New Android App ”Telangana Liquor Price” Download App, Complete Review, Users Review, App Information, App by C-Tel Infosystem Pvt.Ltd

Telangana Liquor Price
by C-Tel Infosystem Pvt.Ltd


Catalog of the maximum retail price of various liquor brands available in Telangana. Report MRP violations of any liquor  shop .


Telangana Liquor Price android app

Telangana Liquor Price android app


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User Reviews :-


-Excellent app for common people. Plz make more improvements to sort local brands to make easy way to know
everyone. There is mixup of all brands normal people can’t understand that options.


-It’s a very good idea, but the problem with the app is that it would say unable to fetch the details maximum times.
Please fix the problem


-Good app, where we have Bottle Mrp prices at one place, at the same time we can make Price violation complaints
straight away to Department….!!


-Good app for MRP prices. create another app for goods and cool drinks.because seller demand high price on cool


-Add ratings and reviews to each brand! That’ll do and THANKS!😍


-It gives full information about all liquor bottles prices . Very nice app


-Bar and pub price not available


-Very good app to know the prices of all brand very nice


-Very good app excellent Jai Telangana


-It’s awsome,usefull for common people


-Want to have photos of liquor bottles


-Good initiation from Telangana Government…


-this is what I call good governance


-Very good app




-Excellent app thank you for creating app 👌👌👌


-please add photo of the relevant bottles


-Thank you excise minster



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