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Have all of your data at your fingertips… anytime, anywhere, right on your Android phone or tablet.

SugarSync is the simplest yet most powerful way to sync, share, search and access all of your files – documents, photos, videos and music. SugarSync for Android puts all of your files from across all of your computers right at your fingertips, making you more productive when you’re on the go.

With SugarSync for Android, you can:
• Access, view, edit, share and manage files directly on your Android phone or tablet
• Sync files and folders from the cloud to your device for offline viewing. The app automatically detects any changes and syncs these to your computers.
• Automatically back up your device’s photos & videos directly to your computers
• Edit any file on your device with one of your favorite editing apps. Changes will automatically sync to all your computers
• Search for any file or folder across your computers – even those folders that other have privately shared with you.
• Share folders privately and securely with a few people. Collaborate with them or simply give them view-only access.
• Share both large files and folders using public links.
• Free 5 GB plan allows you try SugarSync for 90 days

Note: You may incur data charges by your mobile carrier when syncing over cellular data networks.

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Download SugarSync App Apk ( 4.25 MB ) User Reviews:

App User
LOVE IT Really Good app especially on my smartphone being able to download and play music or download documents instead of streaming them like on dropbox really good app just need to simplify a bit the system and should b perfect and also being able to do more things to get more free space

App User
This is the one! Looked at all the main apps in this category and SugarSync was the only one that offered truly “set and forget” sync to device (for offline access).

Phil Sharkey
Wells So Well, You Forget You Even Have It! Works quietly & seamlessly. Only limitation has to do with the laws of physics. Changes made to very large files take seconds longer to sync with rest of the linked PCs. In addition, you need to be patient with PCs started up after prolonged shutdown while they “catch up” on what they “missed” while asleep! In simple tongue: make sure the file you want to work on has first been updated. Or, in the case of a new file, syncs to the sleepyhead PC for the first time.

Remi Lafontaine
I used that application for more than 2 years, easy upload and download, accurate and fast synchronisation between all my computers, tablets and phones

Edward Hanna
Excellent app I enjoy it every day, especially with my grandson is pictures

Jon LaLone
What we’ve all been waiting for… Supreme interface, device intercommunication, and sync method.

App User
Awesome Very easy to use and instantly updates info so that users can see.

App User
Suites the needs for External SD sharing. While it isn’t perfect, SugarSync accomplishes more than any other cloud sharing application that I have tried, including DropBox and Google Drive. It requires a bit more knowledge and configuration, but at the same time, it ‘allows’ for more configuration and control. I was looking for a way to sync files in the SD card across my tablets/phones and the desktop. And SugarSync provided me that capability. It didn’t let me select the folder that I wanted it to point to, but since I was developing an application, I was capable of changing the path from my original location to theirs. This isn’t ideal for those of us who are not capable of changing where they can point to, but a simple preference added to the program that lets you choose a different folder location would end up resolving this quick enough in the future. It does seamlessly allow for me to now drop files into the briefcase and watch them get updated across the devices with no interaction. This is the type of functionality that I am looking for and they almost have everything covered. The SugarSync Manager is a nice support application for controlling the data.

Full Volume Needless to say Just fantastic

Teddy Bien-Aime
Works great Great app it saves me a lot on my phone space..

App User
Love it Syncing between home server and 3 droid devices. Really quick browsing folder heirarchy in cloud from mob. Zero problems. Very intuitive interface. A+

BRuno Romero
Excellent tool for Android devices! I recommend it very seriously. Thanks guys for this useful gift, I really appreciate it!

Andy Smith
User friendly I absolutely love this app. So easy to use and with an eye to update. Great job Sugarsynch !

App User
Best Out There I love being able to find my files in the same folders across all of my devices. No other software does this and it makes so much easier to create a robust filing system instead of having to sort through tons of random files in one folder ala Dropbox. It really is the best cloud syncing software out there.

Koushik Nagi
Myself satisfied with this application dew it’s superb performance

App User
Great file sync solution Only niggle is when I send a photo from my album on my LT25i to SugarSync the folder list doesn’t show any text labels so makes it near impossible to send to an existing SS folder.

Ian Barnes
Comprehensive, solid and well supported I’ve used the desktop version for years and enjoy the features. The latest version of this app has fixed up all of the problems. Runs very nicely on my Nexus 5 with Marshmallow.

App User
The new app is awesome I don’t usually write reviews but the new app has really impressed me with its speed, functions and UI. Keep up the great work!

App User
I also really like the new GUI, well done! Maybe alllow uploads to more than just the mobile folder.

Karen Grant
Love it! I really like this app. SugarSync is one of the most feature rich cloud storage portions on the market. Smooth and reliable. Can’t ask for much more than that.

App User
Exceptional I have been using SS for quite some time and cloud based storage is so convenient. I cannot imagine a device without it. Simple and effective; that’s the way it should be. I also use Dropbox and Google gdrive but SS is the one I rely on most.

dennis sumanth
Sugar sync Its nice eventhough there is lot of option for cloud storage…its good.

App User
The Best!!!!! Sugarsync is the best backup and file sharing: site, program, app, software, system and tooi there is. Beats all the others hands down!

Seth Thrustershaft
Love this, awesome Love this service, very fast and easy to use and organize.

cyber maru
Awesome product Excellent app! Looking forward to the new 2.0 app for android!

Brett henley
Works great but The new version keeps downloading the same files

TK Smith
Great since update Just started using. Update has made it even easier to use.

Anne McConnell wilburn
Cool app Wish it was free more than 90 days, but I might go ahead an d pay for it after the trial- not a bad price for 5 extra GB! Good idea to get you used to more space. .

Joseph Wheeler
Great app, syncs everything behind the scenes Love this app, definitely one of the first apps I install on every new device!

App User
Absolutely perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for. So seamless. I deleted dropbox for it.

Linda Sheppler
Love this app This is great. Even my husband likes it, and he isn’t impressed easily.

App User
Absolutely flawless! Syncs without a thought or a hitch. I have been able to consistently pull up my business & personal documents as needed on all of my computers, my two cell phones & now my tablet. Best app I’ve purchased!

Bill maloney
Update Everything is updated within seconds. I have had no issues with this app.

App User
Excellent Backup Very intuitive and extremely helpful in organizing my digital life! awesome that they automatically transfer between my phone and my laptop. Also there is a direct shortcut to my files so there is no need to be browsing an entire folder for it. Easy to use.I love it. Very highly recommended!

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