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TextArt ★ Cool Text creator
by Quarzo Apps

TextArt allows you to create incredible text effects, easily and quickly, and share it with your favorite chat app: Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Talk, WeChat, ChatON, Telegram, or any other chat application. Amaze all your contacts !!!


TextArt ★ Cool Text creator android appTextArt ★ Cool Text creator android app

TextArt ★ Cool Text creator android app


NOTE: TextArt is sent as an optimized image (.jpg compressed or .png). Size in pixels of the resulting images is shown.


○ Step 1: Enter the text to send. Use the [Edit Text] button or just double-click the preview area.
○ Step 2: Select the preset/design that you like.
○ Step 3: Customize the design by changing the font from those available.
○ Step 4: Change the color of the new design (text and background).
○ Step 5: Set a cool background (built-in textures, solid color, or a custom image)
○ Step 6: Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment,…

At any time you can share with your contacts. It will be shared as an image picture.



✔ The preview image allows you to zoom / pan using pinch / drag.
✔ Double-click on the preview image to edit the text
✔ From the settings you can change the configuration of the break-lines and the size of the resulting images.
✔ From your favorite chat program, click on the “clip” to attach files, select TextArt and quickly send that creative text to impress your contacts.
✔ Now you can create square images to fit in the profile photo of your favourite chat app: Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, ChatON,…
✔ You can create transparent background images.
✔ Tiled back textures available (+35).
✔ In addition to the 37 fonts provided you can add custom fonts (.ttf and .otf files).


You must create a folder named \fonts\ inside the existing folder \TextArt\ located in your internal memory or external SD. There you must place all the typeface files.
Supported the .ttf and .otf formats.


This application complies with the policies of Google Play content.

This app is created just for the purpose of entertainment, its free and supported only by advertising.

Permissions required :

– INTERNET : To access the advertising banners (Google AdMob)
– EXTERNAL MEMORY SD : Used to save and share the images created. Images are saved in the [TextArt] folder of the external memory.


Fonts used:

All fonts used in the app comply the following open license: SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1.
If the owner of any of the fonts included en the application wants to remove it, just send us an e-mail and we will do it as soon as possible.


Download TextArt ★ Cool Text creator App:- 

Download TextArt ★ Cool Text creator App ( 4.8 MB)


User Reviews :-



-I like to give u 5 stars but only one demerit I found that ,, if we write some more lines we can’t fix any pics and also it should be difficult to choose presets except this prblm. I loved it


-It’s nice that you respond to users comments, as well as to our suggestions. I give up but 3*’s, only because this app is adequate. And with a little work, it could be outstanding. Feeble, quite feeble at best.


-It actually does the job. Very easy to use and create an attractive title/banner. The only thing I found out is, the setting of sizes doesn’t offer me to set the size I want it to be.


-It is very nice.we can talk to each other by different shape ,style of letters. Please fix colour option.we cant change the please do like thisthat we can change the colour. please download&enjoy.


-Very nice app much better than most that I’ve tried. One problem though.. I can’t find the app after I installed it will rate 5 stars once this is resolved.


-Front face color and shadow should be independently adjustable. 2. Shadow depth needs its own setting, and the ability to turn it off.. 3. Gradients need their own top and bottom colors. 4. Rotation needs a “z” axis. Whole words and individual letters. 5. Bevels need their own color and shape. 6. Movable lights (front, side and back) with color “lenses” 7. Animation options, like in Xara-3D. 8. Use Background textures to overlay the letters, as an option. 9. User font previews. 10. Text size.


-I want a message sent free of background so it really is like a message written by letter variations not like sending photos. Transparent backgrounds will produce a black background.


– I have no words to appriciate this app.. It works nice, easy to operate and liked by all of my friends & all whome I shared with…. MY ENDLESS THANKS TO THE PROVIDER……


-A MUST HAVE!!” 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!! User friendly, fun to use, love that u can share, save, or use it as ur wallpaper. I have yet to find an app with same/more options. I wish there were more fonts especially in the Premium App version. I’d be an easy 10! If there were more fonts, backgrounds, maybe some frames, & have the fonts categorized. Like, LOVE, GRAFFITI, FANTASY, BUBBLE/BLOCK, CURSIVE, HANDWRITING, ETC. MAYBE SOME ABSTRACT, STARS, HEARTS, BUBBLES, BASKETBALLS, OR DIAMONDS, FOR THEMES/BACKGROUNDS. Just some ideas. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


-Wow! It’s amazing,beautiful & handy as well. Fell in love with the app instantly. Heartfelt thanks to the creator. Very nice job done. Do please keep it up…


-I just loved it….needed this type of app so long long long….now got it..if you guys add some more types of background patterns like 2 colors abstruct like blue with flame violet or cherry red with will be cool..once again…it is awesome😊😊😊😊


-Simply amazing Don’t have to go through hell for my designs. Very easy to use and offers multiple choice fonts, colours, backgrounds among others. I ‘ll choose this any other day


-Text art Fine app. But font colors are limited. Required more as present colors not matching with background. Fonts size is fixed. It should be adjustable as per requirements. (big or small)


-It’s ok This is a really cool app. But all the text on the background , even when saved, are super blurry. Please fix this. And also add text size settings, and shadow and gradient settings.


-This should b on the keyboard. It is difficult during conversation to ga back to app & then send it from there to required sending app like imo, messenger.


-Good, but low dpi. No spacing text or shadow size. No save PIC transparency. PAIN positioning text —>>>>>>>>> because we can’t place text by finger. Stuck using SO loose, jumpy, imprecise graph. 99% of time, NOT where you want the text to land!! Try, try, try, try, try, etc. Unfortunately, VERY limited text color editing. ****** YET, GREAT SAVED TRANSPARENCY, WHEN CREATING JUST TEXT!!! PERRRRRFECT for importing the text onto Gallery images via PicsArt, etc, where pic transparencies ARE saved!!!!!😁 A KEEPER, if not just for that TERRIFIC, IMPORTANT-TO-ME,


-Good for On the Run It’s a good app…it just needs a few more features to make it awesome! Add some more filters and fonts and you’ll improve it by 100%..otherwise it’s good for On the go, and I’ve never had problems with it…


-Absolutely love this app! It’s not often that I find an app worthy of even reviewing, but I really like this app. It is well designed, has a nice and clean interface that is user friendly and the ads are not obtrusive. Good job dev!


-It’s cool Takes a minute to figure out how to do stuff, but the font options are nice. It does degrade the original though


-Make Hd When making it it likes good but when i saved photo it become low quality i want high definition please fix it ASAP


-Great! This is a very helpful and easy to use app. I don’t usually rate apps, so this is a testimony to how great it is.


-Fun This app is totally awesome. There are so many options to play around with and there are some very tight effects. I recommend you get it.


-Rich man I will give five start if it stop crashing and i can use two different font. But the app is nice.


-Great great and …. Great This app is wicked fast .the pictures save before eyes can even notice that something has changed . and when you leave and come back everything is how you left it . and you can continue to work when you come back . I needed to make 8906 photos and this app can make them for you . it is fast thanks for making it fast .


-TextArt : This is a very neat app . What I like the most about it , is that you can use a picture of someone and create a live wallpaper ! The only thing that I don’t like about it , is that it’s hard to send any of the newly made live wallpapers to anyone . It is do-able to save the live wallpaper , it’s just figuring out how .


-Please include an option for editing a particular word, sentence or character.. Very nice app and it is working perfectly I woulda given 5 start if there’s option for highlighting a particular text and edit it like change a font style, color… Etc of the highlighted text only not the whole text… Please do that and I will give 5 star.. the app is very good


-Simply the fastest, easiest, Tried more than 20 apps. Only this is the simplest most straightforward to create a font art. Only wish it had more ms powerpoint like capabilities esp. Choice to Bold, Italics, Underline etc… and ability to customise font style to individual character level. Nonetheless, still my most preferred app so far to create logo or font art


-Really very beautiful app Makes very beautiful text sticker. initially I thought it was a so so app but when I explored in depth, I found this is a magnificent app. Only one request please add some decent cursive style fonts (beautiful hand written fonts) then we can use the app intensively…looking forward


-Good app but textures are of very boring type , texts over them don’t express d feeling……… Add some cool textures too.


-Nice app Don’t even check the reviews! Download it! It is simple and effective to use. I have tried many write-on- photo apps but this seems to be the best. However, if it were possible to write on photo in circular style too, I won’t hesitate to give 5 stars+. I love it!


-LIMITED CHOICES Not enough control on size of text. It works good for titles on pics but only in same area on pic, it’s hard to split text w/one line on top and one on bottom but you do have control over color and many fonts to choose from.


-The most easiest app in this category. Tried several other apps but not satisfied with any of them.


-Very nice App except that I’m battling with the text positioning try to change it or at least it should allow us to drag and position and the lines space


-I thought you can directly type in with the different font combinations, but the app just converts your words into different styles of images. Nevertheless it’s a wonderful app. Very good if you send quotes and pictures messages a lot. Great choice for creating instagram images with quotes.


-Amazing app This app is really good and is perfect for creating mêmes and adding text to pictures without having to spend a fortune on software. A few more fonts and I would have given it a 5*…. Hopefully in a future update this will become available.


-Functional gone wrong I can access the app for only about a month and then after that it closes and its a black screen. I have to uninstall it and instal it again and start the whole process again. Please could you fix this.


-Easy to use and very Satisfactory Only one thing…’Shadow control’…will enhance its usability exponentially…If you can add Animation of text, it can be easily a top of the line app… Thanks for sharing this beautiful app..


-Awsome This app is AWSOME because it makes cool fonts and lots of your friends will be like”what!” And you’ll be like” Textart app.”

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