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Tango – Live Video Broadcast
by Tango

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Stay in touch with people all over the world through a Live Video Broadcast! Join over 400 million people on Tango and start live streaming now. Tango is a messaging app with the best-quality global video service, and now you can watch and create live stream videos, broadcasting your life for the world to see.


Tango - Live Video Broadcast

Tango – Live Video Broadcast


Don’t just video call, have fun while you do it! Send stickers or photos, add filters, and play games while on a live call with friends and family, and access special masks as you live stream to people around the world – for free! Be a star, get gifts from fans and redeem them for real cash to earn easy money!


Download Tango – Live Video Broadcast App :-


Download Tango – Live Video Broadcast App


User Reviews :-


App User
Please lnstaII “UCPAYS” & Complete Offers to Earn Free Pyatm/Pyapal/GiftCArds Cash instant. Ref (AcYUNI) I Never Knew that I can make money just by WATCHING Advertisements! Also VPAYZ App is Iegitone which allows earning points just by watching advertises and so on. Then you can exchange your points for GiftCards and there’re various options to choose from. VPAYZ App is perfect for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn’t wana waste it, you can use it while working,playing.. simply earning by watching advertisments

Jessica Sanchez
Downloaded and nothing but young girls trying to be sexy with their cleavage plastered all over my screen. I downloaded this app to use video chat with my kids. We didn’t even use it. It’s great for guys trying to get an easy booty call but don’t think I’ll have my kids use it at all. Needs a disclaimer

Richard Calabrese
Users beware!! Its a great app IF your purpose is connecting with people you already know. If you use it for increasing your social network you will be fished with fake programs that have pretty young ladies as profiles seeking followers. Don’t get me wrong there are a bunch of real people. But there’s also a bunch of robots with shity programs and algorithms

Ameera Alshehri
I used to love to love this app and used it for years. But then they stopped calls to the US for free. So then I started paying for minutes. But then the tango out feature disappeared from the app completely and the minutes I bought were no longer accessible. I emailed customer service and never received a reply. Very very disappointed. I switched to viber out service and it works so much better, cheaper, and customer service actually reply to your emails in a day.

Angelina Lopez
I have no idea how to make my profile private as settings are very difficult & limited as to what you can do. I get a huge amount notifications from people & groups I know nothing about. They are trying to turn it into something it wasn’t in the beginning. Video chat & sms is all it should’ve been. Now it’s no different than face book which I detest.

App User
Was a good app until they started trying to make it a dating app. Why do all these nasty hoochies pop up when I open the app? About to start looking for another app to replace this. The ads with dildos popping up already made my parents delete it.

App User
Excessive spam accounts getting worse. Number of girls spamming for cash for private shows with “live feed” feature is pathetic. Chat/video with friends and family has gotten better.

Scott Pritchard
Unstable, laggy, delays in sending video, poor quality video, this app has got worse and worse. It is so ridiculously unsable now it makes conversations pointless. The layout of the app is so cluttered and advert heavy that unless you know what you are doing it can be difficult to find anything. After several years of use we are leaving to go to a better one that works all the time. Shame

Paul Raezer
Absolutely horrible!!! My Samsung J7 freezes everytime I open the app! Won’t even let me power the phone down! I have to take the battery out to get it booted up again! Don’t install this horrible app!

It freezes all the time, always pixelated, and calls dont always connect. When someone would go to another screen, it would be fine, but lately it disconnects or when they come back one of our screens are black. It gets frustrating. But when it works, its good. I have a question? Why does active now appear even when someone hangs up and how long does it take for it to recognize they have disconnected?

Alan Smokowski
I video chat with my wife and children in Ireland several times a day. While sometimes the audio/video can get pixelated it’s easily remedied by disconnecting and recalling. I’m sure it’s simply due to us being separated by 5000 miles and an ocean…

It used to be useful, but it is now filled with prostitutes, and obvious scammers. Baiting them gets boring quickly. Cutomer services could not help me keep my contacts and chats when I changed phones. Not that bothered now, due to the above.

App User
Is private and I can have a conversation that’s clear and see the whole person one of my favorite things to use only being that I don’t like it every message that you need to someone or people that causes on the tango pretty good

Mark Mcfeaters
Looks like tango is a prostitution and sex trafficking site. Everyone needs to report them. Young girls and old ladies are asking for money then you can go to a private room for video sex. And God only knows what else. Prostitution and sex trafficking how illegal is this?

Nishan Panwar
Because of some privacy issues i requested tango support system to delete my account and i still didn’t get any response…i got an automated mail that my request gonna process in 48 hours…and it’s already been 3 days.. Please help me out what to do

Mary C
Wanted this for grandchild that I don’t see very often. Does not give me option to block users and block other unwanted items .

gordon cairns
This is bs they gave me 500 cions to start then I’ve been useing the app for free now it’s saying my comments are disabled until I waste money on a gift to talk again if this is not fix I’m removing this app for scam

Falyne Barnett
Tango Support is horrible. (I have sent several emails that have been unanswered and unresolved). As soon as you go live random people report your live. Entirely too much spam from people entering to view your live and Spam advertisement.

Oscar Perez
This app wassssss the perfect video chat app but this last update went the other direction it no longer wants to send my video messages and the tango friends and profile was a dumb idea now tango is up against Skype AND Instagram and face boob great another social app now sucks just like what’s app.

Wes E
App sucks nothing but bunch hoes asking for money to see there body’s .live broadcast doesn’t never work only works if your half naked female

Josh 98
It doesn’t work well with certain services such as WiFi but seems to work effortlessly with Data, causing it freeze and hang up randomly other than that it’s a decent and respectable app.

Caroline Evans
A reliable call/video/sms app. Good selection of games (though you have to download these separately on G-Play Store) and fun filters, which you can also use on video calling. I always come back to this app because of the remarkable lack of glitches and its so easy to use.

App User
AMAZING it helps me connect with my best friend who moved and cousins and we can compete with each other with the list of finding things games just an amazing app should totally get it

Ahsan Kazmi
hi! i want to give this app 5 star but for a long time i am not able to send gif files from my phone in chat. i want to share gifs from my phone but whenever i try to attach gif file it becomes static and does not animate. please help and resolve the issue and i will give 5 star

Deanne Paulino
I like this app except that I don’t appreciate that it pops up with indecent pics of girls asking to message since my daughter uses this as her text and call app.

Emily Stiles
Used to love Tango, but now you open it to all these idiots inappropriate pictures. I don’t even know these people. What is this? A dating site? My children use this app to talk to their Dad and Grandparents! Not interested in another social media platform, just want the old video chat back

Christopher Handig
This is the most accurate app for video call. Im very thankful that i can talk with my parents in another country and its very hard tobdo that in some other apps. Thank u so much for this app.

Zane Bliss
I like the concept. However I don’t like the repeated attempts to access data when I have not been using it. Ths means it is also stealing battery and processor resources.

Jesse Archambeau
I’m in a different state an my girlfriend is back home without this app I’d be lost. We talk alot and it’s very nice to be able to talk to her and see her face!

Jeannine Baker
It kept breaking up but it was probably due to the weather and the distance between my state and the other. Otherwise, cool!

App User
Moor then 10 time I am installed but could to open by number by Facebook I’d our also try by Gmail also but I don’t understand how to open that’s why I give him that

App User
Endless friend requests by fake accounts. Promoting pornography and services. People steal your pictures to create fake accounts and steal information.

Mi Na
Hi, Thanks for helping me, Now I can use my Tanggo account but I wish I could see my last chatting with guys from that time I got Tango member, becasue I had some picture in that chatting that I liked to have it again 🙏😞🌹 Thanks againe 🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹

Peyton Stanley
I can’t facetime or call and it won’t let me text and it’s super blurry when I was able to facetime.and when I called i couldn’t hear and same when I facetime it was super bad and that’s why I give tango and 1 star.

Trina Vlogs

Bad app every time I tried to send a message it didn’t go through and my WiFi is ok I checked it also it’s messy and the ads made it seem like it was everything but it isn’t I just dislike it

Hannah G
I remember when i used to use this app around age 10, to call my friends and use funny filters. Now the app is vulgar and has sexual live streams on it that i cant seem to find out how to report. Not family friendly like it used to be.

Jungkook lover 87
Takes up WAY WAY WAY to much power! And it keeps crashing on me when I answer a call! Worst app possible

App User
I think it’s a great alternative for FaceTime. I myself have an Android but all my friends have iPhones so I can’t video chat with them. 😕 Thanks to Tango, I now can. It’s great

App User
This app is hard to figure out. I get send messages about other females on here all the time. I can’t make phone call or video chat. I can’t find where to add money. This sucks don’t bother.

Marvin Gabriel
This app has helped me connect with my father when cell phone companies charge a lot which is very unfortunate , when a loved one lives in a another country. I would recommend .

L Love
This app is a lot of fun with the choices it has for characters to have over your face while you talk if you want! Of course there are some points for improvement as far as the function and making calls but all in all it works pretty good and it puts a smile on people’s face when you use it!

App User
I love this app because it’s a easy way to video chat my family and friends and even make new friends I highly recommend this app

Tanya Smith
I used to like it before…But now i continuously get random photo/files in my phone gallery(tons of them), ever since i had re-downloaded it. I’m on the search for something that suits me better.

kim v
Calls can be static. Since update I cannot use emotes or send a picture. Have sent feed back several times. And considering deleting app and looking for another one.

App User
I love it I have a lot of new friends just because of the this app and I love the gifs there silly and the have a sticker for everything u search up i really like this and I have a lot of friends to prove it

islamic foundation
1 add country wise live option 2. Games play in live like in bigo or live me. 3 verification during spams 4.use different filters . 5 make it smooth

Burtonkc08 –
It’s a ad click bait now. Nudity and Skype sex privates common now. If you watch cam and it’s facing a ceiling it’s usually not the person in pic. Just some dude diamond hunting.

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