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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


– Galaxy S7/S8/Note8/S9/Note9 owners: Tap [Settings] > [Cloud and accounts] > [Smart Switch] to open Smart Switch Mobile.
* Smart Switch Mobile is already preloaded on Galaxy S7/S8/Note8/S9/Note9 device.

▣ Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, device settings and more to your new Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch™ helps you find your favorite apps or suggest similar ones on Google Play™.

▣ Who can transfer?
Android owners
– Wireless transfer: Android 4.0 or higher
– Wireless transfers from a compatible Android device to Galaxy device: Android 4.0 or higher (Note that non-Samsung devices with Android versions lower than 6.0 can only connect with Galaxy devices that support a mobile AP.)
– Wired transfer: Android 4.3 or higher, charger cable, and a USB connector

• iOS owners – use the option that’s best for you:
– Wired transfer from your iOS device to your Galaxy: iOS 5.0 or above, iOS device cable (lightning or 30 pin), and a USB connector
– Import from iCloud: iOS 4.2.1 or higher and Apple ID
– PC/Mac transfer using iTunes: Smart Switch PC/Mac software – Get started

• BlackBerry owners
– Wireless transfers: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 (Mobile AP)
– Wired transfer from your BlackBerry device to your Galaxy: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 for transfers via USB connector

• Windows Mobile owners
– Wireless transfers: Windows OS 8.1 or 10

▣ What can be transferred?
– Contacts, calendar(Device content only), messages, photos, music (DRM free content only, Not supported for iCloud), videos (DRM free content only), call logs, memos, alarms, Wi-Fi, wallpapers, documents, app data (Galaxy devices only), home layouts (Galaxy devices only)
– You can send app data and home layouts by upgrading your Galaxy device to M OS (Galaxy S6 or higher).

▣ Which devices are supported?
• Galaxy: Recent Galaxy mobile devices and tablets (From Galaxy S2)
* Note: For Galaxy S2, old OS (GB/ICS) version can cause incompatibility. If your S2 does not work properly, please try after firmware update.

• Other Android devices:
– HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, PANTECH, Panasonic, Kyocera, NEC, SHARP, Fujitsu, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Coolpad(DazenF2), RIM(Priv), YotaPhone, ZTE(Nubia Z9), Gionee, LAVA, MyPhone(My28s), Cherry Mobile, Google(Pixel/Pixel2)

* Note: For reasons such as compatibility between devices, it may not be possible to install and use Smart Switch on certain devices.
1. To transfer data, both devices must have a minimum of 500 MB free space in their internal memory.
2. If you are using a wired connection, your device must support a ‘Transferring media files (MTP)’ USB option to allow content to be transferred.
3. If you have a non-Samsung device that constantly disconnects from the wireless network, go to Advanced Wi-Fi on your device, turn off the “Wi-Fi initialize” and “Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal” options, and try again.
(The options described above may not be available, depending on your device manufacturer and OS version.)

※ Application permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service.
[ Required permissions ]
. Telephone: Used to transfer call log data
. Contacts: Used to transfer contacts data
. Calendar: Used to transfer calendar data
. SMS: Used to transfer SMS data
. Storage: Used to save the files necessary for data transfer
. Microphone: Used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices.

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.

Download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile:-

Download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App ( 24 MB )

User Reviews:-

Roy Miller

Worked great Switch from my Samsung Galaxy S3 to Samsung note 3 works every well.

A Google user

Easy to use. ..cuts through all the BS of having to go to a store (ATT) to set up the new phone. Works fast and intuitively.

Amy Smith

Amazing!! Made switching phones EASY as pushing a button!!!!!! Love this!!

Cassandra Juniel

Excellent application First time ever that I changed phones and Everything came over. Very user friendly.

Sarika Kohli

Thanks Is very easy to use. User friendly especially when you have a mobile. Quick and easy to transfer all details.

Siddharth Sengupta

Amazing Worked brilliantly for me.

darren seeley

Great easy to use! Takes the pain out of setting up a new phone!👍!

Heather Turner

I have used this app with my S2, S5, and the core prime. All of my phones have worked perfectly with this app. This has saved me so much time and hassle 🙂


Very handy This is a great app. Made it so much more convenient to transfer everything from my old phone when I got my Note 5.

Mohamed Hasan

Superb Superb


Literally just had to tap three times and boom, everything from my J3 Mission was transferred to my new J7, even the SD Card’s contents. Happily recommend this app!

Andrew Wagstaff

Thus app is great does take a long time transferring messages but that’s expected because I had a lot of messages other than that amazing app and a life saver

Will Ham

YOU NEED THIS APP! This made the new phone process so much easier! Thank you Samsung!


Rolling in the deep We could’ve have it all, rolling in the deep..

Christine Estacion

The app did what I needed it to do. I needed to migrate my data (including SMS and MMS) from my S3 to my new S6. The first try didn’t move my texts but I discovered that on my new phone, the messenger app was set to delete old messages. When I cleared that and tried again, all of my old text msgs (SMS and MMS) were copied over! I also noticed that for the pictures in the gallery, only those on the device were moved, not those on the microSD. But that’s no big deal, I can pull that card of the old S3 if needed. Glad that I took the risk and tried it out.

Hazrul Nizam Sidek

It works Transferred Phone Contacts, Text Messages, and Memo entries from Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S5. Thank you Samsung for writing this piece of software

Brandon Bobb

Well, it’s time to upgrade phones! What a great app this is. It moved 100% to my new phone! Wow. I am don’t have the words to describe the happiness I am feeling right now!

paolo camici

Accurate Samsung deliver good apps ,not completely designed to enforce privacy , yet efficiently..

Shelley Colombin

Easy to use When i bought my new Android Samsung Galaxy 6. I thought i would spend hours ontop of hours putting in all my contacts from my old phone. But i came across this and had to try. This app works great! And it only took 15 minutes to transfer all.

Jose Zapata Ayala

Awesome app. It transfer everything from my S3 to my S7 Active. It was very easy.

Linda Mascolo

Awesome application – a must use Got my new phone and saw this one pager inserted in the box. Installed this Smart Switch app on both phones (S3 and S4) and we’re off and running. It took good 30 min long and it would have taken me a few hours to transfer without this app. Definitely a keeper and would encourage you all to use this !

Crystal Stoner

Great app! Super easy for the s3 to the s5! AWESOME, thank you 🙂

Ziko Chadrian Banda

Cool app Makes the transfer of files way too easy.


It is very easy method to transfer files

Asfaw Kuture

Great app. Seamlessly transfered all data, pictures and contacts from my old phone. Love it.

Adra E Harris

This was an amazing transition. I’m pleasantly pleased.

App User

Awesome! This app backups even your wallpaper, it’s so useful, I just love it

Joshua Muñoz

SAMSUNG or NOTHING Excellent, Super useful i work in a retail store and this is one of the most common conflicts , people tranfering from apple to samsung couldnt transfer their contacts and messages! Wow Very Awesome, Samsung #1

James Robbins

excellent transferability If you’re moving to a galaxy device this app is an excellent resource for making sure everything gets moved over…even via microSD card if needed. Highly Recommend.

Dan Faux

Very Handy…..Gets you 80% if the Way This app is a lifesaver. Transfers all your apps, messages, photos, contacts. Works seamlessly between Galaxy S5 Active and S7 as well as between S4 and S6. Even transfers WiFi passwords. Only thing they could do to improve is set existing apps on desktop as per original configuration and also copy across account info within apps. You have to log into each app again and hopefully u remember your password. Make sure you activate your SIM card before using tho. I set up everything before activating 🙁

Kelly Canestra

Omg it worked amazing. I didn’t even have to go to the sprint store to do it. It was quick and easy..all of my stuff on my old phone to my replacement phone worked amazing

Nicole Kutas

Smart Switch Worked great. All my data transferred and my old phone is bare.


That was awesome. 7min to transfer everything from contacts to apps to photos from s5 to J7. So easy.

Debbie Knape

So handy! Well done Samsung. So convenient and works flawlessly. Sent entire contents via wireless from old S2 to S5. Super!

Gavin Walsh

Just got a Galaxy Note 3… …and didn’t even know about this app, stumbled upon by accident. Glad I did, because it has just “switched” all my info (contacts, messages, etc) from my S2. Amazing! 🙂

Misty Gonzalez

Great app! Remember the bad ol’ days, when you had to take your phone to the Verizon store, and have them connect your phones and transfer your data for ten bucks? No more! This transfered everything so easily. Now I have all my contacts and all my pictures and videos. Great app!

clinton mccurdy

Easy as pie Only good phone transfer I have ever had.

Jag Malik

Great app Very convenient to transfer all your stuff from old to new phone

App User

Good app Good app with this we can improve our mobile wich we are bought Samsung smart phone

Jet Occeus

Works as advertised I don’t usually leave comments, but this app worked way to well for me not to give credit where credit is due. Thumbs up. No extra bells or whistles

Ben Foya

It’s a great app, it helped transfer all my data from galaxy 4 note edge to galaxy S7 edge in few minutes

Hasan Atwi

samsunggg every thing from samsung is so greattttt and it is a way to share from android to ios


Works perfect I’ve successfully transferred between ios & android via icloud and cable, also between s4/5 to s6 with zero issues. The app even remembered where it was up to when one of the phones ran out of battery. Great work Samsung!


Did exactly what it said it would do! Had a few issues at first with it not transferring my texts which is why I downloaded in the first place. Unlocked my locked messages on my old phone and wa-la! Thank you!

Alexander Paul

Works every time nothing simpler For those who want text messages contact your carrier and they will resend them to you. This app is perfect. I work for Verizon and use this app every day and nothing makes it simpler than this app.

Stacey Thrower

Better than kies! Could not for the love of god get kies to obey me, this worked fab!

Dominique J

This app is amazing. I used it to transfer data from my iPhone 6, which apple admitted to slowing down. SMH lol. Anyway, I switched to the Note 8. It was super fast and very convenient!

Make Name Acceptable Go

The version I used to move from S5 to S8 worked well (though I don’t think it did Chomp texts). No idea on current version.

dug sanders

Perfect Worked great. Much smoother when you transfer 1 or 2 at a time.

alfredo llamas

Perfect Transfered all my text messages and contacts along with pictures and other media onto my new phone. Just like it said it would. Love it!

Noah Villaluz

Very Handy. Gosh I Love Samsung Apps. 😅😅😅 Description? Test it and you’ll know why my title is like that

Vianca Wilcox

Thankful My phone was damaged. You could barely see the screen but i was still able to transfer everything including messages to my new one. I love this app. Thanks T Mobile for telling me about it

Normaw Mcclaurin

Samsung smart Wonderful very pleased with tech that was so patient with transferring apps

debbie bishop

FANTASTIC ★☆★☆★ Great app takes the stress out of getting a new phone. .. so quick and easy took less than 10mins to transfer everything.

Jenea Enriquez

Easy to use. It’s a lot faster than transferring all my data via USB and I love how it transfers texts, wallpaper, notes, calender events, and call logs. Those were always the most difficult info to switch over to a new device!

Alpha A Diallo

Smart switch This has been needed since smart phones started being updated and upgraded. AWSOME!!


Superb Can you give options like, Emergency firmware updates and recovery

Thomas Parker

Awesome!!!!! Worked great on S3, S4, and S5 even transfered all my old texts i didn’t delete and want to save, amazing

A Google user

After realizing I had the website address slightly wrong,I submitted the correct address, and it worked beautifully.Thank you developers

kahealani silva

One of the awesome perks of having a Samsung/Android This is so simple to use and such a great resource

Lisa Fisher

Great tool to transfer whatever u want to another device, so glad the guy told me about this app when I got my new phone!

Lori E

Best Transfer! Use this app on all my Samsung devices and it works perfectly! No need for wires or peripherals, just a smooth and easy transfer method across my devices! SO easy to use!

Colin Morris

Smart switch “EXACTLY” Does exactly what it says switches all your important data, pictures,call logs, phone numbers,and music and video files. Absolutely a must as a free app. Saved me literally HOURS manually inserting all phone numbers and singularly moving pictures. Great free app highly recommend. 5*

Ziggy Chew

Brilliant Worked perfectly, I transferred everything I needed including photos and contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to my new Samsung Galaxy S5 Edge without a hitch!!

Toya Singh

Very easy The best way to transfer everything from 1 device to the next. I recommend this to everyone.

rutu patel

Easy Peasy I can’t believe how easy it was to transfer everything to my new phone.

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