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Reverse Movie FX – magic video
by Bizo Mobile

App Category:- Video Players & Editors

Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! First record a video of someone (or you): walking, drinking orange juice, talking or any other idea that comes to your head! After that select a desired movie fragment and press start! The app will reverse your video: you will see people walking backwards, your friend spitting the juice out, people talking backwards!

A few ideas of video reverse:
– item kinetic attraction (you have to throw an item)
– tear a sheet of paper
– throwing a sheet of papier to the toilet
– drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result)
– spilling a juice
– money attracting
– etc.

Reverse video options:
– Add music
– reversed + original (loop)
– original + reversed (loop)


Reverse Movie FX - magic video

Reverse Movie FX – magic video


Give it a try, you’ll be amazed! See how to play video in reverse! You can share the result with your friends of course anywhere you want: e-mail etc.

Download Reverse Movie FX – magic video App :-


Download Reverse Movie FX – magic video App


User Reviews :-

Raysha Alifah
BEST APP IN Life I tried other apps it don’t work but this it works so good!😍😘 THANK you for this wonderful app!

App user
Easy to use more than other apps I liked this app very much and I am enjoyed while making videos

App user
My sister uses this it also has good reveiws ill trust you just downloading see what happends! EDIT: i dont like adds and sharing information is bad seems like a virus part. But i would not like this app if this happend with you guys telling me what is in this app. Thanks!

Emmett Sharon
Works pretty well. Easy to use. Don’t use it while on WiFi, because annoying video ads will bombard you.

App user
Supper app I never see like this app It’s actuly a magic supper wonderful fantastic friends everyone install this app and enjoy .THANKS

App user
This app can be super entertaing.. fun.. Helps with expressing ur creativeness. I Love This App! and it just keep getting better over the years..

App user
Amazing app….. It’s awesome…. Good to show magic by reversing……it’s cool….. I’m speechless…….. One should download this app it’s simple and easy to use +enjoyable

App user
This app is very good. And also help us to make anyone fool. I like this app very much 👍👍👌👏👏

App user
It was a really nice app. I tricked my friends and family members to think it was magic.

vasanth arun
Fantastic App.. I really loved it. Very easy to use infact. I strongly recommend this app. Simply Awesome..!!

Nicolas Martinez
This app is pretty good if you want to make a reversed youtube video or something like that, because while many people do say that there’s too many ads, there aren’t that many and it also takes little time to reverse videos.

pokemaster Arjun
Awesome app . I thought it was one of those apps which are just prank. Of course I was wrong

App user
Worst quality camera this app does not capture HD video

Sumaiya Hossain
I am using it all day to pass my time and at first I thought it was very bad but when I checked it out it was sooo cool.😍😍😍

Selina Kamaleesan
An amazing app to use when u feel bored When I saw my first video I didn’t want to stop making videos😊😊 Thanks for creating this app whoever made it

First I thought this app is not so good but after few days I saw some examples for this app so please install 👍 this app

App user
Worst app ever do not download uses data and does not help at all u just watch a video

App user
It is an awesom app. It looks that it had happened naturally. My friends said that ” is this a ma gic”😊😊 and then i said yep its a magic which u can also do. Just download Reverse app. They have done it too.😁😁

K gamer K-pop
It works the first time but then it doesn’t work and there is a lot of ad’s so don’t get it

App user
It’s an good👍 app. My friends shocked when they saw my video which was edited by this app

Pinkypie 12457
This app is a grate app it is fun to use and you should get it but the one thing i did not like is if you record a video that is like 2 minutes it takes like a.long time to do one video you have revresd but it is still a grate game thing

Hard to use it try to float my ID it doesn’t work don’t install boooo

Akshay Kumar
Fake aap h tumlogo ko Maja aata h fake aap dalne me

App user
Fun look i will post a video in YouTube give me 100000 likes! See ya sponsor me too and if whant a nother subscribe ok see ya byy


App user
I thought it’s just fake but it works plz download this app

Challa Radhakrishna
It is fantastic application. IT changes our way of life what we think about the natural things in our lives.

App user
I had this app on my old phone. I was addicted to it on that phone and I am on this one to. I love this app

Hemanth Royal
Its bad Reverse my review

App user
This app is usefull to makes friend april full very nice app i love ti

Eugene Shrestha
It is the best video reversing app ever.

App user
Aah…… I want to say about this app is very good to fool your friends and others . This is so much better than any other app

App user
I love it so much please all being download it for be this app in trending so that the makers of this app could be able to make more app like this This is so useful appp

Rashmi Goswami
It’s really good app but more features can make it more interesting although it takes a lot of time to make the video in reverse order

App user
Very good condition of pre-order and value of the most important thing is that the message to such person of interest and value

William Hasan
Thank you for making this app, by far this is the best on Playstore. It’s fun and unique, most of all the price is very reasonable.

Shaurya Rathore
Its a fantastic aap but i have a request to bizo mobile to remove the adds and it should be adds free other things are very good😊😊😊

Saroj Shukla
I like this very much because it is having a magic tricks and it is having videos that we learn how to do magic tricks

App user
Top reverse app in the world my teacher told that make a reverse video i downloaded many apps but good experience is only in this app

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