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Tinycards by Duolingo: Fun & Free Flashcards
by Duolingo

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Introducing a fun, new way to prepare for tests and memorize vocabulary! Tinycards is a flashcards app made by the team behind Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world.

Prepare for tests effectively
Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material. Time to ace your next quiz!

Choose from thousands of topics or make your own decks.
Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’ll find flashcards for biology, chemistry, geography, history, language, and more!

Tinycards. Big fun.
Learn almost anything with delightful, animated flashcards. Have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.


Tinycards by Duolingo Fun & Free Flashcards

Tinycards by Duolingo Fun & Free Flashcards


Memorize anything quickly.
Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material.

Simple and free.
Easy to use, 100% free.

Flashcards for Duolingo vocabulary.
Love Duolingo? Review the words you’ve learned with Duolingo course flashcards!

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User Reviews :-


Gaybacon 😀
The app is good and fun but are we not allowed to make multiple decks in a day? I’m having trouble making flashcards, I thought I needed to update the app but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. When I try to continue making a deck that was incomplete the screen goes white and doesn’t let me complete the flashcards…

Sushila Moli Malama
It’s really good. It’s much easier to use than some other spaced repitition apps I’ve used. But the only thing is, I wish it had Japanese audio for self-created cards. Other than that, it’s really helpful for improving recollection

ehsai kuh
I wish this app has offline mode. I enjoyed using the app. However, many people are not always connected to wifi. Im wishing i could use this app on the go. anytime, anywhere. also, wish there is chatbox for so we could communicate our friends without leaving the app. Or we could make Group chats. thank you. by then, i can give you 5 stars.

Kamil Wais
This app has a potential to be the best app for flash cards. However, it lacks several features : 1) ability to switch off typing for the whole session / always; 2) some indication on the deck list showing how many cards needs repetition; Please keep up the good work! The app can be much better than Memrise!

Amelia Armstrong
Only just started using this app, but in using it in conjunction with Duolingo, this is really helpful to learn the vocabulary! My only complaint is that (at least for the Russian set) it doesn’t tell you when you have a minor spelling error when translating from English to the language you’re learning. I keep getting certain vowels mixed up and it doesn’t let me know as such. I’m glad it doesn’t tell me I’m wrong for my spelling errors, but I’m really trying to learn this new alphabet and the fact it doesn’t acknowledge these minor errors isn’t helping that. Otherwise, really happy with this app so far!

meowy i regret my past
Good in premise, however the app’s execution is lackluster – is it actually a rewritten app, or just the desktop site in mobile mode??? It’s very glitchy, I can’t log in correctly. The flashcards are slow to change.

James Kilmury
Why do the proficiency meters look as though they lowered for the cards, yet when you select them, all the sub cards are caught up? It’s very misleading when I’m trying to make sure all my proficiency meters are filled.

Tama Aka
Trash, once you let people make their own. You’ll find many “useful” cards like troll names or my favorite characters from starwars.. I hate it.

I’m an idiot but
Great app, could have been the best flashcard app if worked offline. Some people dont have top end wifi all time and that makes this app laggy

Nicolò Novello
The app and the idea behind it are great, however bugs in the Android app are pushing me towards the desktop version. The audio often won’t play (both the pronunciation of words as well as sound effects) and the back button will bring me to almost random screens instead of the previous page or home. If audio and the back button are fixed this will be a 5 star app.

Rafaela Godoy Souza
Should be offline app too. Please, add an “move to another deck” function! so I can select and categorize easily the cards that I already have into one new deck! There is no offline option. The moment I most want to use this app is when I’m out of my home, where there is no internet, so it’s a big problem. This two changes would make a big difference in the use of the app! Thanks

App User
The lessons never open , I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times , the same problem exist , the lesson doesn’t open , it doesn’t even try to load , as if it is just a photo..

Daniela Rodríguez
I really liked it, I’ve been searching for a more practical way to learn languages, this is really useful. I only would like to have more content from “official profiles”.

Rick Yerby
Most recent update really has changed the interface. Doesn’t see all you progress. Yellow bar never goes all the way to the right like it used to

Henry Eze
I just love this app. It compliments Duolingo which was what I got it for, imagine my pleasant surprise when I found other features

P Tomm
By far the best layout when it comes to creating cards, and the ability to add extra notes to each card is awesome. I downloaded a few other apps and this one seems to be the easiest to navigate. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5* is that there seems to be no option to access tge cards offline. Requiring an internet connection is a big hit for me, I wish you could download a “plus” version like the dualingo app, making the content availabke offline as well. I travel for work and would love to be able to use the app on the plane.

Susie Reed
Great concept. I tried playing around for a while but I found that the only way to get out of a lesson was to hit the home button which then lost my search results. I think adding a button that says back to search would be very useful. Also when searching or scrolling, it would be very helpful if things that I had already favorited showed that I had already done that

Cara S
Love this app. Super easy to use and a good way to practice vocab. I just dont like the fact that theoretically you have to go back and go through all of the previous lessons already completed on a daily basis to have each section shown as complete. If that function could be turned off I’d rate 5 stars.

Digi- Cow
The colors and sounds help for some reason? I dont know why but it makes me pay attention more. Its great that if you have a duolingo it pre adds relevant cards. However Im using it for japanese and it would be really helpful if it added an audio element

Jonathan Salomon
The “crop image” function when creating a quiz does not work. It just stays on the loading screen. Additionally when making a quiz, I wish you could choose how many flashcards were in each set instead of forcing 6 flashcards per set and I wish you could name each set. If these fixes were included, it would be a solid 5 stars. Otherwise it’s pretty good bu the lack of features is very frustrating

App User
It’s great! Very easy to learn and practice~ but maybe would be great if you let me change the language to Spanish or other languages. I’m Mexican, I can speak English, but there are many words that I have to translate and that’s not very helpful. Would be great~

App User
i love this app! it works great with duolingo. BUT ive recently switched from iphone to android and cant even load the app now, just get a white screen after the blue intro screen. VERY SAD! can you please advise how i fix this Tiny cards?

Doreen Z
Good luck and all the very best in your Android launch! May Tinycards be as fabulous a success as Duolingo! Thank you so! By the way, how do I change my user name? The Save Changes button does not work. Also, needs fixing because it crashes. Thank you.

Ynah Dampitan
I like this app!! actually I think I can learn a lot from it. but then the only problem is that every time I tried to create a deck.. it suddenly kept on closing.. so Im having a hard time creating one. Can you please help me fix this? I really wanted to use this app ㅠㅠ

Jodie Underwood
I love this app. I use it to learn languages and it’s great to recap what I’ve already learned on Duolingo. One thing I don’t like is on the Italian language section (it may be the same for other languages I don’t know) but it switches between using singular you (tu) and plural you (voi). Because of this I get some questions wrong unfairly. It would be great to have something to indicate which one is wanted.

Bixby Briggs
I’d give 5 stars if the app gave more control over the flashcard actions. I like how you can choose which side is shown first, but I really hate the multiple choice part. It would be great if I could switch that off.

Amanda Mason
I mostly love this. Great way to practice aside from the typing aspect. When it asks you to type, it seems highly arbitrary in what’s “correct”. For instance, while practicing Japanese I’ll be shown a flash card which shows “seven”, and “なな” but if I put in the kanji 七 it’s wrong, and if I type “しち” it marks it wrong because I didn’t also write (taboo). I can still get good use out of it but only with the typing off.

Vinod Kalathil
Great that it’s finally on Android. I really like the fact that it complements duolingo. The back button is completely broken and you have to hit it multiple times to go back. And it doesn’t work to get out of the app. The app could still use some navigation improvements. For example, after finishing a lesson if you hit the back button, it takes you to the first lesson. Then you have to scroll all the way down to start working on the next lesson. For a language course with over 40 lessons, this gets old pretty quickly. Secondly, I wish there was a way to practice across multiple lessons or at least start a random deck for review.

Emmett Holland
Sound problem has been fixed, but it has only very specific answers in it, so even when I get the answer right it still marks it as wrong… example, mir geht es gut is the same as mir geht’s gut, but marked it wrong. Fertig is ready, but it only accepts done as an answer. Please make it better.

Gerda Verbickaite
There should be some sort of either better monitoring of content or allowing people to rate/comment it. I found mistakes in first 3min of using the app, tried to find a way to inform a person who made it or leave a comment, just so it would be fixed… but turns out people are left learning bad Finnish. 😀 Guessing same in other languages.

Cristian Cîrstea
I am using this app along with Duolingo to learn new languages. It is really good for practising vocabulary. I like that the quality of the answer is exceptionally good and it is very simple to use this app. You can learn everywhere using this app, but it has few problems. First of all, it does not accept alternative answers. Some words can translate in more ways than just one. It does not even give the context of the word and you have to simply memorize the translation. Second, it has few mistakes which appears at higher lessons. Overall, I recommend to use Duolingo first and after one week or so come to this app and review the vocabulary of a lesson.

Dirk Louwers
Nice idea, but just too many bugs at present. For instance adding a fact to a card back will corrupt the deck and make it impossible to save. Workaround is to delete the draft and losing your work. Might revisit in future.

mark riffey
Not worthy of the Duolingo name. For example, I’m learning German among other languages. When studying numbers, and asked to translate into the English, the format is completely random. Twenty-three, thirtyeight, Eighty two… omit a dash or a space and you’re marked incorrect. Very frustrating.

Ames Heffner
Of late when I go, every time to open the app it basically stalls and then crashes. Which is so very frustrating. When its not doing this its pretty helpful. Especially the language cards!

John Stoler
The inability to permanently turn off the typing feature is out-the-door review from me. I have a 5″ phone with big fingers. Typing is not an option. Same thing happened with their Spanish App. Delete

App User
I really love this app!! It’s helped me so much when preparing for exams. However I find it kind of annoying that you can’t make folders. For example I have a lot of decks of cards from each chapter in my science coarse but the are all over the place I wish there was a way I could organise them. Overall though I think it’s really good app!

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