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Samsung Members

By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Samsung Members

Samsung Members

Samsung Members


Expert support, community connection & exclusive perks.
Possibility starts here.

Discover your possibilities with Samsung Members.
In here, you’ll discover just what you want, plus a whole world of other things you never knew you needed – until now :

■ Get insider tips to unlock your device’s full potential

■ Easily review device diagnostics

■ Access exclusive events and benefits

■ Pose questions directly to the experts and
get 1-on-1 customer support

■ Connect and share with others in the community

(Availability and services offered above may vary by country and region)

※ Note:
This application requires network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and so on). Additional charges may apply for network connection.

※ Access permission
Allow Samsung Members to the following permissions to diagnose and fix errors. Samsung Members may not work properly if the permissions aren’t allowed.

[Required permissions]
Phone : Used to call Customer Service and check your phone number.
Storage : Used to attach an image or a video when sending error reports.
Diagnostic information : Used to create and save error reports.
Samsung account : Used to send error reports.
Location : Used to diagnose the GPS function.
Camera : Used to diagnose the Camera function.
Microphone : Used to diagnose the Microphone function.
Sensors : Used to diagnose the sensors.
Wi-Fi : Used to diagnose the Wi-Fi function.
Bluetooth : Used to diagnose the Bluetooth function.

Download Samsung Members:-

Download Samsung Members App ( 18 MB )


User Reviews:-

M7mmed Kazli

Very helpful app


Surya Mls

Feels like new capabilities of phone inbuilt in phone. Feeling good to Have such app in phone.

Subham Mahalik

Nice app, and it is very helpful to check😊

Sedrick Nigelson

My phone is so useless without this app. Def a must have

Is-haq Ali

Best app to keep your phone optimized and clean from all the virus or any trash

App User

Give peace of mind that you phone is working fine, I find it very beneficial to me.

Joddy Savard

Easy to use great layout and the info is great.

Abdullah Bohar

This is very Nice App

Adem Sofilić

Amazing application for all Samsung users they’re helpful. You can report problems, errors, add suggestions, ask questions…. 🙂 Check device hardware feature if they’re all working fine. All in one, amazing!!! You help yourself and Samsung 🙂 They listen to you!

Chad Garrett

Perfect App message came up all was good… everything is spelt correctly and grammar is perfect i dont know what others are going on about? Great idea Samsung!

Safira Vanillia Putri

Nice app! NOw we can check hardware test byself

sahil nikumbh

Pretty useful for Samsung devices

Alpha Aden

It’s really helpful

S.F. Bedi

Good app thanks samsung

aakash ikke

Great applications for Samsung user

Shubham Dalal

Good App for Hardware testing

Daniel Strelkov

Simply one of the best apps in the playstore

David Keane

Excellent app from Samsung for it’s customers.

App User

Easy to use. Diagnostics clean up it quick and easy to use.

ashish mohan

Its very good and usefull

Nudžejm Imamović

Love it 😍 works perfectly on my S8 it’s nice to have a app that checks you hardware and you would know if anything is wrong with your device

Chandan S

Very good app it tells all the software update needed Good

Daniel Laflamme

Useful Woking fine with latest update S7 edge

Dave Atkin

Can’t fault this app.. 5*s and thanks for the opportunity to join the 8.0 Oreo beta programme this 8.0 is working well on my galaxy s8

raslen gharssa

Very very useful ! Love it ❤

Alapan Banerjee

Very good & promising performance

Suresh Babu

It is useful to check our SAMSUNG phones I like it very much SAMSUNG company provided very much good apps Thanks to SAMSUNG There is a problem on our SAMSUNG group should provide like these app should uninstall by user. Please update app with uninstall features Thank you

Alok kumar

Great customer care service.i use 12 year only Samsung smart phone and I first purchase phone Samsung corby

Muhammad Raza

Simply amazing.. well done Samsung.

Phil Richmond

Easy way to check your phone is working as it should


Only some high-end mobile phone model is compatible for this app, therefore, after discontinuation of the previous mySamsung app which replaced by this app, a lot of Samsung user would unable to enjoy benefits and treats anymore. Samsung is stingy on giving benefits to us. Cheers.

Abhishek Jadav

It shows all the notices and good news all about mobiles and their features. It’s good for latest news of features and mobiles.

Shashank Shekhar

Fast and quick to resolve bugs.. love it


Superb thanks for this service ..i love samsung

Saroj Koirala

Satisfied with this application.

Suresh Jani

Truely friendly and it’s friend in need to know my device through member connected. But astheticaly it needs lot to be improved and to make it lovable.

Ahsan Hridoy

That was good service for samsung family

Walid Chobrewanter

Really useful app, we can now everything about our Device ..awesome App i like it alot

Hasnain Syal

So helpful to make ur phone effective and easy to use

Abin john

A very good idea by sumsung to help us to know our own phone performens.

Ross Padmore

Great fast way to check everything going on with you phone

Or Marx

It’s a great way to control your phone and what in it or not

App User

Nice my Samsung j7 prime was being very fast .it was having storage boosting and it was nice app for all Samsung phones

anas moualla

thank you Samsung member you were very helpfully

Osama Alwawi

Samsung is doing the extra to provide more value to their customers, much appreciated!

Marian Avanthi

This is very helpful. Everytime they replied me ASAP. love it.

Dibyanshu Sharma

New idea! I Appreciate that anyway Samsung

Shirsajit Mazumdar

Good app for communicating with you’s phones company & to know about yuor software update complain about your’s phones issues & getting their solution

Manosh Labung

Everyday not getting better but being the best and above all.

dadasha maash

i find this app good in work i clean memory and ram every day

Zhiyong Sun

Actually useful app to pull all Samsung fans together to help each other and supported by staff members. Good format to provide another channel of support

Jack Cross

Great replacement for mySamsung. Great loyalty programs and support, the new device tests are great. Good job, as usual.

Paul Byrne

It’s a lot easier to free up space have to see if it work’s as well on app’s

App User

Its great to test everything in your device hardware & software

Asim samar

Fantastic payment method thtwhy i loved it

Sathish Talari

The software was very good it worked great on my device. Helped me to check my phone.

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