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Secure Folder App

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Secure Folder App

Secure Folder App

Secure Folder


This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0 and above.

Secure Folder leverages the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private, encrypted space on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Apps and data moved to Secure Folder are sandboxed separately on the device and gain an additional layer of security and privacy.

Easier and more convenient
Store your private files and apps safely. It’s easy to move apps and data by tapping “Move to Secure Folder” or by importing them via “Add files” from inside Secure Folder. Your personal apps and data will be separated and encrypted so that they are protected from malicious attacks.

More secure
Lock your Secure Folder with an additional PIN, pattern, password, or biometric lock, so that only you can access your private pictures, apps, and data.

Effectively manage data
Add or copy your apps and data into Secure Folder. You can use Secure Folder to store your private contacts, photos, and more in a separate account. This allows you to have two profiles on a device so you can manage your data more effectively.

※ Secure Folder will operate only on official software released by Samsung Electronics. Features or UX may vary depending on the device, OS version, etc.

※ Secure Folder is a service, based on Samsung account, that provides an independent, isolated environment within your mobile device. Applications and data moved or added to Secure Folder (e.g. photos, audio files, movie files, and documents), will not be accessible from outside Secure Folder, whether by USB or Wi-Fi Direct. If your mobile device detects any rooting or custom ROMs, Secure Folder will automatically lock-up in order to prevent unauthorised access, in which case you will no longer be able to access or use the contents within Secure Folder. Therefore, please make sure you back up any important applications or data elsewhere, such as on your personal computer, before moving them to Secure Folder. Samsung is not responsible for any data loss or inaccessibility.

Use Backup and Restore of the below path to store your customers’ data more safely.
Secure Folder > Settings > Backup and restore > Back up Secure Folder data

[Required Permissions]

– Calendar: For the purpose of providing the ‘Share calendar’ function
– Contact: For the purpose of using the registered account to set up Secure Folder
– Storage: For the purpose of backing up and restoring the content in Secure Folder or for the purpose of providing the data backup feature when adding or deleting files
– Body sensors: For the purpose of using the lock screen with fingerprints and iris


Download Secure Folder App:-

Download Secure Folder App ( 8 MB )

User Reviews

Xuan Tuan Nguyen

As expected

Briggs Christopher

It’s awesome


App User


Shihab Uddin

photo kivabe lock korbo bujte parchi na ami

hoo moo


abs kajol

I cannot open this apps. there are my lots of pictures in here but the open option is gone. so how can I get my pictures back.

antho naid

So far so good

App User

It’s really amazing

App User

This is awesome. I’m glad Samsung has decided to put a focus on security as I feel this is an area android was starting to fall behind in.

Gustavo Adolfo Solis Rosas III

Dope as hell get it if u don’t have it already…

Myint Myat Ko

The best solution for privacy.

App User

I have this app on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8 and I really like it a lot!!!! It came pre-installed and I have used it for certain things and I must say I really like it!!!! Keep up the good work, devs!!!!! 😃😊☺️

Md Nishad

Best security

Tanzeel Hussain

Great app and easy to use.

Houman MN

This is an amazing application made by Samsung. I love it because its like having two phones at once. I run vpn app on my secure phone and at the same time use my phone with no vpn. Or having two whatsapps at the same time one for work and one for family.

Duy Quang Nguyen

This app works similarly to a VM on the phone plus the VM is secured at hardware level. What a genius idea.

Jonathan Brewbaker

Great program but is there anyway possible in the settings or will it be implemented to be able to use a third party video player such as MX Player Pro?

Ricky Raxx

Have this on my S8+. And it honestly works smoothly. I can install apps and use apps as if it was another phone. And just go back to my regular apps with no problem. Keeps things secure. Hopefully they add more functionality and more customization. But works well at what it says it does. I can keep my apps private without anyone even knowing this space exists.

Sadaf Safa

Secure folder 😃ok ys عالیه

The Android Spot

The awesome the world

Ravinder Singh

Please add app lock function

Apostol Apostolov

Lacks an option to stop push notifications from all apps inside Secure Folder

ASTA Lavista

Excellent Awesome and a must have app.

Ly Nguyen

Does what it says; mainly useful for work-related separation when you’re limited to a single device or for those who need the defined boundary between personal and other things.

Sepanta Esmaeili

I really suggest to get it!!

Łukasz Qa

Great app to separate important files. Good job.

jejo john

Good work guys!! Everything is fine . I would have loved to see a launcher like option with separate home screen like knox had.. Helps to make it more personal… Thanks anyway.

Ray Li

Only gripe is that pressing home button takes you to the phone home instead of secure fielder home. Maybe you can implement something like “single tap” to return to secure folder home while “double tap” to return to phone home.

Steven Mc Grath

Hi devs, ive got my knox on my samsung galaxy s7. Ive backedup my data on my knox then backedup it 2 the secure folder when i go in secure folder my apps aint there….? I’m still waiting on a reply devs.?

Uttam Mavani

What is knox mode and Secure folder not open my device , device says unauthorised software in your device Plz. Help me

Calvin Liemowa

I’ve been using Samsung devices many times and the secure folder feature such as this has long been one of my favorite things from Samsung. This is the best privacy app ever for Samsung devices!

App User

I uninstalled this app by mistake and I cannot reinstall it.

Ashutosh Gupta

I think Knox folder was much better,don’t know why samsung terminated that service

Ahmad Sharif

يحتاج الى تغيير بسيط في اعدادات الملف اثناء الخروج من أي برنامج داخل الملف يحتاج الى رقم سري من جديد


Samsung galaxy 7edge

Manish Sh

Amazing performances

Adam Butler

It is pretty cool so far

Saccy Dedha

Wat a app by samsung gr8 app

Wooly Sammoth

So since my latest software update the app was removed from my home screen as well as from the section we can add apps from to our screen to access it. I looked in my apps and it’s still installed on my phone I just have absolutely no way to access this. Please fix this issue with out me having to uninstall or erase the data saved in it.

Sanoj S

Really this app is awesome.

daniyal shaikh

Awesomee App.. feels like a whole secure new phone in this app

Suleman alrabai

Its like a second phone

Jayesh Srivastava

best solution for privacy

Sun Kim

make it unlock until screen off

yashpal singh


Dan Quentin James

Works great on Samsung Galaxy Note.

Peter Abou Gharib

I don’t use the app for anything but hiding sensitive photos but it works effectively. I like it.

D Franklin

This is where Samsung stands.. Top class… easy to use…


Please add sound settings in secure folder. To mute keypad sound

Bruce Nie

It’s fantastic. I really like this app. No need for other third party apps and it’s secure. Highly recommend. Using it on galaxy s8

Faten Mahmoud

Ahhh You are doing that ? Ok ok ok ok ok ok you really making

App User

Why does my phone say this app has used 5mb of background data? Is it uploading my sensitive files to samsung without my knowledge?

App User

It’s really good to save your privacy

shashidhar tr

Good Protection For Personal Data And Apps !

adnan sm

thank you can you please bring 1080 screen resolution for galaxy s6 next updat

alireza noskhechi

I have this on my s8 . Its veryyyyy intersting

Mukeshkishor S. Pandey

Awesome & the best place with a great idea & security to secure your all type of applications, files, images, musics & videos in Mobiles.

joginder bhola

much more secure

Usman Amin

Excellent. Works flawlessly. Innovative & unrivalled Apps like this is why Samsung is the leading Android manufacturer! Always pushing the limits and giving customers the best features. Keep it up Samsung!

Nald David

Excellent app! Tnx Samsung!

Ankush sgr

One of the best protector like soldiers

Ankush sgr

One of the best protector like soldiers


it’s the best thing in my s8

Suresh Basnet

The app is awesome but by mistake i have rooted my s6 but again i installed official firmware and now unable to use it 🙁

Dennis Beaton

Use this often for secure email – works great – Thanks Samsung – happy user

App User

This is one of the best apps from samsung group

Ric W

Great app to have on hand

App User

This is the best ever secure thing I’ve ever had on my device, im the old user of my knox then on my s7 edge i start using secure folder. Now on my s8+ first thing i did, that was configured the secure folder. It’s not only the ultimate solution for securing things besides i give you an separate environment to use second social media apps and any other app which you like to use. Im using 2 WhatsApps, cause of secure folder. In past my knox did the same for me.

dhruw singh

Good app for protection anything

Khan Saeeda

its a awesome app for security

manjit singh Maan

This app is really usefull don’t need any extra app for running two different accounts of any apps like WhatsApp or Facebook..

Harold Inacay

This is a very useful app. It allows you to have 2 workspaces in one device, plus, a very secured way of keeping your personal files.

App User

my secure not open if i open it unathired software has be installed in your device plz help me

Rasik Aryal

One of the most innovative app in the market

Rahul Mishra

I have used several smart phone of Samsung. But, I never used this app. Now I am using S8 . I started to use this app as trial. Now i get to understand the value. It’s worth to download and use this app.

App User

Best app for ptotect my bussiness

Mahad Mdualeh

This App is good for everyone’s privacy and it works properly. Thank you Samsung, you developed a an amazing App! SECURE!

Sumanth M Rao

Please include “Launcher mode” on Note 9, present on S9+

Mina Rizk

I love that it separates work stuff from my personal apps and can run two whatsapp with two different numbers

charlie1dst gaming

Omg it’s great works on my s8 plus everytime I use no problems so far had it 2 months really install its great, copies of apps and also uses the s8s iris scanner trust it’s good

Aldorino Adhisasmita

As advertised by far. I have no major problems on my S7 G930FD. When i knew this app, i’ll stick to samsung. Please, don’t close this project. You have a big potential!! Love this app and samsung!!👍❤️❤️👍

Shane Sela

Works very well. Would like to be able to drag an app into the folder rather than creating a second version of the app. Ouod avoid all the logging on and deletion steps. The current is giod ifvyou have multiple profiles. Would also like the option of leaving the folder open while in use but locking it at screen lock. The current lock options are immediate or timed.

Kiarash Pourheidar

I love it it’s quite similar to samsung my knox but i did like my knox more than this one but still this one does the thing as well you should try it


A great app like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a beautiful phone 😍😍😍😍😍

Yourz Techy

The best and most secured Application to be found on any device… Thank you Samsung ..❤

App User

I have samsung Galaxy s8 and it works flawlessly with it.. super awesome app

Aditya Shah

This app is the perfect replacement for Knox. It’s easy and simple to use. I found myself using it regularly, without any issues. It’s frankly impossible to get into it without your consent and that’s something that is valuable to a lot of people. It’s just amazing. I particularly liked the quick actions feature.

App User

My secure file not found last two days please help me …

edris mateso

I like it. Samsung is great. This offers great protection against FBI CIA Mossad and other losers

Aashish Choudhary

What an awesome app thumps up for this

Jonathan Weiss

Does exactly as advertised. Great solution to privacy on your phone! To all those rating 1 star because they don’t understand how to use it: get over it, read up on a manual/instructions and leave a fair objective review.

Rom H

Love it can use password or fingerprint if you don’t want others to snoop around with you’re documents, photos etc.

Andy Low

10-Jun 17 update incredibly great! no more lagging and smooth ‘Secure Folder’ on S8+

Nazrin Shah

I love it. Now i can have 2 separate accounts on my phone.

عدیل الروح


Ajit Mishra

Good application for privacy…

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