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ShotOn for Oppo: Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark
by Shot On Stamp

◇ ShotOn for Oppo is a easy-to-use app that helps you to add ShotOn Tags on the photos captured with your built-in  smartphone camera. You can even customize ShotOn and Shot By Tag as per your preference e.g. “Shot on Oppo F3” and “Shot By “Your  Name”” with Oppo Logo.



ShotOn for Oppo Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark android app

ShotOn for Oppo Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark android app


Download ShotOn for Oppo App (10.6 MB)


Install ShotOn for Oppo App from Play Store

Exclusive Shot on tag functionality that was previously available only for flagship and dual camera sensor capable
phones is now available for all in the form of single app package!



⌚ What makes us stand out from the crowd?

✌ All-in-one Free App Package
✌ Adjustable Shot On Stamp Tag Position
✌ Functionality to add your custom stamp
✌ Editable “ShotOn & Shot By” Tags


 It’s Features, keeping you in mind:

👉 Extensive Font Formats to Fulfill all your need
👉 Tune ShotOn Logo Size
👉 Adjustable ShotOn Stamp Tag Position
👉 Alterable Size of ShotOn Watermark Tag
👉 Customizable ShotOn Signature Text
👉 Customizable Shot By Text Tag
👉 Massive Database for Brand Logos


Being simple it doesn’t compromise on any features. Every essential features that you wished for packed in a single
package! No matter which brand or handset model you are using, all you need to do is select the brand and respective phone  models will be shown straightaway.

ShotOn for Oppo is seamlessly blended with your inbuilt phone camera so that you keep clicking photos and we keep
adding tags right away.


✔ Let’s Simplify the Process By Understanding Some Simple Steps,

1) Toggle ShotOn to on
2) Choose from the Brand Logos that are inbuilt or add your custom.
3) After Selecting Brand choose your Handset Model from the list.
4) Edit ShotOn Signature Text or Keep Default.
5) Choose Font Formats and Adjust Text Size.
6) Live Preview your final ShotOn Tag.
7) Open your default camera and start clicking photos.


✔ ShotOn Watermark Tag has a great connection with photography. Whether you are novice or professional
photographer it very essential add your personal tag to the image.

✔ ShotOn Tag or Signature text can add a professional touch to your image along with defending it from any illegal use
without your concern.

✔ Shot By Tag can help you build online authority, because you don’t want to go unrecognized by the people.

🌟 Compiling each and every features of ShotOn for Oppo we can say it provides you the most value in a single

It can do wonders if you extract the most out of it. So without a further due download the application now and start
adding ShotOn Tags on all your photos captured directly from the inbuilt camera.


Download ShotOn for Oppo: Auto Add Shot on Photo Watermark from Play Store :-


User Reviews :-

-Awesome bllosm app good apk this I like all oppo software and apps


-So far, this app and the similar apps are good. There are times that my photos are blurred. And please add similar
apps for Huawei, and iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).



-It’s kinda good but the shots are only limited unless we get to upgrade into the premium version of it. How i hope that
the shots would be unlimited even without upgrading the app.


-Perfect match found for what i was in search of! Adds Shot On watermark works great on my device. Great work!


-Please also make it for coolpad coolplay 6


-This is really sustainable app


-gud app for wonderfull i like it


-Its an nice app

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