New Android App “Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by Samco Securities Limited

Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading
by Samco Securities Limited

Stock Note is a new stock trading app, powered by Samco’s proprietary Giga Trading Engine, which simplifies the experience of customers involved in investing & trading stocks in the Indian Stock & Commodity markets.Giga Trading is an engine that combines Artificial Intelligence & advanced analytics to identify opportunities, trends & patterns from an ocean of stock market data on a real time basis which are then presented in the form of actionable ideas.Stock Note creates a real time financial news feed for each customer after browsing online through many news sources. Additionally, users are empowered with recommended stories, technical analysis & fundamental analysis of stocks. Based on the economic calendar on Global and Indian Markets, StockNote generates thousands of breaking news reports including quarterly results & financial analysis.



Stock Note - Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading android appl

Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading android appl


For a free trial, install StockNote & get live financial breaking news with alert notifications. Traders can create infinite watch-lists to track Sensex, NIFTY, Bank Nifty, commodities prices, MCX & NCDEX, individual stocks, F&O & currencies. Get in depth market analysis, market data, market movers, stock quotes, portfolio monitor & other financial charts on home-screen widgets through a world class user interface.


Why should you use Stock Note?

★ Simple & quick on-boarding: Even stock market beginners can easily invest & trade in the markets with the help of easy-to-understand tutorials.

★ One Touch Trading: The Stock Note feed includes a direct one touch trading experience. Read a piece of information & trade right from it.

★ Trends & Top News: A Trending Stock Note feed to help users understand what’s happening in the live markets. Traders can watch news & also keep track of most viewed notes by fellow Traders/Investors in the community.

★ Alerts like never before including Trigger alerts: Never miss an opportunity with trigger news alerts. Bundle your alerts with orders so that the moment an alert is triggered, you can transact on one touch.

★ A completely personalised experience: Traders can personalise & customise everything across the app which includes the stock note feed, market watchlist, portfolio, settings and thereby each trader can create a unique app personalised to their needs installed on their phones.

★ Intuitive & conversational order placement: If any trade is declined, the Giga Trading Engine suggests the most viable solutions for the declined trades. Further, all solutions can be implemented by a single tap on the app. Also, customers are prompted and hand held at each stage on the next steps that can be taken.

★ Easy information sharing: Sharing articles, stock market news, candlestick stock charts is now easy with a single tap option on your home screen widget.

★ Easy Portfolio Monitoring: Tracking finances, tracking stocks & trades have become easy with StockNote. The “Account” panel lets you to monitor holdings & allows management of funds by linking bank accounts.

And much more: You can use a chart pointer, tools for trading, infinite market watch-lists & more! Just download the app to experience the best share market app in India.


More on Samco

Samco is an Indian discount broker which comprehensively caters to investors’ & traders’ trading needs. We have world class trading platforms & high leverage plans to assist your trading journey.
★ Flat Fee: Just pay ₹ 20 per order across all segments with no other hidden costs. Use a brokerage calculator to see for yourself the benefits of a Flat Fee Brokerage plan.
★ Highest Leverage in the Industry: Get upto 80x Leverage to trade NIFTY Futures.
★ Market Outlook: We analyse markets on a weekly basis to generate the market outlook in the short term.


Download Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading App:- 

Download Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading App ( 9.3 MB)


User Reviews :-


I have been the client of samco for the past 1.5 yrs and their old app was not that good but i still remained the customer of samco as I have always liked Umesh sir’s market analysis and knowledge. After using the stock note app i think i will remain samco’s customer forever. Where you can find a such an awesome app and market analysts.


-This app is very good as compare with other brokers app .. This app is working pain killer job for existing clients of samco. It will be helpful for new customer also .. It’s provide Feebs & lots of good features .. Samco CEO knw the traders pain or need wat they want from service provider.. LUV U Mr. MODI .. Thnx to launched these kind of world best trading application .. these app is much better than upstox & zerodha app.


-Simply awesome app, so many features combined in one single app. I have used kite and geojit, and this one is way better than them. But your web platform is stil stale and outdated. Plz upgrade that also.


-The Stock note feed had to the point stock market news, and I can trade in nse bse directly through them. Also the app magically gives you alerts and order notifications. The app is going to change the way I look at Stock markets


-Excellent master peice now I don’t need to get in touch with customer care team for any help as the app has in built tutorial. The timely and informative notes are really helpful to make profitable decision. Nice work team Samco..


-Stock Note is one of the best stock trading app in India. I’ve used it for some time and have observed following points which no other trading app in India has it. 1)We can Place trades through the news item itself, thereby increasing the trading speed. 2) If any trade is declined then the app itself suggests the list of solutions 3) Trigger alerts feature is also awesome 4) Even we can share the charts and News with friends 5) Timely Advance decline ratio, Stock Breakout etc, information is very much helpful in placing short term trades. I think this app going to give tough competition to other stock brokers in


-Thumbs up the new stock note app. Old app was hopelessly worthless. After getting assurances from their team I thought to stick with samco.


-This app is what an idle investor as well as daily trader needs….this app is packed with various advance charts and live news feeds which are very useful not only for intraday traders…but also for positional traders/ investors……and upon that it gives various customization options to traders/investors for choosing news feeds, setting alerts, notifications….and the general news feeds which are based on the users watchlist…..thanks team @ Samco for providing …this user friendly application…#StockNote#Custom#User


-Excellent app for stock market trading. This app is very fast that trades are executed with 5-6 seconds. Users can place trades through the news story itself. I have an account with samco for some time and I think this is the best product which is launched by samco till date. I would recommend people to use the app. Great job samco.


-Very informative and user friendly app. But the only problem is it’s very slow and sometimes it crashes. I am sure SAMCO team will work on this. Good job by SANCO.


-This is an awesome app for ‘tracking stocks,’ for people trading and investing in Indian Stock Market. It has saved me huge amount of time and money already. The App is so convienient to use and best part is it can be customized as per user, I have now customize Feeds and can trade in all exchanges in India from a single app. Just Unbelievable. Congrats to Team Samco for making life easy for the traders in the stock market.


-BEST BEST mobile application ever in this industry…!! Awesome trading app… This is one touch trading app in this industry no one else provide this feature even zerodha has not provide this benefit … Getting news feed it was also awesome benefit it helps in trading as well gives order solution.. Unlimited, multiple and advanced script addition .. And 1 more beautiful features i.e ADVANCE CHARTS and filter option in everywhere and every page. I can draw trend line as well. I appreciate SAMCO TEAM for all Ur efforts !! Number 1 application…!!


-Not able login, as its showing network error issue while opening Stocknote. U have tried on wifi as well as on Jio 4g network, stll ahowing network error or u may nit be connected with network. Please do the needful as earliest ao I can use. new app


-Surely this app is too good from your previous app that was very annoying but in this app u have given a so much technical indicator which is helpful for us and Plz develop this application for windows also. But in this app at a time I can open only one graph so Plz facilitate us to open a multiple graph in different window


-One of the best app for tracking stocks and trade in the share market. Great work by SAMCO team, Very useful app for investor, trader and also for beginners who want to trade in stock market. Now, it is easy to get real time updates and news about stocks.


-Samco team, You have provided very easier user interface by Stock Note which is one of the best trading app. I appreciate your effort and your chart is a fabulous . And also your news feed is the main innovation on this app #Quick #Easy


-1. There is some more bank to be add in fund trf section, likr Union bank of india 2. P&l should be showing as per income tax likr speculation, short term as well as long term so it easy to calculate.


-Very informative trading app.Now I can get all real time updates and news about my favourite stocks all in one place and trade from the same app as well. Great work by team SAMCO.


-excellent app for stock market trending.this app is very fast that trades are executed with 5-6 seconds users can place trades through the news story itself. i would recommend people to use this app . great job👍


-This is an excellent app for stock marketing and trading. This is a verry fast app for news alert on stocks. Users can place trades through the news story itself. I highly recommend this app for traders and business kinda people. Excellent Samco …!!


-Nice app for stock market trading. Easy to Create watchlist of Market. This app is fast that trades are executed with 5-6 seconds. Users can place trades through the news story itself. I have an account with samco for some time and I think this is the best product which is launched by samco till date. I would recommend people to use the app. Great job samco


-Great app, very informative and I can easily keep track of my investments. Much better than many of other stock market apps. This is going to be a game changer!


-It’s very slow. Features are good but complicated. Take lot of time to place and execute order. Not that good for intraday traders. Lot of improvement required


-This is by far the best app for tracking stocks and to trade in the share market.. It really empowers the trader or investor with all the knowledge and news related to share trading in a simplified and quick manner.


-It’s a nice Effort but I was seriously finding indicator based notification facility but got disappointed. Pls provide indicator value based notification facilities so that we can use it smoothly. Hope u people would consider it.


-Stock note app is very good app for shows all stock related news in one gives notification also and show the wishlist stock.its look and feel very good.easy app to use for beginners traders


-Excellent app for investing in share market instantly, watching online updates in financial news also very good app for new investor to learn more about stock market 👍👌


-Excellent work by samco team and the app is very useful for trader and investor also for beginners who want to trade in stock market, useful app for tracking stock, market news. Awesome app, I am very glad by using this app


-This app surely going to be a game changer for the indian stock market,I really loved this app,I think no other app in india has such capability, awesome job samo👌👌


-An most impressive and featuring app I have ever seen !! I m using kite rightnow ! But this app update of samco is awesomre and now i will be going with this app !! Each and every features i found whatever I wish !! Sir plz !n resolve the chart issues !! So many traders depend on charts and indicators ! Chart shows perfect data in one day time frame only ! Otherwise it doesnt show whole data ! 3 stars for that issue ! Otherwise ! Awesome app for trading !

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