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Stories Time
by Tamil Kumaran S

Stories Time App is a offline app. It is dedicated to the wonderful world of the short story. Moral stories in this app are focused for all age peoples. This App is mainly focused to nurture good thoughts in childrens. Stories Time is completely a free app, no advertisements. Users can also send stories to us for adding in this app. If User needed Image Mode can be activated which will display picture related to story. Night Mode is available for readers to enjoy reading in low light. This will be a wonderful app for telling stories to your kid. Bed time stories are available in different section.


Stories Time android app

Stories Time android app


Birbal Stories
Thennali Stories
Vikramathithan Stories
Mulla Stories
Moral Stories
Indian Mythology
Love Stories
Fun Stories
Zen Tales
Panchatantra Stories
Fairy Tales
Greek Mythology

There will be frequent updates and addition of new stories.

Contains more than 780+ stories


Download Stories Time App :- 

Download Stories Time App ( 3 MB )


User Reviews :-


In love with it It has many good stories with different subjects. This app has various modes to make the user comfortable. Super addicted to it! At times when I am reading at night I need an alarm to stop me else I will go reading for hours!!

-An awesome app my grand child is always happy with the storys .it is a very goood app it has all the stories requried for a child like moral for understanding intelligent akbar and birbal stories with tenali raman. Some adult stories also of love . Mythology and greek are out of mind foe children only some sto2some times i also dont understand .But atlast a very goooood and awesome appp

-I liked it. My daughter’s loved it too. Now she can read many books. She now likes to read

-Tamil kumaran you did a great job,I really loved it ,finished all the stories,& want more😇. But it’s ok,it needed to add pictures in .That definitely make it one of the best story teller app🙂. Just enjoy all the viewers👌.

-It’s awesome..I really love the app..I just wish you could keep updating the app once in a while and add more stories…

-It is a very nice application where we can get so many good and short stories and they will definitely help you in reading English

-Easy to read, used simple language, lot of stories and very impressive, best app for children

-Offline , interesting , piece fully stories that are so so so much well and it’s my favourite story book

-What a game has been created.I don’t have even thought that someone can prepare like this game.It is very best.💐😁😁😁😁😁

-Indeed v.interesting and good timepass, there are lots of New and variety of stories. This app deserves a 5-star rating.

-I loved it. It is a very interesting app and contains many interesting stories as well. This is the best story app I have ever seen and used.

-This app is just great for example everyone.I just totally love this app…I will surely improve my reading skills day by day

-It contains many stories which are well described. Stories have been categorised very well.

-The next level compared to any apps…..loved it …..wishing u all for giving us this best app 😍😘

-Wonderfull collection of stories. I always refer it to tell bed time stories to my kids every weekend.

-I loved it.. my child loves it too much!!!

-Interesting means very interesting why means simply understand the words with in the stories are very good and useful to speak with others

-I love it tooo very interesting stories which i have ever read is in this app

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