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Tapatalk – 100,000+ Forums
by Tapatalk Inc.

App Category:- Social

Tapatalk connects to over 100,000 online forums worldwide. Post easily with unlimited Photo and Video sharing and instant push notifications. Tapatalk forever change the way you interact with online forums on mobile.

Bonus: Tapatalk works great for RSS / blogs too!

Here are some of the top sites available in Tapatalk:

MacRumors Forums
Cruise Critic
Operation Sports
Adventure Rider
Pentax Photography Forums
Focus ST
Archery Talk
Apple iPhone Forum
AnandTech Forums
Reef Aquariums REEF2REEF
Mobile Phone OS Forum
Jeep Garage – Jeep Forum


Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums

Tapatalk – 100,000+ Forums

Tapatalk is absolutely free, but to support us, you can also purchase VIP status that will allow you to view Tapatalk ad free. VIP status is US$0.99 per month subscription, and will auto-renew until you elect to cancel. If you are interested in purchasing VIP status, go to Me>Settings, and scroll down to Advanced Options to subscribe.

Download Tapatalk – 100,000+ Forums App :-


Download Tapatalk – 100,000+ Forums App


User Reviews :-


Ross Coupar
Mostly awesome. Lots of updates changing things for the sake of it but been fairly consistently lately. Sometimes pics uploaded won’t load but not sure if its tapa or forum problem. Apart from that great (best out there) forum app easy as to upload pics.

It will not allow you to create an account with any of the three options given: Facebook, Google, or Email. It just goes round and round, and always says “Please fix this field” regarding the username. But it does not tell you what parameters must be met for a successful username. Pretty useless.

Mark Deacon
Great app to read forums of your favourite interests easily. Please give us more control over the spammers who follow us randomly, and subscription notifications can’t be swiped to clear. Feels like sometimes half the app is still buggy and not responding to certain user settings or control’s. More quality control please Tapatalk Devs, thanks.

Tapatalk works great (other than not uploading png’s) but I can’t stand the type of ads they display. Very lewd and inappropriate, not to mention demeaning to women‼️Every single ad they display is like this. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I would be embarrassed and shocked if my kids or even coworkers (and they’re military) are looked at my screen while Tapatalk is open. I don’t mind ads and really like Tapatalk as a platform, but I can not stand to have it on any device any longer.

Scudd P
Very frustrating app to use. It automatically follows any forum that you open in the app. Most links in a web search don’t open to the correct thread. They open to the home page of the forum. So you you have to back out of the app and go back to the web search and tell it to open in browser. Surprise!!!! You’re now following that random forum that the app opened to the wrong page!!!! When you open a different app on your phone or go to your home screen then go back to this app it will bring you to the very bottom of the thread instead of staying on the post that you left off at. So if you’re looking at a thread with 1576 posts and want to open your browser and research at topic on the thread and then open Tapatalk up again it brings you to post 1576 instead of post 100 that you left off at.

App User
*** WARNING: DO NOT BUY PRO *** Bought Pro once and then they re-release the app and want me to buy it again. What??? And now they seem to have some other new IAP they’re pushing. Do not support these tactics. I would not trust their word on any purchases (or give them any $)…

Dominic McCamish
This app takes a simple forum and makes it complicated. On top of that, it simply doesn’t work. I can’t sign in to any of my forums because it’s always having network errors. I can’t see any forum posts because it is constantly trying to make me sign in, which I can’t do, because it can’t connect (I can sign in, post, etc via my browser). Total POS app that I regret temporarily installing on my phone.

Bradley Smith
the latest versions are terrible. Version 2.4.15 is brilliant. Quite why the developers changed so much and broke so much along the way I’ll never know. The latest version randomly will refuse to update the unread topics, will tell you there are no unread topics (when there definitely are), repeat topics and just generally behave poorly. Oh, and crash. In conclusion, used to be awesome, now somewhat less so. June 2018 OMG it’s worse than ever now. App has become significantly less usable over the years and constantly asks for money. Better off using a web browser really. It loses another star.

Rahel Mercedes
Sadly it won’t let me log in so that I can activily reply within the forum that I’m following. I tried reinstalling it but I keep having the same issue for some months now.

Gene Williams
I like it and is more convenient than going to each forum individually but still does not have all the forums than I would like to view.

Justin Edgell
Worked fine then the last update has ruined this app. I can see the list of forums but when I go to view the topic threads it just stays blank.

Almost perfect way to browse your favourite forums… Too bad you can’t activate notifications only for certain forums or subforums

App User
Used this app previously on iOS and now android (which works beter) and its great for browsing forums that I follow, messaging etc

Douglas Fisher
I follow both brewing and motorcycle issues and this app allows me to participate in numerous discussions across myriad interests. Love it!

Craig Szabadics
I think it functions as intended. I haven’t used it enough to really comment further at this time. Definitely worthwhile for me.

App User
Enable option to move app from settings apps in android to SD card and I will return till then uninstalling!

Jason Goodliffe
Works really well S9+ monthly sub to get rid of ads is meh some of ads are actually useful not spammy garbage good job.

George F
Mediocre app, full of bugs. It crashes while writing messages/posts which makes me write them multiple times. Does not give notifications from subscribed posts/forums. It’s very frustrating to use it.

Mike B
Makes reading forums handy on the phone. Sometimes a Google search return won’t open even tho you have that forum on your app. That and the chat notifications are the only negatives. Definitely worth downloading. Makes reading and posting text and media files easy.

Dean Gale
They have improved it a lot since it began. Now a lot easier to upload a photo and make comments subscribe to a topic or post. Links are now readily steadier

George M
Great app if there is a forum you follow and want to get updates on the posts you have contributed to.

Khai Nguyen
Does what I need it to do but sometimes has issue opening links to certain talks from browsing

Raistlin Majere
as a car guy it’s now part of the base app package I install when i get a new phone. perfectly functional, good UI once you learn where everything is. as natural as facebook mobile.

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