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Rolly Vortex

App Category:- Arcade

Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles, score high and challenge friends.


Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex


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User Reviews :-

Chiara Chadwick
I love the game, except, with a lot of games, to many ads! Maybe like, one every ten games I would be ok with. Or, add a remove add thing that costs, like, 5$ or something like that. I know you just want to make money with the ads, but slow down with them! Maybe do some easter eggs too, to make the game more exciting. Overall, the game is pretty good! I rate this game 4 stars.

shawn watters
Every other game you have to do a “free spin” that lets you collect gems that don’t enhance the game. They just let you change the background colors. Super cool. Would not be a big deal if you could skip it but you cant so it just takes up time for a pointless feature. Then they have a second try feature if you watch a video. cool enough. But even if you wait the 5 seconds and don’t watch the ad for the second try you still have to watch an ad anyway to play again. That’s just silly.

Dylan Crockford
Great game to build up your hand (or finger) eye coordination! Very addictive. Also people have mentioned there is lots of ads that is to be expected because the game developers need to make money some how either through consumers ( gamers) or advertisers. They actually add a nice pause break or else I wouldn’t stop! Cheers!

App User
It has Ads but not A lot of them. I’ll give you 5 stars because so many people are ungrateful and people get ads like that and it happens to me too. You did a really good job on this game. I like it very much and it’s addicting and I Really think you put effort on this GG developer! 🙂

Thaily Soto
It makes me want to play even more and there is challenges and their easy and hard and challenging. You have a wheel when you win a level, you can get gems.And their back ground you can buy the the back ground with your gems.(You should download this awesome app.) (Awesome game💖💖👍👍)

Jason Hernandez
It’s an OK game and it will without a doubt keep you entertained for hours on end. However I purchased the premium version and I’m still getting annoying reminders to watch a video if I want a second chance or if I want to level up.i feel that buying the premium version should be all inclusive meaning all access without ads.! So this is just a heads up if do decide to purchase the premium version. There is no refund… In a sense I feel as I was grifted.👎👎

Daniel Mays
Love the game and I play it all the time. Although if you don’t buy it you will face a lot of ads after every game, so it’s better to just purchase it and avoid some of those annoying ads

asif alam
There is something hidden in the game file. It shouldn’t be 35MB. its damm high. I didn’t saw any special its can reduce iN 15 MB 20 MB extra space is nothing. but the concern is about security. I hope you people understand.

elianna reese
The game is fun and complicated. I played it on 9 hours road trip and didn’t get bored. The only problem is lag, but I’ve noticed the same thing in other games by voodoo that do not require internet. It’s not an online game so it’s confusing. I’d definitely recommend it though, and their other games like helix jump, and a few others.

Sheehy Parent
This is a good game. I really liked it and it was verry fun. But sometimes the controlles didn’t work how you wanted them too and also there is a bit of lag. Other then this it is a brilliant game and I do recommend this for all ages

App User
I give this game a 3 because there is a lot of lag and at times I won’t hit an object but it goes back to start. This doesn’t make this really fun. It would be nice if you could fix it please

App User
This is an amazing game! No joke about it. I wouldn’t say it was the best game I have ever had but I would recommend it. It a game that if your a passenger on the road and have nothing to do than you can play this game.It needs now WiFi and it great to be excited to get new balls or passages to play as.

Mel the kawaii unicorn
So the chicken mcg gee played this game and he got addicted just like me!! If you DON’T know who chicken mcg gee is then you’ve been living under a rock! He is very famous and is a celebrity and trust me you’ll love this game like he did

Sandeep S
Very addictive and good game for people. I find these game as a stress relief..! Good for your eyes and finger coordination..i love these game and always used to play it one negative i felt was the ad. The ad is to annoying..! But I am impressed with the game and I recommend this game to all…!

Dawn Alter
Great game if played in airplane mode. Because Voodoo has a reputation of taking peoples money (including mine) but not providing ad free games, I play ad free by playing in airplane mode. The game is challenging and a good time killer.

Ridam Patel
The game has too many ads popping up every now and then which is really very irritating. But the game is addictive and kind of keeps you engaged.

App User
Kinda like it Ummmm…. To me personally I like it but at the same time I don’t because it have to many ads. And the game is kinda to complicated.

App User
This game is so addicting but most of the time when I go near some if the obstacles I fail. If that stops happening I will be glad to give this game five stars!

Na’Tasha Miller
Great game! Challenging, my kids love to play it. It’s addictive! I agree on the add tho…way 2 many but certain ones keep pressing the back button and it will take you back to the game.

App User
It is an awesome game and very addicting but it’s very frustrating because it takes so long to start your game over again after you die! PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT! I DON’T WANT WANT TO GIVE WANT TO GIVE UP THE GAME BUT I’M ALMOST THERE!!!

Anna Baker
I think it’s VERY wrong for the app to ask if it can manage my calls and messages. If you want me to buy something, tell me directly without being in my device’s system😠👿 If you don’t want the ads, you should probably turn off your data first. I really DO like the game, but you should think about what I just said… Please fix that. It’s not right!😣

Daily Dave
Like many are saying, TOO MANY ADS! It’s an addicting challenging game and fun to play but the amount of time you spend on ads VS game play makes me not want to play it.

Liam Elijah Windseeker
This is an addictive game that is simple but fun and satisfying. It could use a few improvements such as better skins. The arcade and story mode seem to be really difficult. Overall I applaud the creator and developers for this marvelous game.

Matthew S
Do not get this game there is ads every 2nd time you die it’s soooooooooo annoying. And I klknow you can get premium and that makes the ads go away but that’s a waste of money

Mamta Singh
It’s good. Really. But it would be even better if they removed the pop-ups considering today’s risks at pop-ups like virus, blue whale etc since most of them are caused and downloaded by pop-ups. Otherwise, it’s excellent.

Isa Yardan Ahmed
You guys did a great job at creating this game, it’s an awesome time killer and fun to play anytime! But there’s only only little problem….TOO MANY ADDS!!! please remove the adds.

Xtreme Time
It is a very challenging game. In the video ad it said no one could reach 100 but after a lot of tries I got to 101.

App User
Fun game but controls aren’t very good. Hard to control the ball and move it fast given the recommended instructions. Way too many ads. Since it’s hard to control you die a lot and get spammed with ads. The result is more ad time than play time when you are a beginner, a huge turn off

Chittra Arora
The game is nice and interesting on its own but due to the fact that it has too many ads ( like too too too many. You get an ad after every play.) that makes it very irritating. So please, reduce your ads. Please!

Red Cipher
The game play is great, so it’s sad most of the time in app is spent watching advertisements. It is frustrating and disappointing, and holding this game back from the five stars it should get.

App User
Bro the point is that there are too many adds. And thts can’t sell games by adding adds and think the person is irritated and will now buy the premium pack….no you are wrong ..he or she is gonna uninstall the game …thanks I enjoyed it though but you know in the end results matter…. consider that might help…keep adds but not that frquent

Scotty Wheeler
Love this game it has a lot of ads but I don’t mind it. But the game keeps crashing on me and won’t stay open long enough for me to play it. So uninstalling it until it is fixed

Elliot B
Yet another effortless Voodoo game. Every game you guys make is exactly the same: basic 3d graphics, crappy arcade controls and collectable skins. Packed full of ads and unresponsive controls. This review applies to every Voodoo game.

Kiera Daniel
The game is fun but sometimes it glitches on me and it messes me up I don’t like that but otherwise I love it so please get this game! So far rolly vortex is my favorite game on my phone I play it all the time I also like that it gives you wheel time every time you finish a level so far I am on level 19 or 20 it is so awesome you should definitely get it! But I do not like that it gives you an exclamation point every time you can afford something when I would say it in! I mean something and something it just gets a little annoying otherwise it’s great

Dustin Siebert
I can’t imagine why this game would possibly need access to my files, location, or the ability to make calls. I like the idea behind the game, but the controls aren’t what I expected. The ball doesn’t move according to your fingers location, instead it just uses a slider controller which is very sensitive. The ads make this unplayable for me. Every round, an ad. Not even including the 5 second ticker asking you to watch an ad for a continue, every round. It’s just too much.

MelTheRoyalRebel 😛
Good, just needs less ads. It’s like your punishment for dying is an ad. On the other hand (discarding the ads) the app is addictive and generally fun to play.

Cat Cat
I’m not impressed. First of all, the amount of ads.. You can’t go 2 games without one ad and that’s quite annoying, but if you don’t want ads, turn off your WiFi. (although I prefer to keep it on). Second of all, the vibrating, I hated it, and I went to settings turned it off and though it was gone, NO I was wrong. Despite turning both vibration and volume down in the app and on my device, it kept on vibrating. Who thought of the idea to have useless settings? I hope this will improve, but in short, I do not recommend this app. The game itself is functionable, but it has way more cons than pros.

Elise Sells
I really did renjoy this game, it can get addictive. However it sometimes lags which will limit your ability to play. Overall is a great app if you were traveling or needed something to play.

App User
I hated this game it was very glitchy and had an advert after every game. I would not recommend this game to anyone

Clover Senecal
It’s a fun game, but the amount of ads there are is quite frustrating. I typically don’t mind ads in games since I understand that since it is a free game there will be ads, but this game plays ads that are over a minute long with no way to skip.

Sca4y Gaming
I give this app a 5 star rating. Because.i need this game to be the higher u knw try to build up thos app more fun and add real cash people can busy with this app and earn money.u guys can even make money from these.and if this app become the reality which i though that would be.i will promote and sponsor on ur application . Thank you.

Abbi Cooper
I just really loved it because I never get bored. But the only thing is, is the ads. There are so many of them. Other than that I love it; and all of the other voodoo games.

Potato Person
Its fine BUT, to many ads! Also the story mode sucks because its broken! I went over the jem and i lost!

It was really laggy even when I had a secure WiFi connection. I even restarted my phone a couple times, yet it still did not work smoothly for me.

Amy Dwyer
I absolutely love this Game! Keep up the great work. Just one tip:1. I think you should add more levels. That’s it. I love this game. Can’t stop playing it

App User
VOODOO SEREOUSLY!!! Fix the damn ads its REALLY ANNOYING!!! if you stop the adds ill give you FIVE stars instaed

Jonayah Cineus
this game is very addictive game I think this will occupy any user playing this game that is bored or not and spread across the world very quickly. Voodoo has done it again

Abhishek Rohera
The game and the concept is really good and addictive like all voodoo games but there is a small issue that after switching off vibration from the game settings it still vibrates!!! Why?? And those diamonds 🔹 are just pointless overall a great addictive game

Adam Silcock
Fun game. Ad’s after every life. I feel the developers want to be Bill Gates rich off of the one game. Way too many ad’s I have to uninstall.

App User
I love this game so much and I allways play it because i love it. I always play this game when im sad and I am angry and then my heart feels happy and I forgot what happend to me

App User
This game is super fun and entertaining. But please remove the ads. Every roll, you get an ad. Please remove the ads. Its very annoying and irritating.

Ayush Parida
Worst game….bad control. .great way to spend ur data …bhabhi hai teri

Sareh Kamali
I want to start by saying that I play many different games, never have too much difficulty picking up the mechanics of a game, and believe the difficulty of a game should increase as a player progresses through a game. I like to be challenged when I play a game and am not looking for something that I can easily beat. Having said that, I have to say that I was quite shocked at the difficulty of this game from the first moment I began playing. I was able to beat level 1 after a number of frustrating attempts. The controls were pretty frustrating as well. The ball doesn’t react as quickly to my finger movements as I am used to from other games. The ball also frequently overshoots what you’re aiming for. Pretty much, the gameplay isn’t as precise as it should be. I was quite frustrated at how difficult it was for me to be able to play for more than a few seconds before hitting something and even more so when I had to deal with the frequent ads as the consequence for dying so I just decided to uninstall after less than an hour.

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