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Skype – free IM & video calls
by Skype

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Staying in touch has never been easier. Use Skype on any device to message, video chat, call, or share with the people and groups you care about most.

What can I do with Skype?
• Connect anywhere: Use Skype across all of your mobile and desktop devices to call, text and instant message all of your favorite people and groups.
• Free messaging internationally: Send Skype messages internationally to chat with your family, friends, and groups around the world.
• Messaging made awesome: More than just text. Send photos, videos, voice messages, and more. You can also respond to any message from your contacts with reactions.
• Group chat: Add your favorite people and start chatting with a message or video chat. Use groups to plan together, play together, text, or just for hanging out.
• Calling and international calling made simple over Skype, mobiles and landlines: Free* voice and video calling make it easier to stay connected with friends, family, and groups. You’ll also enjoy low calling rates to mobiles and landlines worldwide with Skype.
• Supercharge your messages with Add-Ins**: No more switching back and forth between apps. Easily share content to your groups without leaving Skype.
• Never miss a moment with quick capture: Quickly swipe to capture photos and videos. Make them your own by adding emoticons, stickers and annotations. Easily add photos to a call or text to share your day with the people and groups you care about.
• Share highlights: Keep others updated with highlights from your day. React to any highlights with awesome emoticons or send a private message about that highlight. Your highlights only stay visible for 7 days to your followers.

Skype - free IM & video calls

Skype – free IM & video calls


* Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.
** Add-In availability will vary by country/region.

Upgrading to the new Skype may result in the deletion of content from older conversations.
To save photos and videos that were previously sent or received in an older version of Skype, save that content to your camera roll/photo gallery before upgrading to the new Skype.


Download Skype – free IM & video calls App :-


Download Skype – free IM & video calls App


User Reviews :-

Calvin Woosnam
I clicked on the Update Ver 8.0 of skype and am not impressed at all. This is backward step by Microsoft to cater to social world rather than a communicating world. Seems most of the reviewers feel the same. Stop prompting my Ver 7.41 to upgrade, we don’t want it. Listen to your existing users and don’t try to grab instagram or some other method we have already chosen to to use.

Amos Justin
Though many ppl say that skype is getting outdated. To my opinion, skype is still good in terms of availability when contacting a close-friend, family, or a distant relative that resides on a different country. All you need is a device that is internet capable and internet connection, and connecting to those ppl are just a few clicks away. Though the revamped version kinda ruins the scenery, it’s still good that Skype is evolving. Microsoft has plans for this great app.

App User
This app and it’s PC equivalent are now far too complex to be usable on a daily basis. I use Skype credit which means I use the calls to landlines, It’s better than it was since Microsoft took over, but not as good as it was. I tend to use WhatsApp which is very simple to use by comparison for VoIP calls, video and texts. Skype is still best for landline calls at present

Avik Ghosh
I used to use Skype on a day to day basis, but after the latest update for Windows 10, the video quality has become horrible. My video has become very hazy and gloomy. The other party can now hardly recognize me. Can I go back to the previous version? It was lovely in the previous version.

Max M
The PC version is better. The app can’t open itself before the caller hangs up, so it misses every call it receives. Useless, not recommended, poor quality. Now it also has a giant box that covers everything during a phone call so you can’t use your phone.

Robin Galawanji
How the mighty have fallen. 10 years ago, I would’ve recommended this app to everyone and their mother. Today, it’s a shell of a program, with its insides ripped out and filled with garbage, for the sole purpose of integrating it with my Facebook, my phone contacts and more.

Minerva_ Sabertooth33
It’s great when it works but lately it’s not connecting to a contact I call everyday most days. He can call me but I can’t call him. It shows he’s online but when the call doesn’t go through it says he’s not online. Please fix this issue cause it’s getting very annoying and frustrating

Emily Dean
I use this app a lot. I need it to communicate with friends and family I no longer visit much (Including my 90 year old grandmother). The reason I rated 3 stars for something so good, you might wonder? Why, it’s because I can’t sign in anymore. My email is correct and so is the password, but I am ‘Unable to sign in’. Perhaps I am complaining, but in my place you’d do the same. Please fix this problem, it’d be greatly appreciated. Cheers. EDIT: Skype has been updated, I can use it and it looks better than ever. Thank you!

Garth Giles
I have version Not sure if this is beta but it certainly has issues; slow to load and update conversations, incompatible with SwiftKey arrow keys, and no sent / delivered / read status. I only use it because I have friends who don’t realise there are better apps out there.

Jerome Hu
Worst update ever! Whenever I tried make a phone call it immediately hang up and show “miss call” do not use Skype! Do not load any credit it’s a scam!

Dannis Cole
Have used it for years. Sometimrs it doesn’t work but most of the time it’s great! Blame poor performance on sunspots, not the app. If you’re havinv problems, check the space weather.

Blake Finke
Fix your sorry excuse for an app. You can’t even use emojis anymore because it always freezes if you try to cycle through them. Major bugs that haven’t gone away..always found frustration with the entire rework/design

Stephan Bourges
I would have given a 4 to 5 start before. But in the last year updates the product just went down. It takes more resources, is less usable (example is conferencing if someone calls you to be added is now a pain). This is a classic example of a good product gone bad by the wrong decision made for the product and its users.

Ray Duffey
Its ok. I just use it for calls. But oh what a serious relief to know i can basically call anyone anytime anywhere i am as long as there’s wifi! Cool!👊 Thanks Skype!👌👍👊

The new look feels like it’s made for a generation of users who need big shiney buttons. It feels like Fisher Price made this. I dislike the new look and layouts. I’ve changed to Discord.

Riaz Rahman
Skype is good, but this app now became a painful things, slow, takes too much time to load, there are many issue. Last six month or more u have this problem with this new app. Previous app UI AND performance was good, but now!!!!! It’s horrible…

Heather Parker
The cross platform function works really well. Reliable sound and good image quality. I called my friend using a Galaxy Note 8 and she had a non-apple laptop. My phone provider is Sprint. BTW, Comcast was not able to provide reliable sound or image when I used Skype on my Chromebook to call my friend.

I live in U.K. Make call to mobile and landline to Poland for 100 minutes for who do not have internet cost me 1.80£ per month. Why on earth to make call for unlimited mobile and landline cost only!!!!!! 2.40£ per month to The USA? Frankly, i wish do the same thing calling to Poland. Any explanation from Skype???? I, m a little bit furious 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

Ankur Mahajan
The slowest messaging app in the world!! Hate it like crazy. I use it for my official communication and this app takes ages to sync messages Make the app simple, remove all unwanted features and make the app fast

Provide an easy way to stop the damn thing. So, so, so sick of having you decide that I should have it run in background when I choose to exit. So sick of your arrogance.

Alan Grant
It kept pestering me to allow Skype plug in to manage phone calls which was most unwelcome and what’s worse the check box to never ask me again was not working so I couldn’t stop the constant interruption. I’ve had to uninstall it. Very annoying wasted my time and never want to use a horrible app like this

Peter Lusby
They completely screwed up this release. When I get an incoming skype call there is no way to answer it – no button, no menu item, just their horribly annoying ringtone until the caller gives up and hangs up. What started life as an awesome tool has become useless.

Greatly improved app with really modern design compared to other chat services. But this private chats, they are OK, but not good. It needs to be on all the time with all conversations. That’s the reason for three stars.

Asheesh Sharma
I am using this regularly on my one plus. Most of time, it works as expected. Number of instances of failure are getting reduced day by day it seems. Good job team skype…

Richard Fung
When you’re in a call but don’t have the app open there’s a little box that takes up 1/4 of the screen on my Pixel and can not be dismissed. The controls should have just been placed on the notification bar instead.

Amir Toghraee
Ever since the latest Microsoft updates, it’s been riddled with security bugs and hacked accounts. Unknowingly syncing contacts only led to more spam & malware spreading. It’s sad to see what was once a great app, essentially a pioneer of video chat, go to waste.

App User
Messages from others dont show up or disappear. The video messaging is spotty at best, even with a good quality webcam and strong internet. The Highlights section is honestly lame since nobody uses it and all you get is junk from Skype.

Slick L
Damn app signed me out…i forgot my password and now i can’t even reset it..god i hate microsoft!!!! UPDATE:..i had to get a new account and now in the middle of typing a message it automatically goes back to the beginning of the message half way through typing …useless app!..DO NOT DOWNLOAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Ian McIntosh
Now utterly useless since the recent update as I can’t even sign in… It now insists that I supply my date of birth but none of the entry fields will activate to allow me to enter anything! That makes it even worse than the v8 of Skype for Windows Desktop.

a person
the calling is way too abysmally loud – on my computer it is fine, but on my phone it is painful as even on the lowest volume possible, skype is too loud. messaging works fine and the layout is clean. i like how you can customize colors.

Nancy The Vampyre
It is bloody infuriating that everytime I go into the Skype app, it forces me out of Invisible and into Online. The same happens on the desktop app. It also randomly happens when I’m just using the app, it’ll suddenly force me into Online. This. Needs. To. Be. Fixed. Not to mention I don’t get notifications for messages or messages don’t get sent until an hour later. The interface looks like it was designed for children (and good god I hope not). Call quality is bad or constantly fluctuating despite both my friend and I having very stable and strong connections. Just fix it. Don’t add more, fix what you have. That’s all I’m asking and that seems reasonable.

Bhavik Prajapati
Very bad responce of app in temrs of imojies and chat responce. Also takes hours to open, connect and update conversations. Very Disappointed😡 I don’t want to disclose my age with you, why you are forcing to do that

App User
stopped working on my phone had to delete it and reinstall it threw my pc to upload on my phone, kept telling me it was not compatible with it and its been on my phone since i got it, refused to log me in , to many bugs get it fixed and this new update is terrible

Sina Bader
Great app, always loved Skype. Especially great for international phone calls!! (Even more so when you suffer under your phone provider (orange) that is too incompetent for anything)

Jeff Cook
The basic functionality of voip is good. Literally every other aspect of this app is pain and frustration. The more they try to cram into the app the more pain there is.

martha murungi
It’s amazingly super clear for both video and voice calls here in Japan. And it’s super super cheap compared to any other thing I’ve tried. Keep it up

App User
I was using a previous version and it was atrocious, eating CPU like crazy, and calls were totally distorted because it was monopolizing the CPU on a device with 8 cores to the point there wasn’t any CPU left for the voice codec. Then I installed the update and now everything works great. (Which means I won’t install another update to this thing while it is still working). I’ve used Skype for a very long time now both for business and private and I’ve seen the Skype client evolve in a number if platforms. All I really care about is the chat and the voice call functionality, meaning I could not care any less about all this social network or smiley bs that’s starting to popup in the more recent versions. Instead I’m recommending that Microsoft focuses on reliability and call quality.

Marc Goldring
Terrible UI. Bring back Skype to make calls. Enough of this overburdening stuff of status, chats and photo sharing. It’s not what’sapp and never will become it!! Aaarghhhhh

App User
Cannot disable use of mobile data. Who decided to put banners at the top that flash?

Sarah Crowe
Still can’t login to my original Skype account because I can’t put in my DOB as the menus don’t work. Why now does Microsoft want my DOB anyway, never did on previous versions.

Eugene G
Why on earth did you remove ability to edit phone number in dialing screen in the recent update?! In my phone contacts I dont always store numbers with international prefix.. now when I copy paste them to skype, I cant edit first digits…

D Powell
Cannot answer incomming calls. Answer / Reject call buttons missing.

App User
I am trying to create a new acciunt coz i can no longer sign in skype on my other i thought i forgot my password..i reset my password but still the is more complex now..not easy to use unlike the old version where you can easily create an you have to sign in with microsoft which make it complicated

Olivia SpazTomato
I’ve had alot of problems with Skype but I guess my biggest “problem” right now is that there are so few theme color options. Like. Where’s the green??

Suporna Das
For some reason made me create a brand new account linked to Microsoft account and MESSED UP everything. Hate it. Why did you have to mess around with a good working app and make it SO confusing???

Andrea Vis
Utilizzabile e non male la qualitá delle chiamate… ma crasha moltissime volte mentre sono in chiamata, o esce da solo dalla chiamata o crasha l’applicazione. Fix please. Edit del 20/08,18, disconnette il wifi da solo e da sui nervi

Moe VH
Still some settings options unavailable. Windows version is superior. This product should mirror the Windows platform. Either that or fork the Windows version to Android. However, the latest update provided some good new functionality.

App User
Was using Skype from first days. Great in past, terrible now. Microsoft successfully killed great software with some sloppy developers and ux..

Dragan Ikonic
This is so far the worst update ever. I will rather start using other video call app. WORST UPDATE EVER!

Lovella Miller
Installed the app. Tried to open a new account cause I’ve never used it before. Got to where it said it was sending me a code to my phone… I’m still waiting for that message and it’s been hours. Hit re send several times as well. Still nothing.

Yo I hate the new update because even when your camera is off it still leaves a big black thing on your screen

Boris Nguyen
The updates are always down grades, you lose functionality and it’s always aesthetically horrible. Hold off on updates for as long as you can. DO NOT UPDATE

Not So Kawaii Potato
This app works all in all pretty well but my Skype has stopped working. I have all my icons to see and my profile photo except my chats and such. I can’t press anything anymore and I have tried resetting my phone and deleting and really installing the app. It worked okay until I logged in. Could someone please help me with this?

Femi Omomo
Cant turn off birthday Notifications I have over 1000 contacts, and Skype sends me an email each time someone has a birthday.

Bob Bobson
2 stars for being bugged repeatedly to rate the app. Here’s your rating, leave me alone.

Rachel Arroyo
Love the app! My families can get in touch wherever we are. Feels like they’re just beside me.

Lionel R
The latest “ugrade” makes everything useful more difficult to find. Everything useless is of course front and center. Navigation is complete nonsense. Lost features such as preventing targeted advertising and removing history after X weeks. Also, replete with massive privacy intrusions and security “oopses”. With prevision release, Microsoft is clearly demonstrating that WE lowly users are in fact the “product”. Edit: Signing out doesn’t actually sign you out. Yet another privacy nightmare. Steadily and completely worse and worse. 6/13/18. The latest version is even worse than the previous. You can no longer sign out, you can no longer have a conversation without MS spying on you with their Cortlana spy-bot. This is an evil application to be avoided. Remove immediately. 8/18/18 The latest update is a joke. It would be difficult to imagine a worse product than this. SPYWARE at its worse. Every conversation you have goes through Microsoft servers. You know they record and save them right? Wonder what they do with your conversations…. evil.

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