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Talking Pierre the Parrot
by Outfit7 Limited

App Category:- Entertainment

Talking Pierre is in the house! Are you ready for some amazing guitar shredding? Pierre now rocks Smoke on the Water, help him bend the strings! Download Talking Pierre’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself! He repeats, makes up his own sentences and more!

The genuine bonafide talking parrot has many tricks up his sleeve and he’s ready to have all the fun in the world with you! He repeats after you and makes up new sentences, he rocks it out like a true guitar hero and he dodges those tomatoes like a pro! Enhance the fun by getting the FULL Talking Pierre app which is filled with new animations and responses!

*** FEATURES ***
Talk to Pierre: He repeats and invents his own sentences! Play with Pierre: Try hitting him with a tomato, listen to him rock out on his guitar and have him throw cutlery at you!Interact with Pierre: Rub his belly, poke him or have him jump the way you want him to!


Talking Pierre the Parrot

Talking Pierre the Parrot


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This app contains:
– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising
– Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
– Watching videos of Outfit7’s animated characters via YouTube integration
– The option to make in-app purchases


Download Talking Pierre the Parrot App :-


Download Talking Pierre the Parrot App


User Reviews :-


Cole Merriman
Cool outfit 7 but there is an app that I wish could come back which is Talking Gina the Giraffe can you please try to restore that also

Gamer Baby
I don’t like how the parrot it repeats words and it take words from another sentence and then put it the words in another sentence for you need to say the word over and over again until on Tom Reed pizza at the normal way or he actually says it right but I also so fun because you can put a blender make the parrot oh so get dishes out of the sink and it’s so fun too but I don’t like how the parrot Talks by us taking a word from another sentence and then playing in a new sentence

App User
The awesome funny parriot it records my voice when I say other thing it say the recording best funny game

Sanjay Rautela
I just oppend the dam game and it gave me add I tho oh ok I removed it and taped his head and guess what adds in ever 25 sec 👿👿

Jacqui Guerra
Cute but I wish they’d put more stuff cause then you won’t be bored.please put more stuff to use🐥

Colin Roser
I think this is immaculate! Graphics are astonishing and parrot funniest app ever, and it remembers your previous words! Great tech effort, We’ll done,!!!!

Shahul Hameed
My Sister Like The Game Very much Thank To Every Body Behaind This Game My Sister’s All The Angry Will Go Thanks To Everyone I Will Tell This Is The most Best Game For All The Small Childrens In The World Thank You for All

App User
I have a parrot that’s why I LOVE this game and its so funny .When we make a sound and Tom comes up its SUPER funny.It’s so cute when we pet him and he blows Heart.❤❤So CuTe.

App User
Its very interested and very comedy it’s very comedy game please all are download this game and enjoy please you like this game Thank you

the diamond kid
It has glitches. Only when you get them fixed I will rate this 5 stars. Also if you don’t have any offers to get bonus animations then just put that down.

Don Philpot
Used to work great but now it has a popup that comes up over and over every few seconds and says page not found. Makes the app almost unusable.

kayrae wolfie
its so boring you cant even do anything i thought everything was free on this app thats just stupid and boring so much who would want to play this game at alll because i dont want to play it at all

Amber Mahmood
Don’t have splash and when we say free it says to download another app and we do that but still the splash doesn’t work I hate that part I want the full thing free please make it free it’s just two things that you want money for you are too greedy

Ashley Konkle
Pierre a funny bird tom funny to the cute part ispet all let Pierre make game i miss him he fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunny pierre is su ch a funny bird he says he likes rio and rio 2 the movie his favorite song is be ba bo just like roby the robot

Preeti Tyagi
I have never seen a game of talking Parrot I love pet example my sweet talking parrot. Thank you for listening to me Ananya Tyagi.

namhla somtunzi
Talking Pierre is a little boring try it yourself maybe you may like it looks do not want to judge and be bad to me it is boring

Saroj Pandey
We can’t hit pierre with anything but tom can only hit him please fix this and it doesn’t speak properly and some times tom does not comes

App User
Alright well, I have three stars not because of the app, but THEY REMOVED GINA THE GIRAFFE! Outfit7! What is you doing with your life!?!?!? I loved that game so much! Please bring Gina back!!! :-:

Natacha Jean
, just woke up bro 50 people download your game 50 and that’s the best what is the best to wear at home watching Paw Patrol do you like Paw Patrol

Aleemas Toys show Allie
I think you realize the best frosting you know like carrot and the world so I’m going to put all right on this Summit alright so bye guys will see you later

mariam hassan
Hahaha very cool game makes me laugh 😂😂😂 very mush just say to your parrot Gangnam Style then say another chat you we’ll be so happy 😄😃😁 please like my comment 😇😎😀😃

Ramprasad Roy
This game is awesome for me before downloading this game i have never played good like this game like talking tom is a worse game ever.

App User
The talking tom producer please Accept this request to. give the Permission of talking pierrie Update…&☆★♡♥ And it’s amazing.

App User
This app is so nice but that when splash came then it is bored but talking parrot is so cute

Rashid Mehmood
OMG I just want to hug this cute parrot I am downloading this game the 6time he, S real funny and cute

Caitlin Freedline
Its amazing even tho I dont have space to install a app to get the water thing *downloads app installs app installed app* nevermind

App User
This is amazing ! I love this G. But if the bird ‘ s colour is in rainbow colour it will be better .

Kejsi Mulla
Talking parrot is good.Before I play with that game.I was not sure so I like it but when I play with that I was really happy.Thats Pierre parrot a funny game ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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