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SwiftKey Keyboard

By SwiftKey

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SwiftKey Keyboard


SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard from Microsoft that learns your writing style, so you can type faster. Type, text and send GIFs, stickers and emoji when you join the millions of users worldwide who use SwiftKey Keyboard.

SwiftKey is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing – including your slang, nicknames and emoji. The keyboard provides autocorrect that actually works and helpful predictions, so you can get your point across fast, without errors.

SwiftKey caters to all typing tastes, with free designs and free themes to suit every style. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard.

Download SwiftKey today.


Text Keyboard
– Tap to type or swipe-to-type
– Spell checker and auto text with A.I.-powered predictions
– Toolbar: the expandable menu filled with quick shortcuts

GIFs, Emoji and Smileys
– Express yourself with GIFs, stickers and emoji
– Emoji keyboard learns and predicts your favorite emoticons
– Browse the GIF keyboard to select the best GIF for your reaction

Keyboard Customization
– 100+ colorful themes
– Make your own theme with your photo as the background
– Customize your keyboard size and layout

Multilingual Keyboard
– Enable up to five languages at once
– Keyboard supports over 300 languages

Get the custom keyboard that always matches your style – download SwiftKey Keyboard today!

Find out more about SwiftKey’s key features:


English (US, UK, AU, CA)
Spanish (ES, LA, US)
Portuguese (PT, BR)

Download SwiftKey Keyboard App Apk:-

Download SwiftKey Keyboard App Apk ( 36.4 MB )

User Reviews

App User
Latest update is pure gold. Addresses every issue I’ve had with the keyboard.

jett finegan
My favorite Great app always the best

Richard Contreras
Best keyboard. Loving every single detail of this app.

Stefano James Nocera
Best keyword for android Made my typing so much better and faster would recommend to anyone.

Christopher Wieller
By far the best keyboard I have used to date.

Catherine McLean
Love it. I tried other keyboards but this worked best.

Sylvia Patichi
I just love love love it. Frome the colors to the style to the emoji and the memory what a smart app

Alli Marie
So fantastic This app makes touch screen typing bearable. Swipe or tap and prediction = grateful me

prem calibro
Absolutely awesome It is greater than stock rom

App User
Great! I love everything about this keyboard. Very good! Responds very well to the touch. The only thing I would do would be to have an option to disable pop up menus. Or have an option to place the long press buttons where you want them.

App User
Great keyboard! It’s an excellent learner and variety of themes. More themes please.

Christian Leiba
Love it! The prediction is better than the default keyboard. Love the customization! No need to look for any other text app, this is the best

App User
Amazing Keeps getting better, solid as a rock! On point with correcting mistakes. Just type carelessly and 99 percent of the time the whole message ends up being correct. Even catches missed spaces

Debbie Andrews
More bubble selection I love all the options for different keyboards colors, but it would be great if we could have more bubble selections; different colors and shapes.

Todd Langton
My most important app Whenever I get either a new or a replacement phone, the first app I have to load is SwiftKey. If you are not using it, you are inefficient with your typing and overall communications.

Mark O’Callaghan
Awesome Best keyboard out there just get it

App User
Simply amazing I can’t believe I was using the standard s3 keyboard for so long! This thing is simply the best touch screen keyboard I’ve ever used!

John D. Johnson
Better than all others! I love this keyboard. I just got a new phone and the first thing I did was replace the keyboard with Swift Key. I’ve used it for several years now and it is just great!

wilfred conelius
Wao just nice, one among the best apps ever, if you think am lying try for your self.

Great stuff Hate using the iPhone keyboard on my second phone after using swiftkey. Nothing else compares for accuracy and predictions.

Jacob Hamilton
Wonderful! Makes texting so much easier!

Lance Canaan
Best 3rd party keyboard Quick and easy to use could not live without it!

Shudhanshu Singh
Great app A amazing keywords which u continue to use. The only thing I would like to thank you very much for your amazing app

Syeda Ibrahim
I think that SwiftKey Keyboard is very unique in its own ways… Its autocorrecting is very accurate and I feel that that is very as a fast typer. It is also very easy to understand how it works. There are also many variations of the colours available which makes it more fun.. To me, I feel that SwiftKey key board is the best

Omer Harouvi
Just great keyboard Working great. Beautiful. Perfect

Rob Sutton
Looks like update fixed the problem. Working like it should now. Thank you. Fixed issues, working much better

App User
Most useful application ever. Seriously one of the best apps for Android. Makes you so much faster at adding input for anything.

Brian Gould
Excellent Keyboard Excellent keyboard, I use it’s swipe & predictive text features extensively – it saves me so much time and hassle.

Rui Garcês
Simply the best I type almost as fast on my Android, than I would on my computer. And when you’re lazy,or you only have one hand available, you can swipe. Excellent.

Jozcefhs Elkanah
Excellent! This is the best mobile keypad of all I have ever used. There are no issues. It’s quite compatible with my device. Thanks a lot!

kito mad
I am so excited 😁 the only reason I even kept touch pal on my phone was because of the emojis. Now that SwiftKey has it i can uninstall touch pal. Im sure SwiftKey has had it for a while i just take forever to update my apps. Anyways. Id give this app 10 stars if i could. The prediction with this app is amazing. I love how I can type 3 or 4 words at a time without hitting the space or even be that accurate and it still knows what I’m saying. Love it love it love 😍

Kyle Rann
Best keyboard ever! I’ve been using swift for almost 3 years now and it’s been great!

Agata Nicols
Best thing is it switches language automatically

Mike Burris
Awesome I have used this keyboard regularly on 3 different phones so far. I have tried others and always go back to SwiftKey. For me, it’s simply the best!

Donald White
Awsome! The best keyboard by far!

App User
SwiftKey Fantastic Can’t believe how fast this keyboard is to use. Definitely the best thing I have used yet. Was up and running with it in minutes.

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