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Tom Loves Angela
by Outfit7 Limited

App Category:- Entertainment

All Talking Tom wants to do is get a glimpse of the beautiful Talking Angela! Help Tom out by giving him the words he needs to woo her. Tom will repeat whatever you say. He’ll even sing! He might need your help picking out presents to give her too. Are you ready to play Cupid? Keep an eye out for Talking Ginger… That mischief maker is trying to mess things up for Tom!

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
✔ Help Tom win Angela’s heart. Talk and he’ll repeat whatever you say.
✔ What will Tom and Angela do if you poke them? Find out!
✔ Up the romance factor by swiping Tom – he’ll blow a kiss!
✔ Need some drama? Shake the device and the ground will shake.
✔ Make it windy by blowing into the microphone.
✔ Have a chat with Angela by pressing the “Letter” button.
✔ Hear Tom and Angela sing a duet by pressing the “Song” button.
✔ The “Flower Pot” button will let Ginger throw one at Tom! Watch out!
✔ Think Tom should give Angela a gift? Press the “Gift” button!
✔ Record and send funny videos to your friends.


Tom Loves Angela

Tom Loves Angela


★★★ HOW TO CHAT ★★★
✔ Remember, Angela currently only speaks and understands English, although she’d love to learn other languages in the future!
✔ Start a chat with Angela by pressing the “Letter” button.
✔ Type or dictate what you want to say.
✔ Wait as Tom gives your message to Angela.
✔ She’ll then reply via text and voice.
✔ You can talk to her about anything, from school and movies, to friends, food or fashion.
✔ Test your knowledge with a trivia quiz. Just type in “quiz”, “give me a quiz” or “play quiz”!
✔ Want Angela to tell you a joke? Ask her! Type “tell me a joke”. It’s as easy as that.

his app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information.

This app contains:
– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising
– Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
– Watching videos of Outfit7’s animated characters via YouTube integration

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Download Tom Loves Angela App

User Reviews :-

Shally Garg
I love playing this game. And my favorite part is that letter as I tell her all my secret but she use very complex English which is sometime difficult to understand. But I like this game. And the song in this game is very nice. This game also have earthquake and wind and Tom also fell doewn sometimes. You should once install and try it. I am sure you will like it .This is the biggest feedback I have ever written. This is because I love playing this game.

Leah Phongsackdy
OK I have THEORY. so Angela the cat may seem like it’s computer generated. but the conversations on via text angela has, do not seem computer generated. therefore, is a person behind this, trying to unleash personal information a child has; giving to a (possible) hacker. this may be false, but im just a little concerned on what a small child has to say.

Ivan Imroj
Tom loves Angela is not a bad game at all..It is good because we can chat with angela.But sometimes she asks boring questions.And I realy don’t like to answer those questions.And also why she said to me that Ginger is a good guy? Ginger is realy disgusting and He also disturbes tom So overall I gave it 3 stars

Kitty Angela Sudiparo
Angela is very rude when I chat and doesn’t allow me to choose my likely option …. she asks long… boring.. questions which I hate to answer😧😧

Maduwele Segobola
I love this game.who ever made this game is the best. The problem is that it has only one song but it is also nice.please people download this game. I also love the letter one.When I say bye,she says could you please stay a little bit longer.Then I say no,I have to go.She always ask me where am I going to but I don’t respond her.THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER.I also love the other games that they into. Thanks guys for your opportunity.please add more songs.It will be more nicer.Thanks

App User
This is my favourite game When I coral with my husband I will play this game The most good time is when I chat with Angela 2nd one giving ring to her 3one is ginger throwing flower pot to Tom ‘s Head 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and one thing Angela’s Sound is very cuteEveryone should install this app

App User
I hate this Angela has a dress but not tom. Here tom gives Angela watermelon she hurts tom, ginger also throw a vase to tom very bad😈😈😡😡 I hate Angela and love tom. Only for Angela tom is climbing to her roof plz change this game plz😡😠😡😕😑😑😣😕 Give freedom and good action to tom and he should look good also huh.😡😡

S.N.P Gupta
This app is very boring same things are repeated again and again. I think it should have some level to make it challenging 😑😑

Sheril Cary
There’s still that bug hacker around kids be careful and ask your mum or dad to start it up because its a good game but parents put cm launcher on your phone iPad etc full child lock recommended for 5 or over and full settings I rate it PG because a hacker is around just want to keep you safe ooh and parents look up for more in YouTube or google toms leftceye

App User
Tom and Angela app is really good I can’t believe how people made it because it’s really inspiring Inspires you a lot Angela is really pretty and I think is really the one for her she is like the opposite of her but he’s always full of surprises

App User
OK so the thing is that I want to be a bit more romantic with Angela but she doesn’t do that. Can the maker of the game please make it more romantic. Especially with Angela and her responses

Ariana YouTube
It’s good but Angela’s new outfit (the light pink top) is hard to activate, so she has the same outfit, and when chatting to her Tom plays her games and I try to do games to but she won’t allow it…other than that blabber, it’s great! 🙂

App User
This game is boring… Also,why did Angela throw watermwlon at Tom when Tom gives her watermelon?! This this unacceptable,isn’t it morenromantic if they eat it together…

Mr Dino’s dino
This game has not much to do but I always like talking with Angela it’s so fun cause she answers!

App User
It is a fabulous,fantastic , beautifuland many more thing is in there in the game I like to tell him or her who made this game I want this game,s part 2 beginning…..

Maria Moreno
She’s inappropriate no clothes on this is bad news its makeing kids nasty I meant the other game its stupid ok

Lining Wu
Angela is so rude sometimes, but it’s quite a nice game. I like it when Tom and Angela starts singing together, I love the song.

App User
I hate this so much I could cry because all of these old stuff on on this this is so disgusting I don’t even want to say it and + + + + + + + + + the worst thing about this is they need to really do something about that songs cuz it’s the song is really really I don’t know it’s just really really really they just need to and then all of their especially the writing part the Reading part you can work on there

App User
It’s the best game ever made I can’t stop chatting with Angela. I almost forgot about the world . P’S I was with her almost the whole day.

App User
Good game but not for kids this game is funny and also addictive I like it Tom and Angela are cute when I do chat he always ask me you love me, how much, you can kiss me, and she always talk about ginger and Ben but this game is fantastic l love it please read my reply outfit 7unlimited bye and drink some tea and bye

App User
In the thing where people check it out all of them didn’t like it, so…I had to give you five stars 🤗🤗🤗

App User
Nice very nice please download and play this game it will be nice to you anyone it is so funny while giving gift

Betty Adeoye
I know I’m actually off and I like watching Talking Tom on YouTube ids a lot yeah so I like This app

The Switching Glaceon
I like game, it would be cool if you could dress them up in different clothes, also can you make it so you can go somewhere other than the balcony, but the thing is that I don’t tom to love angela because i want him to have a girlfriend who’s someone else because angela is crazy I mean in talking Tom Gold rush WHY DOES NEON ANGEL HAVE A FOUNTAIN WITH TOM STATUES PPPEEING IN THEM?!!???!??! when I pretend tom has a girlfriend she still tries to make tom like her although he has a girlfriend, she didn’t appreciate a watermelon, if I had a boyfriend I’d want a watermelon as a gift, you know well why she’s evil and I can’t say everything that makes her evil, tom deserves someone better

jony goyal
Very bad game I have never seen algina don’t answer properly as I say a joke so she tell any insident happened

Lee Chun Kwan
she says join me in singing and she simgsngs and she dosent even react to whay j told her aand when i say i hate your singing which i dont really mean she sings with out answering

App User
Oh my God I love this game it’s so cool Angela actually answers she even called you a potty mouth with you talk bad to her and she even her head when you do something bad and Ginger is hilarious he throws a flowerpot on Tom’s head and it’s hilarious

Anita Kumar
The Angela is forcing me not to delete Angela app it’s not fair she is hacker that’s why she is saying that do not uninstall this app

App User

App User
Guys angela is a hacker I just installed it and I asked her are U a kidnapper she said I don’t wanna talk about this so I did the same thing she said cool are U on her own I uninstalled it right away

App User
This app is really cute.And there is a child mode too,before my child plays this game I always put the child mode.It is cute and safe for my child.Good work keep it up.

Shruti Soni
It is all good just can you add more gifts and maybe some more songs other than that I totally recommend this app and it’s really fun

Raghubar Datt
It is nice but one problem in letter they ask question in last and the question are what is your name ? Send your photo ? What is your school name ? That is a game only right and theif will know

App User
it’s sooo freaky and creepy it starts asking me how old i am and if i was alone and so many personal stuff, for all of u people, all the ones out there, DON’T INSTALL IT AT ALL, I AM WARNING U😨😨😱😱😰😰

App User
This game was good but the angela is not speak any thing outfit 7 company best game is this beacause of the letter but i update no things are not changed

Moonraai Moon
I like it.When I says bye to Angela she says that you have come just now,let’s chat some more.It’s creepy

Rafiqul Hassan
When I tell Angela will u be my gf then she was not telling yes or no she telling her another question why why she not answering.

Gina Wood
It’s funny when she ses try and speak English and I say I am English and she ses your name is Tom because your name is Tom on it. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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