New Android App “TED” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by TED Conferences LLC

by TED Conferences LLC

Feed your curiosity and expand your world with TED Talks.

Explore more than 3,000 TED Talks from remarkable people, by topic and mood, from tech and science to the surprises of your own psychology.


TED android app

TED android appNew Android App “Udacity – Lifelong Learning” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by Udacity, Inc


Features on Android:

– Browse the entire TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages.
– Listen to episodes of the acclaimed TED Radio Hour podcast, a co-production of NPR and TED.
– Listen to TED’s new podcast: Sincerely, X, where we dive into ideas shared anonymously.
– Log in to your TED profile to sync saved talks on all devices.
– Download video or audio of talks for offline playback.
– Bookmark talks for later.
– Discover inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping talks and curated playlists.
– Let us build you a custom playlist, tailored to fit your ideal timeframe
– Play on your device or send to your home entertainment system via Chromecast or with Android TV.

Download the TED app to stay curious, informed and inspired.

Download TED from Play Store :-

Download TED From PlayStore


User Reviews :-


The platform is great. The content is worthy of your time. But the app isn’t. Many bugs. After you’re finished watching a video, and you hit back to go to the list of videos, the app scrolls to the top of the list every time. It is annoying and wastes a lot of your time in trying to go back to the same spot.

-Good app but it should be able to play in background with screen locked or with other apps open. Only reason I downloaded so I don’t have to use YouTube.

-Short n sweet…No blabbing. Best part is that it got speaker from all across the world and industries.. That’s the core of its uniqueness. Great idea… #ThoughtRevolutionDrive

-Great app with access to the TED Talk database.. However, it would be much appreciated if the TEDx talks were also accessible through the app.

-Brilliant app, very neat and organized and has everything I would expect of it

-Great content but seriously buggy app. Cast does not work at all and that was the entire reason I installed the app.

-Thanks for fixing my crashing problem,Devs.Now its undoubtedly the best knowledgeable app and deserves a 5 star.

-The app is very very slow to compare with YouTube

-Amazing for research helped so much

-Loves the videos. Loves the lessons. Keep it up

-One of the best project to share personal knowledge and unusual experiences. The app is great and the option is very useful. I’ve found out it’s useful to set “Background Playback – Always On” when I want to listen while driving..I would like to take a part in the project. But I don’t know how. Could you give me an advice? Richard

-I’ve been following Ted since many years. A great source of updated information and current researches going on in different fields. Application is built well, very great to surf through various topics and talks. Just not able to share video. It says NO APPS CAN PERFORM THIS ACTION. So I’m able to share these talks with my dear and near ones. Please fix this bug. Previously I was able to share through WhatsApp….

-Its a good app… good knowledge and ideas are being spread… however, you need to make a change in app settings… I would like to use this app to listen to the audio while driving by connecting to bluetooth with screen off… but the moment I lock the screen the audio also stops… pls make necessary changes to enable a listening only mode… thanks…

-There is a basic bug in the app. If you click on any video & go back to main screen, then the previous position is lost & we return to the topmost part. This requires scrolling again.. That’s annoying

-Great app , but when you scroll down and click a video then go back … it goes back to the first video then you have to scroll back again … it’s kinda annoying …. But everything else is great and useful … I wish there would be more quantity and variety in audio content since you can hear them while driving

-Please include a “like” feature for the audio podcast. I’m sure many users would like to be able to keep a list of the tracks they love, without having to save it. And it will be better if the podcasts has subtitles as well. It is easier for us to see the names, or screenshot some quotes that we find inspiring and want to keep with us. Please consider these suggestions. Great app.

-Content is fantastic. App functionality is not great. I cannot see what has been downloaded to ensure that I am not using data and I cannot turn off my screen while listening to save battery.

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