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Sound Recorder: Recorder & Voice Changer Free


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Sound Recorder- Recorder & Voice Changer Free App

Sound Recorder- Recorder & Voice Changer Free App

A simple recorder application, which makes it easy to record your life. You can record audio and voice, or change your voice on android phone. Besides, it’s also a screen record and capture tool for android. You can free and safe download.

★★What features you can get: ★★

❤Record sound, voice, audio
It’s a smart sound recorder app designed for long-time sound recording with a nice user interface, and it can
record in the background. Besides, you can record high quality audio effortlessly in any occasion. For example, you could record your song when you’re in the mood, record the voice of your girlfriend or boyfriend in pleasant time, record minutes in the meeting, etc.

❤Mark points
It’s a convenient feature that you could mark any points you think important when recording or playing. Also, you can add note for these marks. The all marks and notes can be deleted or edited.

❤Sound list view
You could play recordings quickly in list view. In addition, you could view the details of the sound and rename, share, delete sound here.

❤Set as ringtone
You can set any recordings as ringtone or notification sound. That is to say, you could turn your voice into a

❤Change voice
It’s an intuitive voice changer app, in which you can change your voice to man’s, woman’s, child’s, monster’s,
Santa’s, squirrel’s, bees’, etc. Besides, you can take it as a funny ringtone maker. For example, you could change your voice to female if you are a male and set the changed voice as ringtone.

❤Record screen
It’s a stable high-quality screen recorder for android including 6.0 and 7.0 that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos. It provides an easy way to record screen videos with camera and microphone. In addition, we provide a DJ mode that you can show your face when recording screen videos like games. And it doesn’t require a root access.

★★What more? ★★
Permissions needed for the app are:
– Photos/Media/Files – Save recordings to your external storage.
- Microphone – Record audio from your microphone.
– Take pictures and video – Record screen

★★Need help? ★★
If there are any problems and suggestions, please contact us at We’re always happy to assist you, and appreciate your feedback!

Download Sound Recorder: Recorder & Voice Changer Free App:-

Download Sound Recorder voice changer App ( 9.3 MB )


User Reviews:-

alan Costick
What the hell is this, that bloody child’s voice what ever it says keeps adding itself to Google play music app, on my frigging play list, get rid of it please.

Roy Rajabally
I wish this app looked and felt more “pro”, with a clean and smart UI. Like an actual audio app for audio/musician people, than it’s current silly UI for toddlers (nothing against kids, I love them, I just think built-in apps are not the place to do this and kids have lots of options out there for silly stuff if they want). Still, it has nice features, like marks on recordings and screen capture, and works as intended, and for that you get 4 stars.

App User
The screen recording is a bit slow but everything else is gr8!!

Samuel Collins
Useless. Unwanted but can not be disabled or permanently uninstalled. My original voice recorder works just fine. This app is the reason I am throwing away my device and purchasing a different brand.

App User
The voices are quite funny but they are completely unrealistic and well it’s not bad I guess. It could be so much better but you know it’s just to record voices really but the whole fun sounds thing is really weird cause how is a squirrel gonna talk 😪 but anyways it’s ok and the voices are quite funny overall

Why does this dumb kids sound app keep downloading onto my phone? I do not want this. I’ve uninstalled this trash so many times and it just won’t go away.

App User
I usually get bored with silly apps pretty fast but this one is very fun I love it honestly and that I can share it with my friends makes it that much better I keep coming back to it definitely worth the download not saying it’s perfect but it’s a great start the only thing is I would like their to be more voice options and more advanced speed settings along with voice settings to tweak the voices how I want other than that it’s awesome good one guys keep up the good work

It’s a great app! I was amazed how it could screen record and face cam I would recommend it for people who need to record their phone as my video came out perfect quality.

App User
I love it when I play the keyboard and show my friends there like what because I change the sound

App User

Cool! You should work on like a studio app in the future. This app is fun to use too!

App User
I really like the sound recorder and the video recorder on this phone of mine it helps me a lot

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