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SurfEasy Secure Android VPN
by SurfEasy Inc

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Don’t trust your Internet privacy to just anyone! A lot of companies claim to offer free VPN services while making outlandish promises about securing your Wi-Fi access. But do you know what happens to your personal data once they get their hands on it?

SurfEasy’s anonymous VPN offers a secure browsing experience with top-notch, no-log Internet security that protects your personal data and encrypts all of your transmissions. Secure yourself across all of your Android devices. SurfEasy provides users with an easy-to-use VPN that can be used on up to five devices for the ultimate in Internet security, protecting you at home, at coffee shops, in airports, at school and anywhere else you might go.

We’re different from other VPNs. We provide:

* Live customer support.
* Wi-Fi hotspot security.
* Encryption of all traffic on your device
* No logging of your online activities.
* More than a dozen countries to choose from including US & UK.
* Ad-tracker blocking (premium feature).
* A fast and reliable professionally managed network.


SurfEasy Secure Android VPN

SurfEasy Secure Android VPN



With SurfEasy VPN you can:

* Mask your IP address and geographic location.
* Appear to be in the US or a dozen other countries.
* Browse anonymously and avoid being tracked.
* Access blocked websites from anywhere in the world.
* Bypass firewalls to browse without limits.
* Unblock your favorite websites and apps.

Choosing a VPN provider can be one of the most important things you ever do online. Protecting yourself while online can be the difference between enjoying a secure Internet experience and leaving yourself vulnerable to having your data hacked while online. Protect yourself while online by making the right choice in getting a VPN. Choose a VPN that’s reliable. Choose a VPN that’s respected. Choose SurfEasy.

Our app uses a few permissions
* Identity: Necessary for push notifications.
* Photos/Media/Files: We store a few files inside your device memory such as maps. This is required for smooth operation.
* Device ID: Allows us to check for mobile network connectivity.
* Wi-Fi connection information: Used to detect unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

Download SurfEasy Secure Android VPN App :-


Download SurfEasy Secure Android VPN App (22 MB)

User Reviews :-

Solo Polo McBovril
Amendment to my last review. It keeps saying I have ran out of data and prompts me to upgrade. I have upgraded. But it does not seem to recognise that fact. I am paying monthly now, I wish this would be recognised

Franklin Israel
It has been absolutely amazing. The best VPN ever. Thank you Surf Easy because I get a whole lot done easily. Awesome service and keep up the good work. All the best.

Sarah Shaver
Easy to use and customer support is instant with REAL people. I’m not a tech savvy person. However, I researched VPNs for 1 month before choosing a VPN that costs $. Very user friendly. Some countries connect better to Tor with this VPN. No clue why. Good connection: Canada, Germany, Norway, and and Japan. Only complaint: I wish I could use this VPN across multiple devices for the one payment. I was advised by customer support that I’d have to upgrade VPN service or open a second account. Too complicated for me plus, I’m not about to drop another $30 for a 2nd device VPN

Emlyn Dewar
A good app, on both Android and iOS. Good speed and typically great. China don’t seem too happy with it over the last week so I’m no longer able to use. If you’re anywhere else in the world, definitely recommend!

Greg Z
Very good to have for needed privacy and security. Option to aquire data by watching short videos. Previously would’ve given 5 stars, but has been a little problematic lately with displaying connection status before VPN connection, and showing the videos. Sounds like those issues may have been addressed in latest version, so will update review when I’ve tried it out adequately.

Wylde Parnelle
I love listening to radio stations in other countries and it would drive me nuts to have local ads inserted willy-nilly anywhere. Just let me stream uninterrupted. This app lets me put my iPhone local to the station and thus eliminating the extra annoying ads. Love it

Burhan Dogus
Very bad, not working. All the servers are down. You don’t expect something like this from a paid app but unfortunately this app doesn’t deserve even a single dollar.

App User
Doesn’t work on SGS7 or iPad mini. Samsung connects, but no data transfer, says its connected to Singapore but Ookla speed test can even find the server or provider. iPad just straight up won’t connect.

Michael Lelak
This product works, but barely. All DNS are extremely slow. I have been playing PUBG Mobile through this VPN, and am frequenlty disconnected from the game due to exceptional lag. This does not continue when the VPN isn’t connected. Have tried many different conncetions and the optimized option as well. Wish I hadn’t wasted money on this. Will not be renewing.

App User
I’d say that it is quite a simple free VPN for anyone but not for me as, it auto off itself. I don’t think this app would totally be secured. Also, the worse part was I needed to complete some tasks to earn MB which I don’t have such time to entertain.

Gábor Majoros
Useless. On WiFi, 200/100Mbps was struggling to register in the first place, and after that it never connected up. Had no such issues with Opera VPN.

Steve Johnson
My go to VPN. Its fast and works really well. Only things missing for me are the ability to disable it on my home WiFi network and to only show the persistent notification if there’s a problem. Otherwise, awesome app!!

Matt Starr
Well think it works OK but the data ran out in a day. I hardly use the Internet so thought it was a bit quick and now don’t know whether to pay

Cam Studiman
I used Opera VPN last time, but it stop working. So found X-VPN(but there are too slowly) and SurfEasy. SurfEasy has a nice speed and this is my choice.

Rahul Chandriyal
Using it I could download those games on playstore which were usually hidden or unavailable in some countries like Beyblade Burst app, Ben 10 ultimate alien, Ben 10 earth protector and many more. I knew about these games after searching in YouTube. One of those videos recommended surfeasy. So I downloaded it

EJ Sharp
Slows down the connection slightly and you only get so much free usage. Other than that it’s great!

Still could not login from Android device. The error is unable to contact API (1005) Need help to fix it ———————————————————– As per 08/08/18 I can login again to surfeasy. Thanks for the effort. Change it to 4 stars right now

Saim Ahmad
This app used to be really good, but lately I’ve experienced a lot of problems as it stops working and I can’t access my favourite UK sites and apps from outside the UK for days. Once I report the problem someone finally fixed it, then the problem happens again after a couple of weeks. I am a loyal customer since two years, having subscribed initially because of all the positive reviews. I hope the developers can return it back to its former level of excellence after this feedback.

Paul Madden
I have paid 185 USD for this app. I have tried to access the website for support and have never been able to connect. The support has been non existent. I then get notification that i have been automatically charged another 185 for renewal, which i dont want. No reminder or invitation to renew.

Jason Dowshenko
As an app that is asking for a review, at the moment I have no idea but it did get me through a school firewall right now so it’s already a plus over a dozen other VPNs I tried. Will update as goes on.

Xestinel X
Fast, unlimited data(premium), and secure wifi and have ad blocker but the download speed is normal or even very slow sometimes I have a fast wifi and it consume battery pretty fast. I live in Indonesia please make download speed faster and less consume battery, this is not support torrents, also the pc version is BAD the apps start/response sometimes is so SLOW, connected to the internet is slow too and sometimes it FREEZES please FIX IT

Harold Sibonghanoy
Not enough points. And system mechanism. I hope that we can get points daily login or what. But still very nice app. It truly gives you safety.

Rick Pietravalle
–Works. –I’m much more at ease with unknown persons when borrowing their WiFi. –Have also noticed SurfEasy doesn’t set off “are you a robot” alarms so much as Orbot / Tor network. (accessing one’s own accounts from ostensibly strange and/or foreign IP addresses)

Paul Newman
Eats a lot of battery in background/idle without any power saving options. Persistent notification has no connection controls, and app has no landscape mode.

Kelsie Friend
Have to turn off because slows down my ability to search or crashes completely. The free version is not worth it– used data within two days, so be prepared to pay for service.

jon hilson
In the last two week I’ve had problems. Changes regions on it’s own, stop’s working, slows down my iPad. And no technical support. Very disappointed. Jon.

Citizen Engineer
The battery issue probably seems to have been solved. It hangs sometimes while one star less .five star

Chris Cox
Not much to say as it works transparently. Easy to switch countries and doesn’t appear to impact device. Gives me peace of mind when using public hotspots.

Helen Apps
Does what it says it’s going to do! A rare thing these days. Happily watching UK TV…. bliss

Beach Geek
Nicely laid out, easy to use. So far it seems very effective with no leaks. Have only used a short time, but if it’s performance continues, I’ll change from 4 to 5 stars.

festus Godspower
Great app guys, at first i didn’t think the app will work. Kudos to the developers, i have being using the free package and i have being changing my lacation to the available ones in the app without stress and in secs am in the country i select already. And i completed some offers to earn extra free usage data. This is a must app for anyone looking for a secure ip/vpn app. It realy works guys. Am looking forward to pay for the upgrade to the unlimited data usage

Promit Hatikakoty
Upgrade plan purchased from play store, but not reflected in the app. Not able to reach customer care. How to proceed ?

Betty Bonaroo Hunt
the app itself worked great, and I loved the fact that you could see your new ip, but within a few days it was telling me I was running out of data, and gave me a chance to purchase it, which I will not be doing considering the number of completely free one’s available. so I will be uninstalling this today

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