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SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup
by Microsoft Corporation

App Category:- Communication

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft App, automatically organises your SMS inbox into Personal, Transactional and Promotional category to help you declutter your SMS Inbox so that you never miss an important message. Switch to SMS organizer from your default SMS App to have the smartest SMS inbox experience ever.

Unread SMS
Now quickly read your unread SMS only without looking at the read ones.

Smart Reminders
Never miss your appointments now! SMS organiser will send you automatic reminders of upcoming trains, flights, buses, movies and even bill payments in time. You can also create a custom reminder to help you remember important events.

Smart Assist
Check PNR status, check Flight status, Check-in directly through the SMS reminders itself. You need not open multiple apps, SMS organiser will take you to the right webpage through reminder cards and help you close your important tasks.


SMS Organizer - Clean, Blocker

SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker



Dark Theme
Switch to the new beautiful Dark theme in sunlight or as per your mood at click of a button.

Smart Backup
So, the next time you format your phone or switch to a new device don’t worry about losing all your important SMS. SMS organiser will restore all your old SMS in your new device.

Smart personalisation
You can mark a SMS as your favourite for quick access or block spam senders Further, you can customise notifications, ringtones and font size. You can choose to quickly respond from notifications itself instead of going into SMS inbox.

Work Offline
This app does not need an Internet connection. All messages and reminder remain with you all the time through limited internet connectivity or signal coverage.


Download SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup App :-


Download SMS Organizer – Clean App


User Reviews :-

Nibinesh S
Actually, I left a 1 🌟 Review earlier today for the Adware issue! After the reply from SOT, I came to know that this app isn’t shows any advertisement! And even I have uninstalled it and seen whether any application is still showing the advertisement! And I found an video editor showing the advertisement and not this! So, as a token of apologies, I deleted my 1 🌟 Review, Left 5 🌟 Review as I mentioned in my previous comment, Also joined the beta testing like previous! And also installed the application and made it as my default SMS application! Thanks for the prompt response!

App User
A very good SMS app overall. The automatic filters and nifty additions to OTP notifications are what made me switch. I have a few complaints though. Would be great if there was a visual animation if swipe to change tabs is set. Other than that need a way to turn off the weekly summary. I am also unclear if starred messages are affected by auto-delete rules. Would be nice to have a setting or a note in the settings page about that. Other than works great. My new default.

Sangamesh Kotalwar
I’ve been using this app for dew months now. I don’t usually give reviews too. But this app is really brilliant in all cases. It takes care of my tickets as well as accounts. That is the best part. One more thing I want to add as a feature is to track all the scheduled appointment as well. That would be really helpful.

I am just overwhelmed by the amount and quality of features provided by this wonderful app. I am amazed how it has such low downloads despite having so many useful features, I guess they need a great word of mouth advertising campaign. It puts all the other messages apps out there to shame and I find myself using almost every feature this app has to provide as they are just amazing and there actually isn’t useless feature. Its basically a perfect no-nonsense app.

Vasant Faria
SMS Block filter does not work properly. Even though I have placed many unwanted SMS in blocked group, I receive the SMS from the same number again. It will be better if you could provide text or word filter where we can specify particular phrase or word as block filter instead of number.

Aravind Ajith
EDIT on June 30, 2018 RATING 1/5 The app is not optimised for Android 8.1. Full of bugs. Already reported. Not expecting such issues from Microsoft. Please look into it and fix it ASAP. Full messed up. Kindly provide an update ASAP. OLD REVIEW: Overall, a wonderful app from Microsoft. Does its job pretty well! And has lots of customisations available. One stop messaging app. 5/5. The latest UX changes are good too!

Nilesh Prabhu
Basic features good. Loved the grouping of sms threads (ex IMHDFCBK, VMHDFCBK, etc are clubbed into one group thread called HDFCBK) so all messages clubbed at one place. Could you please add customizable grouping also? Meaning i should be able to add multiple people’s sms threads into one group thread that i can define and modify?

Dawood Pasha
I have installed it just now. And seems to be one of the best SMS app I have ever installed. I have a doubt my number is linked with bank and because of that my current balance is displaying on the screen of this app. YOU PEOPLE HAVE MY ACCOUNT DETAILS AND EVEN YOU WILL GET OTP BEFORE I RECEIVE IT. I want to ask can I trust your app and is it save to use your SMS app??? Just asking it for my self satisfaction. Please reply me.

Srinivasa Rao Majji
I have been using this app for many months and completely happy with the performance of the app. It organises my SMSs automatically, displays only OTP, and reminds payments, travel… etc and shows me schedule a new task. It also takes back up. Thanks Microsoft for developing such a wonderful app.

App only showing mesaages in notification but when tap on msg its not visible instead it showing messages in stock app. What to do? After update to oreo 8.1 on MI A1 this bug arrived..give solution

Milhaen Ghadyali
clicking on notifications takes you to the app but the notification still remains in the notification tray.. Ofcourse I’m only experiencing this with this app. Also notifications show the full msg on the lock screen even when I’ve privacy settings not allowing this to happen..Fix the notifications else the app is great.

Rajat Kanti Nandi
It was a nice app but after recent updates can’t save messages to draft by default causing text field to clear on pressing back button & I have to type the message again. Please fix this issue, it’s very annoying.

Truly phenomenal effort,has everything in the place where you want them to be.Smooth and beautiful interface.The SMS blocker works better than any other app,well done Microsoft, really well done. One thing that can be implemented is to save a user’s settings in a file or a cloud implementation so that they can revert back to them in case of a format or a smartphone change.

App User
This app is the best one I’ve ever seen in Android devices. I’ve got somethings it was lacking: Multiple selection of messages by swiping down by holding a selected message. Sms organiser is a lengthy name and it is showing dots in place of full length name when i add a shortcut on home screen

Hemant Behera
This app is very useful but there are two things which I feel is very oddly placed. 1. If you want to send an SMS you first need to add contact and adding a contact is a pain. The buttons are not easily reachable and there are nunber of clicks to send an SMS. 2. If you want to forward sms at that point also the buttons are not placed on a right point. This should have placed on the bottom and then also it is a few clicks to forward a message and adding a contact is a pain

Burhanuddin Lokhandwala
The app is good but recently facing this issue and its soo much irritating. Some messages are not getting displayed properly. It shows notification but when clicked on the notification the message never shows up. And sometime it denies to send message showing it as invalid number that too in a thread where i was already sending message.

Manoranjan Reddy Mandadi
Not of any good use, basic purpose of the app is defied. Got an important SMS, touched on notification. That SMS got disappeared, no way I could see that SMS. This app sucks. The classification of SMS is of course good, but first provide basic functionality.

App User
Giving 4 stars as i am still waiting from you to release the version with which we can access phone messages from web. If that can be released soon then for sure its unbeatable. Good work guys.

Thaslim Abdul khader
Very good app. When trying to delete a Sms, there is always show a pop up with “delete starred msg also”. It has no need. It is annoying. Pls remove that feature.

Riya Dasgupta
Great timing for the app. Just when i was thinking of such a possibility i got such an app that too through a garage project. Awesome job done. Kudos to the whole team. One bit of suggestion. U may want to keep the OTP category a separate one for easy access.

kunal valecha
The app keeps hanging every often. Thats too irritating. Fix that soon else will have to look for alternative apps

Nitin Raizada
This app does not work well in Xiaomi phones. There is clash with mi default messaging app. Used to love it on my previous one plus. Now I can’t use it. 😢

deepthi pavan
Amazingly organizing.. very much relieved.. these days promotion messages are killing. On top of that sharing personal messages with normal app developers is scary. Thank you microsoft..

Dheeraj Prabhu
I think this is the best application for SMS organizing and operation ever. The interface is simple and clean and comes loaded with facilities. I guess someone listened to the needs of the users Don’t screw it up, keep up the awesome. Work

Works like a charm on Android Marshmallow. Never used such a user friendly SMS app before. One feature I would love to see : flash SMS.

Avinash N
In older version, when you delete message, it would ask, “Do you want to delete X messages from N conversation.” This way we would be warned that a particular conversation has more than one message. Why did you remove this feature?

Raja Dev
There are better smart messenger apps than this. This app isn’t smooth, very BAD UX Definitely UI should be redesigned. totally outdated.

App User
The new update is not good. The old update was awesome . Old dark theme was good. Pls bring the old dark theme and old app appearance back. Would’ve given 5 stars but new UI and dark theme is not good.

Praveen Baratam
Find a better name for this app. It is ugly and use an icon in the header than “SMS Organiser”. Finally fire your brand manager.

Jeet Sarkar
organize wise it is good.. it filters messages like promotional, transactions, shows otp to copy,.But it crashes a lot and when i swnd a message to someone it simply not shows new message thread

Its a brilliant app its categorizes all sms in three catagories Personal Transactions Spams You can choose in which catagory you want to put certain sms stream And it shows only the personal and transaction messages. P.s. it has got some more features whose reviews are not good which i have not used yet

Rohit Suratekar
This app has everything you need for SMS Organizer. It will be great if you can introduce some kind of “Trash” folder which can avoid accidentally deleting sms. Or at least provide some option to confirm before deleting.

Pikachu fa
Can’t recommend it enough. Probably the best app for messaging. And the statement feature is bang on. Please make it as cloud enabled windows app too.

Avijit Upadhyay
The payment reminder feature is what is great. Don’t particularly like the new message composition UI, doesn’t show the older messages(when you hit compose new message and select a contact you chat with regularly) till I send the latest message I want to send.

Vijay Kumar
Great app. Easy to search and find messages. Finally an app where I can block all the spam messages. The sorting of messages into 3 different categories is also excellent.

Kiran Pasupuleti
Any possibility of adding a webpage mirroring on desktop option any time soon? The app itself with a ton of features is excellent.

Nischith Nbs
Really like the way this app sorts out all the messages especially based on advertisement and expenses. Through the transaction page I am able to access my spends app specific without any efforts. And also like the pop-up that is displayed when an OTP is received. Hoping to see many more upgrades and features..

Amresh Kumar
Text messaging taken to next level. Best by far, thanks Microsoft. Keep up the good work. Please consider these functionalities: 1. Option to enable/disable message popup window with reply box and button. 2. Disable reply option on messages received from service providers (for example, message received from CBSSBI). This functionality is important and available in default Samsung messaging app and smartsms.

Janardhan Reddy
Hey guys, I appreciate your work. But need better UI and little bit enhanced features. I hope you guys listened to us

Arkadeep Nath
The best text messaging and organising app I have used in this tennure of 6 years with smart phones. Go for it you will love it and get addicted to it’s simplicity and usability.

Sahil Gupta
App is very good. Only problem I faced is that there is no option to remove reminder section and no option to remove the section showing balance of your bank account.

Binny Nair
This app has one major problem. Even if I have a chat thread open, a newly received message in that thread will generate a notification in the system status bar. You have to dismiss each notification from the status bar individually. Please fix this.

Pratim Baidya
App is slow. Need more bug fixing. If someone texting me for the first time only the number is showing. Not the name is showing. Though the number is saved with a particular name. Solve these problems as soon as possible.

Akshay Batra
In the updated version, Draft msgs are discarded by default and there’s no way you can save them to view or edit later…can u pls explain why?

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