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Smart Connect

By Sony Mobile Communications

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Smart Connect

Smart Connect


Smart Connect


This is the official Smart Connect app from Sony. With Smart Connect you can decide what happens when you connect your Android smartphone or tablet to an accessory or other device. It is device and time sensitive. You can choose between single and multiple actions such as starting the music player, a slideshow, turning GPS or Wi-Fi on/off – whatever you want.

Smart Connect also helps you set up and manage smart accessories such as SmartWatch, SmartTags, and app-enabled Bluetooth® headsets from Sony. When you connect your smart accessory, Smart Connect identifies it and downloads any required app for that specific device. It will also find any app extensions available for that accessory.

Previously connected devices are listed within Smart Connect to give you easy access to information and device options.

Download Smart Connect:-

Download Smart Connect App ( 6.7 MB )

User Reviews:-

Terry Hur

Very useful It works perfectly well.

Daimond Singh

Awesme for sony Burr. ..

Vichet Lach

Good I love my watch

ajay kumar

Best Application ever.

Leelchandra Wickramanayake

Excellent! Very smart…

App User

New face I love this a new face and version, very useful 😀

santhosh kumar

Smart Working nice


Great App Can you please add a option when receive text reads out the sender name/contact details first before reading the text.

App User

Supaa amazingggg Jus 4 words “i love you sony”…. Thnks fr the update

Arman Marooy

Useful and Smart This app is really make your smartphone smarter!! 5stars <3

App User

y my sony xperia not availble with camera?

Domo G

I am using The SW2 with my OnePlusTwo and have no problems installing apps using or battery issues.Dont read all the old bad comments about bad software issues they are all gone because it was updated few months ago…It’s a great product for its price.All the other comments are Outdated.

App User

Awesome app… Very gud…….works perfect

niraj patel

Nirajlpatel When I connected charger theli some bugs charging can not done after updates problem was solved

carl hanson

Sony s Awesome. Works very smooth, thanks sony

iraj Yesuf Ahmed

Good mobile charge for sonny mobile it’s greet a power !!! Thanks !

Hady Ibrahim

Thank you for the update I gave a negative comment last week for the connectivity issue. Today I received an update that fixed the issue and it’s working perfectly Thank you

App User

Great app Unreliable after latest google update (Z3 compact). Possibility to re-activate stamina mode in ‘events’ would be great. Stamina is disabled every time smart connect activates bluetooth/wifi.

Adymas Sulai

SUPERB a very usefull app for managing my sony xperia.. Thanks SONY..

ArIF Rahman

Remove limitation of adding shortcut & apps Very useful I am impressed.but Please add more features.

0_xrush x_0

It’s awesome Once I enter my headphones the music plays aautomatically..

Bod Mclean9999

Top notch For old and new great app

App User

Awesome last update was awesome 🙂 it had every thing i expected. but im facing another problem which had previous version with too. when one event is start by giving da notification of single vibrate but when it finish that gave long vibration so someting i have to wake up in middle of the to swtchd off. i think it is necessary to have single vibration 🙂 or it is better if their has way to choose 🙂 txx guys 🙂

App User

Great improvement! Live ware wasn’t that good… But smart connect is amazing!

Khaled Berrouane

I think I should no longer update this as everyone is regretting doing so lol

Eli Pesuit

Smart Connect Very Awesome

Bradley Makoni

Lovely Lovely Software. Find it a handy scheduling tool. Absolutely the best…

App User

Smart connect It’s very good app help to control and for good use of connected devices. I love it.

Amr Koptan

Quite Useful Quite same for a while but it does its basic functions. Thanks

John So

CHECK THIS APP OUT! I ignored it as a stock app, how wrong was I!!! Now I plug in my headphones, wifi turns off, and walkman starts playing automatically!!! Outstanding :D!

ashish falswal

Suggestion Add an option to put mobile in airplane mode (offline) during night (through night tab)…. It will really be helpful for quite night

Karan Purohit

Great Such a good app now I don’t need to put my phone in silent mode at collage time

Ehsan Varasteh

Feature Request Thanks for your nice app. Please add an option to Activate and deactivate Airplan mode in action list. Thanks again 😊👍

Jason Gore

Great Love this apps, keeps all my devices connected.

Sachin H

Solid app Helped a lot to me

App User

Solution to FCs To everybody getting force closes just go to settings and clear the app data


Xperia user 😉 Loved this new style…..good work xperia team

Sathyakanth Paritala

Awesome Very useful and comfortable to listening music at a particilar time

David Lanjeckt

Another great app from best company Go sony gooo 😍💗💗💗💗

Riddhesh Tiwaskar

Great!! Hats off to this app… Nevertheless can still be improved

Jainil Shah

Sony Sony Sony…!!! I’m very impressed with this app.. Very very important for my SmartWatch Connection…!!

Jainil Shah

Sony Sony Sony…!!! I’m very impressed with this app.. Very very important for my SmartWatch Connection…!!

D. Omija

Awesome Saves charge time wastage

App user

Great app No longer need to turn on Bluetooth and music before I start driving the car. SmartConnect will take care of that.

Sahil Gambhir

Excellent app…alwyzz wanted an app like this Excellent app…worth installing… 🙂

Sachin George

The best Sony app till date….!!! This is the best app that I have seen Sony providing to its consumers…. 😀 A must have for all Xperia users….

Eloise Alfeche

Brilliant @eva-liisa, U can actually add another application to start when connecting your headphones. Just click on the plus sign in the top right of the main page. This application is awesome.

Mutlu Ertuğuş

Awesome… Now my device has a daily routine, it’s like it came alive. With my devices integrated flight mode automation it handles everything…

Francis Franco

Great from Sony Corp. Nice and easy to used after I plug my earphone.. Directly form file to walkman.. By the way, can use on others activate while charging.. Keep it up.. Love Sony.

Robert La Rock

Good app Don’t use this for much, but it comes in handy when I connect to my tv when I wanna watch feeds on my big screen.

Zendolph Walkerz Mcson

Awesome!!! keep my music settings no more comment this app is just great.

Piyush Sharma

Loved this app It goes truely awesome with my sony xperia

Prasun Das

Smart phone smarter app This app smartly optimize your life event…

Andrei Blot

Great app I love it. Smart connect saved my sleep many times by going silent while plugged in at night after a certain hour, also has many other useful settings, you can do almost anything with it. I rarely find useful apps installed in a phone when you buy it, but Sony has pleasantly surprised me.

App User

Perfect tasker Although maybe it’s not just me who suggest the devs to add ability to change display brightness, but thanks for listening my suggestion!

Slow Loris

Sony Xperia S v4.1.2 Smart Connect v5.7.14.218 – Use this app with NFC tags (Arrive home/Leave home) and devices like Sony GTKN1BT. Wave the phone over the speaker, WiFi turns on if not already, bluetooth turns on and connects to the speaker, sound normalized, Internet radio apps starts, home screen shown. Music plays. It works and means I don’t have to install additional NFC tasker apps to do the same thing.

App User

Good Good performance this app.

ravi pandit

This is a good version friends you can enjoy every time and every day

Somesh Siripuram

Love this!! With the new updates, smart connect has become even smarter. Very very useful!!! Reduces so much human intervention in tasks which we always do daily.. This is what smartphone is all about.

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