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What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Timehop helps you celebrate and share the most nostalgic moments of your past.

Every day, tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Swarm. It’s like #tbt every day.





It’s never been easier to share your memories, compare a ‘Then and Now’, decorate with frames, and connect with friends over your best (sometimes embarrassing) memories.


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Download Timehops App


User Reviews :-

Patrick B
There is no control over the content that is displayed. I would like to see what I posted for each year, every time I open the app. Each day, Timehop just seems to select a random number of years ago and shows content from that year only. There should be a year control that allows you access all years for the current day. Or a calendar view where you see days where you’ve created content – and can review it. I didn’t download this app just so I could see entirely random tidbits.

Brandon Tidd
Man… My streak was up to 350 days. I used this thing all the time… Then it had service issues… Ok… I reconnected.. Then I read (and wasn’t even mentioned really until later by the app itself) about the security breach. Now Facebook can’t get comments and anything else. It never even really worked for text messages for me. Sad day to have to Uninstalle

Valerie Marshall
I loved this app. But lately won’t let me see any pictures and keeps saying no internet connection. I think I’ll uninstall for now till this problem is fixed. I see all these reviews that everyone is having the same problems! Please fix soon!

Bailey Hatfill
It was pretty awesome, and then it made me sign back in and since then, I have only seen ads and retro videos. None of my memories. Disappointing.

Jayme Slager
Loved it, until the latest update for the security breach. Now it won’t connect to my Instagram no matter what I try. Really annoying! Please fix the connection issues!

julie risley
Loved it before the update. I cant see my old statuses or anything now just photos I can look through my phone for that. Also very disappointed that my streak is gone!

Mollie Swinney
Used it every day, but the last update screwed it up pretty good. It doesn’t show ANYTHING from my facebook, just showing me that Johnny Bravo is 21 years old!

Chrissy McFadden
Had the app for years and loved it. Now it keeps logging me out and is trying to force me to login though Facebook, which I don’t want. So I guess I’ll go without Timehop.

samantha Johnson
Never had any problems with the app and loved seeing all of my memories over the yrs. But now it won’t let me load my pics/videos.

Chantelle Thornley
Will no longer show me any of my memories at all. Used to love looking at everything from 5/6 years ago.. i dont care that johnny bravo came out 21 years ago..

Tiffani Keck
I used to love it but with this new update it doesn’t show any of my photo it only shows Dino and like it’s still trying to up load. It’s lasted for at least week. I also uninstall it and reinstalled it but nothing

Erica Beth Tompkins
All of the reviews lately are bad because of “connection issues” you need to reconnect to all of your social media and files after the update.

Jolie Johnson
Since the site was composed by streak had disappeared. Was told it would not affect the streak but it did. Any way to get it back

sharon elliott
It was great until the latest update and now it’s logged me out and complaining it has no internet so can’t use it Also noticed before you could see comments from fb on your pics, you can’t now. May just uninstall

Will Braune
The app has been extremely buggy lately. Random audio from advertisements start playing while I’m looking at my picture history.

Trent Francis
I always enjoyed the app but had to uninstall. There was an update and it won’t let me log in without going through Facebook. I don’t have Facebook. Now I don’t have timehop.

Natalie Sumner-Cole
I am deleting my account after reading about the security breach that I was not even contacted about directly!! Very angry customer – I will not be using again!!

amber hopper
Love the app. Would LOVE the ability to actually edit/delete the posts as they come up day by day

App User
I get daily msgs but i cant get into my timehop is wont open. I loved this app until the last update now wont open at all.

Ed Patterson
This app seems to be getting worse and worse every time I open it. I may just delete it instead of putting up with it.

stephen tomlinson
I used to love timehop, swore by it. Would given it 10 our of 5 stars if that was possible. Until the recent update, having to scroll through individual slides rather looking at everything and just going down the screen like it used too. Return it into the old way and I will give it 5 stars again. Because, it was my favourite app.

Stephen Garnier
Update failure. Nobody has time for this. New update did not accept the text code they sent me. And when I had them resend it they quickly told me I had tried too many times and was locked out. For an application about time they don’t seem to appreciate wasting their customers time. Time for the trash heap.

Richard Grubbs II
Well, it’s broken now, after “fixing” the security beach. I can’t even log in unless it’s with Facebook, which I’m not even on anymore. Also doesn’t connect to dropbox. Brilliant. I was on 237 in a row, which is reset and it doesn’t work anyway. This is the second time timehop has screwed up in a year. I’m probably going to finally delete it. There has to be an alternative.

Bec Walters
It was 5 star before the update. I don’t have a Facebook account and now after the update I’ve been logged out of timehop and the only way to log in is by connecting to Facebook. I am so annoyed. Not everything revolves around Facebook!!! Edit: gone back in and can now access my account. Haven’t even lost my streak. Thanks!!

Paula Kelly
Since it updated I can no longer log in. Wants me to log in via Facebook, I DONT HAVE FACEBOOK. Will not give me any other option to log in ie… Google account. Can’t be bothered with it, time to uninstall

Andrea C
Have used this app for years. Now it has logged me out and I cannot log back in. I do not have a Facebook and the phone number option does not work. Frustrating!

App User
This was great until yesterday. Whatever update they did disconnected half my accounts attached to this and I can’t log back in for some reason. It seems like it’s because of the requirement to connect to Facebook.

Britney Murphy
Loved this app before the update. It signed Me out and since i don’t have a facebook i can’t get back in. The phone number option doesn’t work. I get the verification code, put it in then back to aking for facebook. Sucks!

Cassie Brink
Love this app so much! Hope I don’t lose my streaks with this breach that happened!! Said I wouldn’t and I was at like 500 something streaks but today it showed 576 or so this morning and 1 this evening 😢😓😭

Stacey McClennen
Used to be great, but no longer can sign in. Just makes a loop from one sign in to another then about a breach, then back to sign ins again. Too bad, wont bother with it.

Gresh Robertson
Was great. But like a lot of comments, the recent up date has logged me out and I have now had to try to log back in. Will not reconnect with my Dropbox or Twitter. Was good and there was no need for the up date. SORT IT OUT.

Chris Walker
Used to work. Now it will not sign in to Facebook and won’t get past the screen. So it’s utterly useless.

Katie Kistner
Kicked me out and can’t log in with number or facebook. I have used it for years with no issues, they ruined a great app.

bradley hall
Worked great til yesterday now won’t let me log back in using my phone number or Google account. I dont use Facebook so that’s not an option

Mikayla Patterson
Due to breach I am no longer able to connect my Google account. Very frustrated

Stuart Byrne
Used to be great. Can’t see any photos anymore. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Disconnected and reconnected accounts and still the same.

I likw this app a lot. I love seeing all my memories in one spot. Only complaint: I’d like to be able to see photos from more than one Google account. Why isn’t that possible?

Alex Loya
After the update I can’t log in. It says by phone number or Facebook, I do it by phone number then says go do it by Facebook and there is no Google sign-in. I don’t have a Facebook so it won’t let me log in, my 376 day streak is gone

Charlie M
Timehop was hacked a week ago and all your connected accounts were disabled and compromised. Security risk

Christina DeWitt
Please fix it, went to open the app today and had to sign into whereas normally I dont but it will not reconnect me to Facebook there’s an error popping up cannot reconnect. I was up past 350 timehops in a row

Sadie Dahmes
After a phone reset it went long in using my Facebook any longer. I liked it until this point

helen roberts
After the security risk, I have logged back in but won t let me reconnect to Dropbox. Really disappointed as that is where most of my photos are. Time to look at another app I think and delete this one. Wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone now.

Sierra Hinkle
After a 341 day streak, TimeHop signed me out and acted like I had never signed in and set up before. Back to square one. So pissed off that I probably will delete the app.

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