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Skype WiFi
by Skype

With Skype WiFi you can get online at over 2 million public WiFi hotspots worldwide at the touch of a button.

Here’s how:

1. Simply connect to any supported public WiFi hotspot.
2. Open the Skype WiFi app and tap the big green Connect button…
3. Ta-da! You’re now connected to the internet (wasn’t that easy?).

You’re now free to browse the web, check your email or enjoy free calls and messages to all your friends and family with the Skype app – remember, it’s a different app to the Skype WiFi one. 😉

• Pay only for the minutes you use and avoid those expensive all-day internet passes.
• No matter what hotspot you’re connected to, pay using your Skype Credit so you never have to fill out another complicated sign up form.
• And so there’s no unexpected surprises, Skype WiFi will automatically disconnect after 30 minutes in case you forget to disconnect.

System requirements:

Android device running Android 2.2 or newer
• WiFi connection to compatible network
• Skype Account or Microsoft account
• Skype Credit in your account

Skype WiFi is provided by 3rd party WiFi operators around the world.



Direct Download Skype WiFi App APK (6 MB )


Download Skype WiFi app:-

Download Skype WiFi App (5.7 MB)


User Reviews :

-This is not Skype to chat, this is a way to connect to paid WiFi connections Its confusing, but this app is to connect to paid WiFi (i.e. airports) by using Skype WiFi instead of paying the WiFi provider. Your first 30 minutes are free, and you can use it to chat on Skype or surf the internet. Its supposed to be more convenient because you already have a Skype account and (maybe) Skype credit. You can use your Skype credit to buy more airtime instead of having to break out your credit card and pay on the network. Its supposed to be a convenience app.

-Lose connectivity = full session charge If you connected once and lost connection there’s no way to disconnect and Skype happily charges for 30 mins. That’s fraudulent practice and we should stay away.

-Syed When entrying Skype Id and password, a message pops up that your Skype name and password were not recognized, please try again. Application launching authority please help me in signing in. procedure.

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-Using free WiFi is easier and cheaper There just don’t seem to be that many Skype WiFi hotspots around, and even if there are, with this app you have to first connect to a network before it’ll tell you if it’s compatible with Skype Wi-Fi. That’s annoying – especially anywhere there are multiple WiFi networks.

-Ok but not clear calls I use skype for non-network calls worldwide and pay small fee. Works OK not great. For in-network calls to family and friends, i use Kakao Talk. Crystal clear calls, nothing is better.

-Failing To Instal On Samsung Gallaxy Dual Core SM-G355HM It tells it was installed on my phone, but it doesn’t show up on the screen…

-Okay when you find Skype hotspot My question is how am I supposed to know when I am near a Hotspot? Notifications are sparse. There needs to be a map of known partner locations too. So far, the fact that in my experience abroad I have not been able to use it in a huge city like Paris has been hugely disappointing. The one time I got notified of a Hotspot being nearby, I was already connect to a free Hotspot.

-Doesn’t search and connect automatically I would expect the app to search automatically the existing networks and suggest a compatible network. Instead it tells me I’m not connected and asks me to connect to one. How should I know what network in the airport is compatible with Skype WiFi?!

-Skype WiFi Skype took a good app from the past and totally screwed it up just to make a profit. Very confusing now and does not work well. In the past there was only 1 Skype app and as long as your device was connected it worked, …now there are more than a few. Skype got greedy, stupid, confusing and does not work well. …Anyone considering Skype should look for something else, save yourself the time and frustration..

-Can’t connect to Skype I Litterally cannot connect to Skype, no matter what account I use, connected to WiFi or roaming data. My app is fully updated. Even tried installing Skype WiFi. Nothing. 0/5

-Just what I need for travel Save me time, effort, hassle and let me get my work done? Now that’s an app I gotta have!

-Skype WiFi is to be used ALONG with SKYPE-FREE IM’S & VIDEO CALLS I just want to clarify. This app is NOT a stand alone app. It is to be downloaded ALONG with the SKYPE-FREE IM’S & VIDEO CALLS. I found this out recently after many dropped calls while talking to my long distance bf. However, whenever we chat through my laptop, everything works fine. I remembered coming across this app while downloading the original Skype app, so I downloaded this to see if it’ll improve the call, since I AM using WiFi. Afterwards, my Skype calls were crystal clear.

-The rate for used skype wifi is expensive,,,, and not support to all wifi? Maybe next update it can subscribe for using unlimited

-Where to go? Quite useless when traveling, as it doesn’t show where networks are available and it takes an external internet search. I barely know where I am and where I’m going, am I expected to walk and keep looking at my phone? I have Pokemon Go for that, and I don’t use it (especially not without wifi…). With all the Starbucks, it’s just easier to find that with my eyes on the city. This app would be great if it had built-in access to a map showing available wifi spots near me

-Love it when you reach that point in your life uuuu will not remember what you walked in the room for twice. Then come back and say why did I go in there oh oh oh oh

-The rating was just to appreciate skype for making their product free to the average user. Sometimes we need to appreciate the fact someone bothered to make something like this available in the first place. Thank you Skype creators.

-Excellent face to face chatting. Once you start you just wont stop. Say goodbye to your calls and texts because skype is here and its going nowhere.

-SKYPE Hi Everyone, well what can I say people, only that for chatting with your friends and family and colleagues that you will agree with what i am going to say too you young men and young ladies younger children and young people and grandparents you are not going to get out there a service like SKYPE it is number one choice for everyone so trust me down load it and speaking to your son’s daughters well Every one, so just download it and enjoy. KINDEST REGARDS, MARCUS1961UK.

-My skype Its nice. But there is net problem

-My skype,keeps asking for password.TThen says it all wrong!I never sign out&now,I can not,get in.i have my boyfriend,who lives overseas&im in sth.australia!We talked Every morning&Every nite!I can not get into my skype.So,i’ll probably lose my Tunisian boyfriend now,thru the complications and grief Your app has caused!!FIX THE PROBLEM&STOP MAKING IT AWKWARD…I NEVER SIGNED OUT!!WHY DOES IT SAY INCORRECT PASSWORD OR SKYPE NAME,WHEN IVE DONE EVERY THING RIGHT!FIX THE PROBLEM,OTHERWISE I WILL TAKE THIS MATTER,TO CONSUMER AFFAIRS!THIS HAS MADE ME HAVE SEPARATION ANXIETY AND DEEP DEPRESSION :'((

-Skype ☺😎💙👌. I could see my Loving familia Far&Near Always Especially the ones that are Far, And my Great Good friends also in Puerto Rico, Colorado, my son Nico&my baby Grandson baby Chinese Grandson Noah And all That went 2 live out NYC, l’ll Be Next!God willing soon. Great Technology Love it. 💞 👍 😎💜💖##swag&cool.

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