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Tik Tok – including musically
by musical ly

App Category:- Social

Tik Tok is a global video community. We make it easy for you to watch awesome short videos AND you can also make your own videos by capturing those funny and memorable moments to share with the world. Spice up your videos with our special effects filters, fun stickers, and so much more. Life’s moving fast, so make every second count.

■ Watch millions of videos selected specifically for you
An experience catered specifically for you based on content you watch, like, and share! Tik Tok will adapt to your taste to offer the most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you’ll never want to stop watching!

■ Get entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on Tik Tok showcasing their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge.


Tik Tok - including musically

Tik Tok – including musically


■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds! We create featured music playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, electronic, R&B, country, and more.

■ Use emoji stickers and face filters
100+ emoji stickers available for free to take your videos to the next level. Unlock tons of fun face filters and beauty effects in your videos.

■ Editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips
■ Livestreaming filters are constantly being updated with fresh, creative designs
■ Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Sports, DIY, and Animal videos all ready to be consumed


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Download Tik Tok – including musically App (59 MB)



User Reviews :-


App User
Srsly I don’t get the point, there’s already an app called tiktok, now u collab it with musically, and now what does this mean ???? Tiktok including musically?????? I mean look at the logo, it’s like tiktok is the first to do a lipsync app, like musically is always the original platform to do this, and I know that u guys are in the same company but why the hell do u want to collaborate, if u want to, at least give musically more credit, instead of giving it like 1/4 of the space , give them half and half, then think of another name goddammit idk bout u but I think it’s really unfair

Okay… No. First tiktok is its own unique app itself. I used to love musically to bits but now I’m not okay with it. I also love tiktok but now I don’t understand the point. I’m deleting the app. I hope musically realizes that they didn’t need to do this. There was no overall goal only because tiktok was gaining popularity at the time. Please fix your app and bring back the musically we love. Thank you.

App User
I think is great app but not as much now there has been lots of major updates and changes. I would recommend this app for people age 8+ . All together isn’t as good/ fun as it was before. 😐

Nicole Bould
I like this app but there’s one problem before I did the update I was able to click on to the little button that had the little head to go to straight to my account but I can’t do that if I want to go to my account I actually have to search up my account which is a very long name and I don’t want to have to do I just like when I was able to click on to the little head icon and be done and on my account

App User
Sometimes when i install musically the lapse,fast,slow and so on doesn’t show up. I tried updating it but it doesn’t work! Can this be fixed !

Timothy Steele
Tick tock update makes the add video ican look 3d very distracting from the video and burns my eyes please fix

Norma Andrews
I hate it take off the tictok thing I don’t like the update where is the old musically

Prince kumar
Previous vresion was better. This new version is worst.pls add number video

Kitty Paws
Tic toc is a great app and my only concern is I think the fact that you can’t go live on lively if you don’t have 1000 fans it’s stupid like please don’t have that you need 1000 make it over 100

App User
Change it back I hate tik tok change it back to normal

App User
We do not like til took! We need the old

App User
It the Same as musically nothing changed except the name I’m so confused

Prabhakar Hatkar
Can not share videos on Whatsapp. This format is not supported error comes up.

Sophie _official
It’s ok but I don’t want to pay 2 pound or whatever

Zainab Rayeen
I don’t like tik tok app pls remove this app in musicl ly ….

Why just why im so close to delete this app change it back

App User
Kinda fun follow me at babyqueen_710

App User
Why is it called tik tok? I hate the new updates Musically was great the way it was now its ruined. 😣

App User
The new version is awesome and it’s improved to a better extant than the previous version I just loved the new version very much.

Ganni Mansoori
It is very good app for entertainment to people’s and I love this app musiicaly was rock

Angeline Gaylah
I used to loved this app but not only has this new update with tik tok ruined the video quality but it also COMPLETELY deleted my musically account forcing me to make a tik tok account which is some real bs. I have no followers or my likes, everything is gone.

Tia Plays Games
To make a musically what I have to do is go on another app, funimate ya know the one your competing with, make a funimate. Save it to my camera roll then upload it to! Please fix the lag issues!!! *layout is kinda nice tho 😁*

It wont let me post anymore. Please bring back the original cause I also dont like being called a clock. I makes me feel like I’m ticking my life away. So I dont see the point of the update if it’s pretty much the same but the name is different and the buttons are smaller. So if I say so myself, it was a waste of time getting everybody worked up about having to pay, fans being deleted as well as posts and making the update seem like a big deal when really it’s not. All it is, is musically but with smaller buttons and a new name not only taht but now it’s making some people not being able to post.

Dee Starz
This update is basically the same with different fonts and picture styles…why the big lead up when we r just getting this? I mean it’s okay but disappointing and misleading 🙄

App User
It’s absolutely fine it’s just… Please sort out how much storage space it takes up otherwise it would be perfect. I have a 16GB phone and it filled up within having for 2 months. I have deleted and reinstalled 4 times because of the storage issues

App User
Good app but people r more interested toward those who r famous.. Nd neglect the.. Rest.. Let the others video be best but they support only famous peps… Nd tht’s wht is annoying 😕 uploading even bad videos gets like in thousand nd having a good contain stil don’t satisfy then

Kiki Smith
I love it so so so so MUCHHt2016 edit: 2018 Its logging me out and not letting get back in with the right name or password not just me my friend to. WE ARE STRESSED FIX IT NOWWWWWW I THOUGH MY PHONE …. a couple weeks later : now thats it tiktok” its not letting me post …………. WHyPLEASE FIX IT NOW THANK YOU AMD GOOD NIGHT

Shelly Blackfire
Musically what are you doing? Are you out of your minds? You say your updating but instead the apps getting worse! Now selling to tik tok? We can’t even see our privates anymore! This app was great and running just fine so why did you destroy it? I’ve been a muser for a bit now and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement!(edit: saw that you guys fixed it again. Good, please continue to how it was back then!!)

Sam Dauscher
I rather see smaller account that can have more potential then the same accounts on a tag more than once, and get rid of kids under 13 cause they are brats and like to report videos with warning on em

App User
I want the original back. I don’t like this version, and I I don’t like all the changes. It should never have changed from the original in the first place. And if it’s true that we’ll have to pay to use it i am going to switch to funimate.

App User
Guys I was waiting for the new update today because I thought it would be better but it is horrible the camera is still sticking even I turn the beauty mode off REALLY HORRIBLE CHANGE IT IT REALLY ANNOYS ME

I used to love this app, but you removed so much good stuff, now the app just looks like and instagram want-a-be.. Just stop removing the stuff we like, (recents, popular, sending pictures in dm’s)

Maryia Chelkite
It’s terrible because of the update whenever I’m making musicallys it shows one angle of my face when the camera is far away and close up so please change it to the way it was

Robbie Tra
This is a nice app. We were originally “musers” now we are clocks? The update got everyone going crazy but nothing really happened 😂.

I updated this app not too long ago and when I logged in my whole page was wiped out it’s like I’m starting fresh I don’t understand like you guys are bringing this update on 8.2.18 and when I did it my whole page is blank I would like an explanation…..

shimm vids
It went down 3 stars for me becase the app is broken they wasting our time on here and it barley works it wont let me use they filters and the other things

Mandy Jones
Their has been around 3 updates I prefured the last update to this one but plz bring back the OLD OLD one but then again that would mean ANOTHER update – _ – …..

Ren Kazuto
The new update is actually so stupid. There isn’t a tab to go to your page. You have to type the stupid thing in. The name is also just ain’t the same. I don’t like it at all.

Reyna Ybarra is the main app that i use its the best app ever u get to post stuff from audio basically songs and other people or musers get to like it or commet on it or even both and u get to like other peopls musical.lys too its AWESOME and u can commet on them too u can even follow and turn on post notifications

princess lily
Im am confused why you keep on changeing the app it is stupid to me i dont like it beacause it is new and you could have let it stay the same and not change disappointment

App User
Musically was working fine then it logged me out. I tried using same password and everything but it still doesn’t work. Musically fix this please or someone help me please. Other than that great app

One star because it has really gone down hill since the updates came out. It’s like the app creators were hypnotized

It logged me out of my original musically account and now I can’t get back in. It keeps making me new accounts when I try and log in through email or with Insta. Sucks.

Beautiful Kitty
Thanks for ruining the old musically the old one was the best but now……’s gone its all ruined and it doesn’t work properly everyone is starting to leave this app because of how bad its become welp guess I have to find a new app…😞 :/


I upload slideshow vids and they don’t play. And now its called tik tok. It’ll take some time to get use to. But the new update isn’t that bad

App User
Why do you keep updating it’s coming worse than before… You dont need to update to make it better just keep it as it was!!

Isaiah Ortiz
It’s by far my favorite social media app evaaaaa!!! PLS FIX THE CONSTANT LAG!!!!

Brooklyn Wayne
The update isn’t as bad as everyone thought it was going to be. All that really changed was the size of the buttons and the name. Sometimes people just have to accept that nothing will be the same forever.

Alexandra Carter
I gave it five because before the update but now it’s 2. Change the name to I hate tik tok

Can you please change the logo back to normal thats the only thing I don’t like the rest is great

App User
im sorry, but i have to quit. keep going 🙂 without me, you can still make it a good community.

App User
After new update many of them left musically …this is sad .its originality has lost …gives very negative feeling ..bring back musically.

App User
Hate the new name but it’s still a nice app.Out of 10 I would give it a 5.😘😉😕😛And the adds are terrible!!!

abizer Kapadia
Tik Tok Sucks..i have oppo phone and it is unable to record grant permissions column doesnt work

It’s great but the take a break thing is rlly stupid and with the new update I can’t save Musiclys anymore

Jade Isabelle
I don’t have a profile button or notification button on the new update and I’m on Samsung. I don’t like it. There are so many bugs.

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