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Solid Explorer File Manager
by NeatBytes

App Category:- Productivity

This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager Please note that this is a 14 day trial version If you own the Solid Explorer Unlocker you can use the premium version for free!

New feature!
Now you can protect your files and folders with a password. If your device has a fingerprint sensor you can use it to open encrypted files without a need to provide the password. The same applies for cloud storages, which can now be  accessed with the fingerprint as well.

– Material Design!
– Two independent panels serving as file browsers
– Rich customization options: icons sets, color schemes, themes
– Drag and Drop inside and between panels
– FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS clients
– Ability to read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, even encrypted
– Ability to create password protected ZIP and 7ZIP archives
– Cloud file manager: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex
– Root access makes Solid Explorer a fully functional root explorer
– Extensibility: more features in separate plugins available in Google Play
– Indexed search finds your files in a couple of seconds
– Detailed file information with storage usage statistics
– Batch rename: change names of multiple files at once using regular expressions and variables
– Useful tools: hiding unwanted folders, FTP Server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browser


Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager


Looking for a good file explorer with a sleek, modern look and many features? Good to see you here!
Solid Explorer is the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels, which brings to you a new file
browsing experience.

This is the only fully featured file manager with Material Design you can find in the Play Store. It’s better, faster and
solid when compared to the competition. Apart from the ability to manage files in almost every location, it also gives
you many customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. You can freely adjust the interface to
match your taste. Dual pane file browsing with drag and drop greatly increases your productivity.

Solid Explorer is a great cloud file manager, because it provides you a wide support for cloud storages including
Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud. This file manager can also connect to your Windows PC
and many remote servers working with FTP, SFTP and WebDav. By the way, you will appreciate the ability to create or
extract most commonly used archive formats, such as ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP. Maybe you’re tired of ugly looking root explorer apps? This file manager will meet your needs. It features a root explorer with ability to change system level file properties. You don’t need to remember about mounting file systems as read/write. Solid Explorer will do it for you automatically.

Solid Explorer is also a great file manager for viewing your media. It can arrange your photos, videos and music in one
place for easy and quick access. It has a built in music player and image viewer, which even allow you to play remote
content stored for example on your PC, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. The most cool thing is that the content
can be casted to your Chromecast.


Download Solid Explorer File Manager App :-


Download Solid Explorer File Manager App


User Reviews :-

App User
If you rename a photo using this app and then connect your phone to your PC and go to the folder in which that renamed photo is saved, you’ll see two files: the renamed photo and a non-clickable cache/junk file (thumbnail) of the original photo with its original name. In other words, if you rename dozens of files, you’ll have dozens of cache/junk files. Seems SD card write permission does not work properly/ isn’t all encompassing.

Viveesh Krishnan
Best file Manager but doesn’t work when my phone is not connected to the internet, saying trial expired. Immediately works when I restore the internet. Their support sucks. No response even after several follow-ups!!

Dan N
Solid Explorer has been suffering from a lack of preview support for the .dng file format used for pictures by Android cameras for years. That serious deficiency makes Solid Explorer a poor choice as a file manager for photos on an Android phone. Solid Explorer was a really great software that seems to have abandoned its users stuck in the past with the jpg format as far as picture management is concerned. Fortunately, up to date alternative exists like for instance “X-plore file manager” that have dng file preview.

Rich Jones
This is an essential app. File access on each my devices (Chromebook, Android phone, tablet) and on my cloud locations (Google Drive, Dropbox). Thanks to the dev team for updating the Google Drive crash!

Jahir Iván Coronado Pérez
The app crashes when I touch a link icon inside the sharing tab in OneDrive. Aside from that this is by far the best file explorer I’ve ever used!

David Miller
A wonderful file manager that becomes completely useless because it bombs out on directory or file names that contain accented characters. Verified this is still not fixed in the most current version (7/14/18)

Christian Velasquez
Nagware, because the rating suggestion on the sidebar DOES NOT go away until you rate this file manager app

Vikas Prajapati
Superb app but I am expecting more than now it is. Please provide some additional features like OPENING MULTIPLE TABS (more than 2 TABS which is now available), GESTURES like ES FILE EXPLORER, POWERFUL CLIPBOARD, etc….. This will make it one of the best file explorer.

App User
The best file manager. It has many tools. I can easily copy files to my pen drive. Very nice interface and you can change colors and theam according to your choice. Thanks for making this wonderful app.😃👌👏

Vincenzo Schifano
There’s a nasty bug everytime i open a folder that contains a certain number of files (more than the one i can view on the screen without scrolling), as soon as i start scrolling down some files aren’t displayed, even though i can tap/open them because they’re there. A blanck space is shown in place of those files. And it happens every time.

Tim Hager
Trial only. Uninstalled after 30 seconds. It’s deceptive to not disclose software is only a trial version until after installation.

Antti Nilakari
Abusive and overbearing license terms. Also GDPR knee-jerk reaction from devs.

Nigel Warden
Seems like a great replacement for ES File Explorer. Restricting password access to the entire app would be great, but I can still use ES App Locker anyway.

Kerwin Pierre
BEST Ever of all out there – guaranteed. Pro version user. Blu STUDIO 7.0 LTE.

Tsvetan Borisov
The best file manager. Fast, responsive, lite, dual panel option but only if you need it. LAN, FTP and cloud drives integrated support. No need for heavy vendor apps. Just copy and paste. Ability to choose color scheme

Sandip Guneshwar
This problem is there from quite a time now. After turning Folder Information Option “ON” the app almost always show folders as “EMPTY” even when it actually contains files in them. Have deleted many important files because of this issue

Jeff Armstrong
App is great, does everything I want. Except work when offline. You must be connected to the internet for this app to work. That makes it two stars since I mainly use this while traveling, on planes, or where I don’t have reliable internet.

Solid Explorer features a customizable user interface with networking support. While the text editor has limited functionality, the app serves as a decent file manager. Moving files can sometimes cause insane flickering.

Harsh Bhandari
Whenever I connect an OTG device it will show the contents only. Transferring is not possible. It always fails. Otherwise a great one. (I’m on solid explorer pro)

Jerry Tracey
Recent fault where the app crashed as soon as any attempt was made to connect to Google Drive has been quickly corrected, making this my favourite file explorer again… 😀

Loved it. Different themes are awesome. Only thing is sometimes it wont detect my SanDisk 32GB USB storage. Superb app to manage files, folders and apps on the storage devices.

Anirban Nath
As the name suggests, this is the most solid file explorer one could ever use. Functionality is exactly on par with ES without any of the clutter or privacy issues of the latter. In short, the best in Android file management you can have. Totally worth the price.

Abhinav Kumar
I have a problem. I moved some images & videos from phone to SD card. It shows 0bytes in SD card and not opening within app. But other file manager or other sources to view image open the pic or videos as it is. I tried clearing cache. It didn’t worked.

Scott Muir
Much better than ES Explorer. Good function is swiping left and right you can move files easily between onboard storage and SD card

trento trasimeno
great app, i use it as my primary uninstaller, since rom manager no longer has that function, and it performs flawlessly..

Mike O
I got this to manage files across devices and Google Drive. It works well. A temporary fault quickly resolved by developer.

Wayne Pedley
Unable to use this app to copy files to SD card – always results in a 0kb file.

Kerry Burleson
Would be better if you can set up the FTP server to choose storage, so you have an option between internal and external storage.

Viktor Sundelin
One of the file/folder explorer application /file manager out there (@Google Play). When I was using, Google Drive, it was really easy to backup files, and so on…

Abhijit Khedkar
Every thing right from customisation to exploring file works fine little bit of issuse is of USB mount other wise it’s a best file manager

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