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StarMaker Free to Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers
by StarMaker Interactive

SING TO CONNECT! StarMaker is an amazing free karaoke app that lets you sing your own cover of top songs from a massive catalog and sing karaoke like the star you are! You can COLLAB with your favorite artists! Join the American Idol mobile auditions with StarMaker, win your silver ticket and achieve your dream! Edit top quality recordings with a huge range of voice effects and share your cover with all your friends and win Likes! Hear the voice inside you! Music is life, singing is to live your life!

StarMaker Free to Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers

StarMaker Free to Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers

StarMaker Karaoke New Functions!

We have added a bunch of new features for a better singing experience! Such as:

+ Collab with your friends and favorite artists.
+ Record and edit your karaoke songs with a large selection of special effects!
+ Powerful, immersive full-screen experience for a better singing experience!
+ New functions like “Hook” allow for flexible recordings; only sing the best part of your best karoke songs!
+ The Cutting-edge voice enhancement technology captures your voice with the best quality sound while you sing your favorite karaoke songs!
+ Make new friends through the power of music! Follow other amazing and talented artists! Hear the voice of different covers!
+ Powerful recommendation engine suggests new content for you based on your tastes and style!
+ We now share the same catalog with THE VOICE: Free To Sing app!
+ Achieve your dream! The American Idol online auditions are coming soon on StarMaker! Come and join to win your silver ticket and a chance to meet Katy Perry, the judge of American Idol this year. You might be the next Trent Harmon! Download StarMaker, the only app that can be described as a de facto American Idol App.

To be Social!
Welcome to our massive and inviting community of a great singing app, make friends from all around the world when you sing karaoke, love the voice of every potential future stars. Sing or participate in regular karoke competitions for chances to win amazing prizes or just have fun with free karaoke app in your pocket!

The mobile auditions for American Idol 2017 are coming soon! The winner can get a silver ticket and even a chance to meet Katy Perry! Do you want to perform on the stage of American Idol in front of billions of audience?



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User Reviews:-

-V Nice Amazing App. I became surprised to hear the songs of the youngsters recorded on the StarMaker and enjoyed very well. Today on the 1st of February 2018, I downloaded the App and I’ll try to record my voice. Now the StarMaker has become very popular and encouraging the youngsters and music loving people. Till now I haven’t recorded my voice, after recording I’ll tell my experience. Thanks to the developers and be adhered towards the improvements of the App.

-I love it. It helps me to improve my voice. I used to sing a long while back but got really out of tune when I quit singing. It’s fun , it’s entertaining. You can listen to many ppl from around the world. Pretty much a very great app I would recommend if you like to sing .

-M reducing it’s rating frm 5 to 3…frm yesterday m facing the issue of robotic voice while singing after updating…. First I tot my headphones might not b working properly but.. After testing it was the app fault…..i was big fan of this app but.. After this issue I don’t know… Plzz resolve this issue s soon as possible

-I’m kinda upset that effect gets stuck on party mode when I’m in a party room. I switch to Hall or distance and it goes back to part effect by default. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both the voice and this app to see if it helps but it hasn’t I’m not liking this by no means.

-Hello starmaker team I have problem with karaoke of the song tadap tadap ke is Dil se… I checked it with real karaoke and found that all karaokes of this songs are waste.. all karaoke play in different style after some time that you can’t match your song with it.. this problem is there with lots of songs.. please fix it..

-Wherever i record any song it’s got distorted and unwilling sound create. I face this problem since 1 months. Please help as soon as possible. Amd it’s nust on my device. My stage name is xrahul001 and listen to my newest recording.

-Star maker is my best friend actually.. It makes me smile when I feel upset.. I really love to sing on star maker.. But there’s a problem like I don’t find a way to save the file. I mean do you have any option to save the file as an audio clip in mobile phone.. I really want to save it as a mp3. If in any case I lose my account in starmaker I will lose all my songs.

-Whenever I record a song, my voice records very low and sounds very much distorted! What is surprising is that sound of the music is perfectly fine, only my voice is not recorded properly. I reinstalled the app but of no use…

-Actually second time I’m doing factory reset of my mobile.. because when I’m singing in party room or after recording any song voice not comes out properly.. it’s coming like robotic or other annoying voice..

-Awesome app but 4stars because…. Whenever I sing a high note the voice becomes very low and get lost in the music.. …. So please do something for this problem… Voice becomes very low when i sing a high note

-Nice app but it would be better if your server facilities r better because this app hangs too much. To improve, please ensure that karaoke of all songs are present. It would be better if you consider the song karaoke request made by the users.Otherwise starmaker is really amazing app. Especially for upcoming singers who want to learn to interact with people. Keep it up starmaker team!😊

-No i can clearly see that there are many songs and many karokes here for other language like marathi nd all others. There is not just Gujarati karokes. If u consider all language than consider gujarati too. Nd if not than no any other language can be include in sm except hindi and english.

-Sirrr This app doesn’t starts well now. Previously it was well…but not now…why?? It doesn’t give any point to my singing…or any other voice.And a very bad noise keep being made.Dont know why….I have tried by changing my fb account but in vain.And I didn’t find any other app better than urs.. So plzzzz solve this problem so that I can be a good singer as it is my dream..

-i am frequently facing a problem in this app! sometime its work great while recording but most of the time my voice is recorded like a robotic voice or can say that with a very low pitch and cracked , even a single word can’t be understood. and this problem is faced by only samsung galaxy j7 nxt users in this app only , even the inbuilt voice recorder in the pgone is working properly. i have even tried on other j7 nxt but there too is the same problem but on other models it works great. please fix this problem , this app will be great after fixing this problem…

-Worst thing is ads on home screen very much annoying. Difficult to receive calls. Work on it I will give you 5 🌟

-Lovely app i will be here forever,just. One. Suggestion for developer. Who made this. App make. Sure no one can take screen shot from others id. , if its good then no problem but make sure they don’t miss use our personal photos, thanks a trillions because of your app my t.b. got recovered. Fast,. In five months, i have download this app in September ended month, i love to be here forever until my last breath, love you alll friends,..

-I can’t listen to songs in party room and unable to watch and listen in Brodcast. Since yesterday my recordings are robotic. Why this inconvenience?

-Thnx for making this much great app,I it is very good all reading the comment you should download it,I liked it very much,it helped me to improve my voice and know about others,it had problem one time when i sung an english song the music distored my song please solve the issue faster so i sing the song once again,once again thnx for making this much good app,thnx.

-From sometimes i m facing many prblems after apdating the app . Like issue of robotics voices.. i was send a feedback to customer service but it don’t resolved anyway plzz resoved the prblem as soon as possible m addicted with this app

-I like to sing song but I don’t know where to explore my feeling of music. My friends suggested me that you will try starmaker then I install this app and I am feeling very glad and whenever I want to sing,I always use this app. Overall performance of this app is appreciable.

-I loved the app & was able to record many songs but since last few days I m getting some kind of wired sound while recording. It’s irritating. Tried reinstalling the app but it also does not help..

-No doubt it’s a good platform to perform. Hence I like it. But sometimes it doesn’t download the karaoke music when I want to record. Then I have to delete the whole app, then reinstall it. Please fix this problem.

-Disappointment. M having problem with the new update. Whenever m clicking on any song to sing a dialogue box is appearing ” insufficient storage try again later”. I’ve cleared all my caches from the app n even uninstalled completely n re downloaded it but the same thing is happening. Please tell me how to tackle with this problem.😖😖 Tell me wat to do😬😬reducing ratings coz u guys r not solving my problem. Its just the same after clearing caches regularly, almost everyday. M disappointed a lot.😬😬😠😠

-It’s a great app.. the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I’m not able to upload my recording on Instagram or anywhr else. Pls fix this. Asap

-i gave it 5 stars first. But whenever I try to open the app now, it says that network is bad. every other app is working fine except this. I tried reinstalling, still it won’t login.

-I’m reducing the stars 4 to 2 . Coz after updating I faced many issues which irritate me like during live it’s got unstable firstly I thought that it’s mine network issue bt aftr ending broadcast I went live on insta there it was working so good.. it means I didn’t hv network issue. It’s app issue so plz work on it nd plz improvise I’m facing this problem since 3 or 4 days😫 nd on room it had same problem . People who updated they hv faced same issue nd in room they can’t be able to sing coz of this problem… So please improvise it

-Band kato natak INBOX ka…Ek problem solve nahi kar raheho new upadate diye ja raheho…inbox always bloked hanged…kya jaruar group ki isme…chalta hi nahi Inbox…Apni market gira raheho khud…nahi jhel pa raheho load Ab sayad…BAND KARO YE…INBOX KA JHANJHAT GROUP KA JHANJAT

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