. To activate your account you submit your phone number and TracFone texts you a six digit code. Alas, the space to submit the code only allows five digits SO YOU CAN NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT. Like I said, an idiot designed this app.

Brenda Parr
This app worked for awhile, now can’t log in. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Have call Tracfone customer service, transfered to three different reps,no help. So if I want to add minutes to my phone, I have to call. Can’t add minutes from Tracfone web site, as the minutes I add for my number somehow go to my husband’s number. Pain in the butt.

Mathew Fay
This app is easily the worst app on my phone. It always shows old info for my minutes and etc; and when it does try to reload the current info, it fails and provides a button to try again (which fails on that, too). At least I can use it to add minutes without trouble, but I need a more reliable source of my current status.

I changed my rating from 1* to 4* because the app now works as it once did. Before I got an error message e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e and because of this I finally uninstalled for good after installing, uninstalling, re-installing over and over. I thought I would give it a try again and voila it works. Thanks TracFone!

John Balmer
THE APP IS WORTHLESS!!! The app runs a week behind so do not count on it to tell you your correct data,text and minute usage. Just go online to the web site to get accurate information.

Jonathon Belisle
App doesn’t work right. Gives me an error everytime I check my balance now. Even after upgrading my phone, it is still giving me error checking my balance. Until this last update, the app worked ok. Now it is pretty much useless.

Mark Inghem
Updated to the current version and now I can’t get my balance. It just comes back with an error message. Was working before I updated and now I can’t even get my balance online or through text. If they can’t get there act together I will have to switch to a different service. 😿 Had no problems until this year, then I have to call them every month to fix my account. Hope they fix this soon.

Melinda Leighton
I dont like the fact that the app doest keep u logged in. This makes it so the mins, txt, and data doest update automatically. I use a Samsung Stardust. I do like the fact I get a txt message but please fix the other problems. I wll give 5 stars if gets fixed. Update- it was working great until the last update June 10 and I cant sign in😞 because it comes up with an error. I also cant buy minutes with this app anymore for all my phones which is VERY inconvenient Please fix this. I have a Samsung Galaxy Sky(2016). It has been to long since the last update.

Juanita Glass
Not only does this app not work, it says it is installed but the phone says it is not. TF says I need to refil, but I have marked Auto refill time and time again. Then there is a problem with employees who say I have to call Google Play and tell them to update – IT HAS ALREADY BEEN UPDATED. This is Tracfone’s problem, not Google Play. What does one do when the people who are suppose to fix things have no ideal how to do that@!!!!! I pay for service but get none. It is disgusting.

Michael Richards
There is no longer any way to refresh your balance within the app and the widget is practically useless. The one and only refresh/update button is located on the widget, and takes multiple presses to get it to actually update. If you need to check your balance, call *777*1#

App User
Updating and changing my review. From 1 to now 4 stars. As of Aug 6, R6.03 app appears to be working. I am able to log in via my email account without error message. Can’t pin point if your team fixed it or if it’s bc I was playing around and clicked on “add new device” in the app’s drop down menu. After “add new device” I entered account email. I was prompted for password and it went through!!! No error message. Now I can “log in” and “log out” in the drop down menu. All my devices on my account are showing up in the app and with updated minutes. The minute data is flowing through to widget. A little delayed but still goes through. Anyhow, if anyone is reading this and had issues logging in, try logging in today. It worked for me. I think you have to “add the device” in order to access new app. If the tracfone app team did fixed it, a big thank you! ***Update 8/12/18. Was able to purchase minutes through app. Service date is updated immediately. But, 30 minutes later is when the minutes, data and texts are added. My only complaint would be the half hour it takes to update the new minutes. Everything does flowing through to widget though. Thx!!*****

Kevin Coupal
This App serves only one function, and it does that poorly. The purpose of this app is to show you your balance, but 99% of the time it just says “Oops Something Went Wrong”. Its been broken for years and seems unlikely it will ever be fixed. The only way I would give this app 5 stars is if it automatically updated your balance daily. You shouldn’t have to click to refresh, and it definitely shouldn’t fail most of the time. Seems like this should be a very simple request. Update: I’m not sure how it got worse but it has I can’t get any updates from the widget at all. 0 stars

Jenn Kinney
No matter what I do, I can’t login to my account through my app. I continuously get an “error” message. I have to use my computer and access my account that way. Useless. Please fix it!

Lorraine Hendrickson
App use to be fine until it was updated now you always get an error message and have to push it a hundred times to get an update. Not happy

App User
Lucky if I can get my current usage out of this app. Sometimes that just won’t happen. There is no refresh button to get current usage, so you take your chances

Steve Sands
I have relied on this app to keep me informed and up to date on my service useage. It is extremely helpful & easy to use.

T Mst
Seems like it’s missing something. But it does the job. You might need to launch it a couple of times initially before it fully loads.

Angel Bott
It is really dad just add this app on old phones. It got little annoyed for keep remind in every day.

John Pasco
Worked fine til latest update. Now always gives old balance first, updates to new balance after I refresh “error”, then next time I check, old balance appears again.

Teresa Rodgers
Tracfone is a big pain. No customer service. Can’t log in app on phone. Web site is useless. Tried to buy minutes on tracfone web page came up ‘ not able to process’. Went elsewhere and got my minutes. Look at my bank activity and tracfone DID take the money out but gave me no-zero- minutes. I will get that money back! The phone only number they list is just as useless! BIG RIP OFF

bobb hobb
Shouldn’t need this app should be notified by text of balance as was previously done many years ago

App User
Will not accept my agreement to terms of service. Click Agree, circle spins for a while, goes away and the message screen that I cannot proceed until I agree to the terms of service remains.

Bob Folsom
App stopped updating yesterday so can no longer see acct balances. Went from weak to useless overnight. Am uninstalling now. 7/27/18 update: app worked once 2 get acct balances & stopped. Still can’t login.

App User
Doesn’t work. I’ve installed it twice and both times it wouldn’t connect or whatever it needed to do. Kept getting an error message saying to try again and when I did I would get the same error message.

Griffin Hartz
Wouldnt let me log in shortly after downloading it, now wont even let me get past an end user license agreement that just sticks me on a loading screen.

App User
I really don’t know how to get started,. When I get to try it I can send you some more information

Sharon Young
Tech Support is a disinterested nightmare. Phone disconnects all the time, even when talking to tech support. The most unreliable phone I ever had.

Shawn Heller
The widget is a MUST if you use TracFone. UPDATE: The widget is now useless. It stops working daily. I have to log in using the app for it to function.

App User
New app NOT user friendly not able to call etc… I may be forced to go to another service provider.

Keith Anderson
Will not let me log in to my account. Says unexpected error has occurred. Customer support cannot fix the problem.

App User
It dose not work on my LG rebel 2 LTE .I have talked to trafone for help. They can’t seem to help me.

Mary Franklin
I can’t get my balance but I can buy more airtime? What’s up with that I have no idea how many minutes I have

Fred Chapman
TracFone has fixed bugs, improved the interface, and added some new features since I started using this app a few years ago. It’s definitely better than it used to be. Thanks, TracFone!

App User
I love how I can review everything on my account and manage as well.

Denise Circi
It does not work and won’t update with account data. Installed multiple times but that did not help. Email does not work either.

Nancy Raley
App worked fine for 6 months, then when requesting data “sorry information did not load, try again” or “text usuage to 611611” I do not want to text. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Still is not working.

Anthony Corcoran
Won’t stay current with my information. Always tells me can’t load info… Pure garbage

App User
Doesn’t work for me i can’t login init doesn’t download my data my talk time and you need to fix the app

Matthew David
I can’t access my account information. I typed in my phone number and nothing happens. I didn’t have any problems before I updated the app. My phone is a SafeLink phone. Can you help me?

Joyce Lajack
Doesn’t have updated balance info and doesn’t have an option to try to update balances

E Shannon
Unexpected error message on login. Enter email address or phone number. Same error.

Wouldn’t allow login. Typical tracfone. Everything they do is always always always always crappy.

Christina Phillips
Tracfone is only good if you never leave your home. Travel 35 miles and you get no service and a run around from customer service.

Lincoln Grove
put in valid email address to retrieve password, and it says invalid even though it says an account with that email exists

Paul Frohman
Okay now TracFone it is working I’m able to get my balance thank you for your quick response for fixing it

David Jarrett
It used to work just fine but since day 1 every time they update it they trash it completely. Although this app has been out for a while now, it still has more bugs than a roach motel. The only way to get the widget to update properly is to remove it and then re-add it. How hard can it be to develop an app that accesses your own account record keeping system? If Tracfone would fix the widget, this app would be a 5 star app!

Matt Neff
Just updated to version 5.0.8 and the widget disappeared. The widget told you remaining talk, text, data and airtime right on you home screen without having to open the app. Does anyone else have the widget in the new version or has it been discontinued? It was very helpful having that data visible at all times. [Update]Widget is working correctly in 6.0.2 again.

Lu Jr
I did as instructed, still unable to contact customer support chat through Samsung’s Internet Browser, or any other browser for that matter. New design is great, but chatting with support does not work, even with all adblockers turned off. All I get is a blank page. Before the last two updates it worked just fine on the Galaxy Note 8. Tracfone should consider adding an ‘Unlimited Plan’ option in order to compete with other providers.

Paul Clarke
The widget doesn’t work. When I add it to a screen it shows ‘set up’ for one second and then ‘not currently available’ and update. Tapping update does nothing. The app itself works fine and shows my balance fairly quickly but I don’t want to open the app every time I want to check my balance.

sue c
The app was working until a couple of days ago. The icon disappeared and I had to download a new one. Only dashboard appears to work . Need to use website to check minutes and data plan. Getting the same error message as everyone else when trying to login using the app on my phone. Website did not show the $99.00 for a 365 days like the phone did. Now I have way too many minutes and texts to use. All that customer service did was reset my password which was not the problem. Disappointed.

Gary Hooper
The updated app is a pain. The original worked fine – all I wanted was to see my balances. All other activity I’ll do from my computer. They try to add functions in one app & make it worse.

Daniel Nace
Can be a little slow at times and it has an annoying bug where if you have auto-renew, it keeps saying your service expired on the date of your original expiration after you signed up for auto renew. Other Tha that it works great for keeping your account up to date.

Tracey H.
Ever since updating the Dashboard no longer works. The only way I can see my balances is by hitting Logout. But from there I can’t do anything. It used to work well. Tried updating again but still doesn’t work.

Lynn Littleton
As of the 6/21/18 update, I cannot log in. App says “an unexpected error ocurred”. I installed the app on one of my other phones but I get the same error message on it as well. I depend on this app to manage my family’s 7 phones. I hope you will quickly push out an update that will fix this.

Lord Abaddon of Tarkir
Constant login failures despite having an internet connection. Takes forever to update data/minutes/texts after purchases. The website is more reliable, but that’s clunky and hard to navigate, too.

John Harag
Does everything it should, and even has a handy widget. Solid 4+ star app, so rated 5 to balance out old negative reviews.

App User
Terrible, and the updates only seem to make it worse each time. Loads off errors when adding my pin cards to my account. Whenever I try to access literally ANYTHING on the menu it sends me to a “log in with email” page, and then gives me an error message. The dashboard doesn’t update with your current phone status properly. If you are adding multiple cards be prepared to close the whole goddamn app every time you move on to a new one. I have been a tracfone customer since the days of flip phones, and they can’t be beat in terms of affordable quality. But the app SUCKS. I don’t give it a 1 star review only because it actually does work on occassion. Just use the website. It is so much easier and actually functions.

Doreen Dantino
After update getting unexpected error. Cannot add minutes due to this error not recognizing my login any more. Please fix. I called customer svs and they could not help. Uninstalled and reinstalled did not help either. Ughh

Lori Fuerniss
I am having trouble logging in to my account since it updated. Please help! Will give a better rating when the problem is fixed.

App User
Broken as installed. Can’t log in, completely useless.

Nathan B. Champine
Updates only come through in text message. The widget and app no longer work. The app constantly asks for phone number and refuses to accept. The app needs an update now. Expect the rating to go down until its fixed. 10/13/15 update. Balance section and widget still not working properly. Both are still without numerical status. Update 10/21/15 Everything is up and running again. Thank you for the responding. Update 6/23/18 I wanted to be wait and see if a problem from the last update would be fixed this update. It hasn’t. When you to the Add-ons section you only have two (2) options. One for TEXT and one for GLOBAL. Where is the option for DATA and why was it removed and when or will it be put back.

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