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Samsung Keyboard

By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

App Category:- Productivity

Samsung Keyboard


Various input methods and convenient features help make typing easier and more convenient for you.

[Key Features]
• Multilanguage support
– Samsung Keyboard supports over 80 languages.

• Smart typing
– Predictive text: Learns how you type and recommends words and phrases as you type. The recommendation feature will perform better based on the data Samsung Keyboard gathers for each user.
– Auto spell check: Finds typos and suggests correct alternatives.
– Text shortcuts: Creates shortcuts for frequently used words and phrases. You can easily input text by typing shortcuts and selecting text from the recommendation window.
– Switching input languages: You can change the input language by swiping the spacebar to the left or right.
– It provides optimized keys for different input windows such as address, email, and search.
– Samsung Keyboard analyzes how you usually type, so it will correct your typos.

• Various input methods
– Clipboard: You can select text or images saved to the clipboard, and paste them.
– Keyboard swipe controls: You can input text or move the cursor by performing gestures on the keyboard screen.
– Voice input and Handwriting recognition are available.
– Split keyboard, Floating keyboard, and One-handed input keyboard are available.

• Keyboard custom settings
– Long-press the Custom key to open the Option and Symbol list, and select one that you want to assign a shortcut for. (e.g., Voice input, Handwriting recognition, Clipboard, Emoji, One-handed input mode, Keyboard settings, or Symbols)
– Custom symbols: Save your frequently used symbols and favorite symbols, and use them later. Open the Symbol list by long-pressing the period (.) to easily input symbols.
– Keyboard size, Number keys, and Alternative characters: You can adjust the keyboard size freely in all four directions, and also decide whether or not the Number keys and Alternative characters should be included on the keyboard.
– High contrast keyboard: Samsung Keyboard provides a high-contrast keyboard to take into account users with low vision or color vision impairment.

• Other features
– Emoji: Express your personality in a fun way using over 3,000 emojis.
– Language update: It adds and learns new words on a regular basis. You can update languages via the Keyboard settings.
– Backup and restore: You can back up and restore the Keyboard settings and data using Samsung Cloud.
– It provides optimized keyboard layouts when you are using Car mode, Samsung DeX, or a Keyboard cover, and also supports text input via a hardware keyboard.

※ The available features may differ depending on the country or the device.

[Supported Languages]
English (US, UK, AU), Italian, Spanish (US, ES), Galician, Catalan, Basque, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Estonian, Romanian, Bosnian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Albanian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Uzbek, Afrikaans, Javanese, Sundanese, Turkmen, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Twi, Zulu, Sesotho, Xhosa, Irish, Silesian, Indonesian, Malay, German, Czech, Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Serbian, French (FR, CA), Malagasy, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Macedonian, Mongolian, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Belarus, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Sinhala, Nepali, Marathi, Oriya (Odia), Maithili, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Korean, Simplified Chinese | Mainland, Traditional Chinese | HK, Traditional Chinese | TW, Japanese, Thai, Lao, Khmer, Myanmar, Tibetan.

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Ryan Simmons
Works great. Easier to type compared to Gboard.

Francisco Farfan
Love the keyboard love everything except one this I wish Samsung would change it’s voice talk back to Google. I miss it, I hope this changes.

Ryan Simmons
Works great. Easier to type compared to Gboard.

App User
Good keyboard, I like it, but I forced to use Gboard because I need Kurdish language and not available in Samsung KB, hope you add this language so I don’t force to use other keyboard

Julian Rodriguez
Hola me gustaría que corrigieron lo de el idioma para que salga automatico en un contacto en especifico cada que ves que escribo a una persona tengo que estar cambiando el idioma ,por ejemplo a alguien que sólo habla español no me sale la ñ y las sugerencias del predictivo salen en inglés y en veces en español

Omaid Chagharwal
Nice keyboard but you guys didn’t put Pashto language why ? Omaid Ashna From Afghanistan

Carlo Friscia
Probably the best keyboard I’ve tried so far, even if used with more than 2 languages.

Percy Cheng
Its a great stock keyboard, not sure what all the hate is about.

Ahmad Faiz
Simple, smart, easy to type, best optimisation, best keyboard. Thanks Samsung!

App User
Best Keyboard I’ve used…I don’t know why many people are complaining. But I never got any problem using it. Maybe those who are complaining should try to go into the keyboard settings and adjust any of the options correctly.

Sasaki Haise
Easy to use, and can input text with Bixby. Thanks Samsung

Sergey Martikainen
Out of all other android keyboards this one is actually quite good.

Bordin Sotachinda
Great keyboard. It’s good enough that I use it as a daily driver instead of the Google Keyboard. However, please add the missing option to backup and restore the “Text Shortcut” or otherwise called “Personal Dictionary” by some. On another note, the “swipe to move cursor” option is still a bit wonky (a little too sensitive) in my opinion. Fix those two problems and this keyboard will be perfect.

Sara Evans
Works well for me I used swipe, it’s clear doesn’t stall

Sara Evans
Works well for me I used swipe, it’s clear doesn’t stall

App User
So far so good simple to use and still learning.

App User
I really really Loving Samsung Keyboard since my Galaxy Note 4 until now Galaxy Note8 ! It’s neat and really comfortable without lagging or any issues. But i really really sad to know that the text shortcut hot keys was removed. I’m not an ‘auto text user’ because i don’t like an extra bar for the prediction text. So, for me, a text shortcut hot keys when i long press a number was REALLY HELPFULL 😁 So i’m still love it, but maybe the ‘text shortcut’ must be come back and just a suggestion, maybe a color option can be a simple great features because i really love a black keyboard on my Midnight Black device 😉 Thankyou somuch!

Currently the best keyboard on play store , it scores a bit above Google Keyboard in my opinion. Used both extensively and I don’t get frustrated using Samsung keyboard. The only thing I wish you would do is not make the keyboard remember words I didn’t chose to save in the dictionary . Google Keyboard however is a nightmare to add any words in dictionary. But Samsung went a bit too far on how easy it is to add words — words I don’t want keyboard to remember especially when it’s spelled the wrong way 🙂

Love this keyboard but this really could use a little search bar for emojies and gifs.

Charlie Hatton
It’s very simple and functional and gets right to the point and works perfectly.

Byron T
It helps the Android with Chinese typing and word suggestion. Love it!

Shankar Shrestha
New update is awsome I am very exited. Thank you Galaxy.

Marco Cirignano
Works perfectly on my S8 Australian version. Good work guys!!

Dharampal Principal
Very good but hindi vaccobulry must cover all words as (swift keyboard)..

Benedictus Ivan G
Nice keyboard ….. Minimalist, simple, and fast

Norman Lee
This update is fantastic. Much needed support for traditional Chinese using Pinyin. This is the one iOS keyboard I missed but now Samsung support it too! Great work.

Harrison Chien
Yes! Finally it has Pinyin for Traditional Chinese! Great!

Peggy Crocker
I love it. The gif option is awesome. Just wish had more color choices for the keyboard itself…

Betsi Lugo
Awesome just Give me the option to customize the color of keys and background please.

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