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Remote Link (PC Remote)


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Remote Link (PC Remote)

Remote Link (PC Remote)

Remote Link (PC Remote)


【Remote control for your PC】
ASUS Remote Link turns your Android mobile phone or tablet into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your PC. Including a touchpad remote, a keyboard remote, a presentation remote, a media remote and more.

【Touchpad with multi-touch gestures】
Touchpad remote turns your Android device into a wireless touchpad of PC which supports proper touch pad functions as well as ASUS Smart Gesture.

【Effortlessly control your slides】
In Presentation remote, it allows you to give a slick presentation. So easy! So professional!

【Sit back and enjoy music】
In Media remote, control your Windows Media Player of your PC among your finger tips.

Android Wear】
When you connect your smartphone to your PC via WiFi or Bluetooth using ASUS Remote Link, and then connect ASUS ZenWatch to your smartphone, you can now remotely control your presentation using simple gestures on your ASUS ZenWatch.

With the ASUS Remote Link app, you can:
– Use voice commands to launch ASUS Remote Link on ZenWatch
– Swipe up or swipe down on ZenWatch to move forwards and backwards through your presentation slides.

– ASUS Remote Link requires a WiFi or Bluetooth connection between your PC and smartphone.
– Before using ASUS Remote Link, you must install ASUS Remote Link server on your PC. Go to to download and install it on your computer.


Download Remote Link (PC Remote):-

Download Remote Link (PC Remote) App ( 9 MB )

User Reviews:-

Jheremy Meriales

So love it!! This perfect for controlling my pc and shutting it down remotely. Very useful. Keep up the great job ASUS

Parsa Rostamy

Nice It’s Amazing ASUS! Thank you so much!

Zora Adistya

Great So great that i dont have a word to describe

Vlad G

Great App, love the BT Keyboard I use it for Keyboard input on a windows 10 pc stick via BT. Works perfectly just that you need also need the Smart Gesture SW on the PC installed . Perfect app. I highly recommend this solution for when you are on the go. Good job ASUS.

Khalid Razin

Awesome For me, this is an awesome apps! I really needed this.

RA Zero

Nice and smart! This app is really good!! I saw comments about ads. It’s a way to survive, just be kind and support them by paying a pair of dollars to remove ads. Thank you ASUS.

Md Shuvo

Awosum…. Just an A1 apps…. Using comfortable….

Namal priyadarshana

nice app for lazy people

Lorraine Lora

Very useful …it works on my acer via wifi and bluetooth.

Luthfi Abd

Good, Please up the function 🙂

Fellix Aditya

Awesome Its awesome apps! Very useful. Add the fitur for typing maybe. Overall is very good for me.

Ben Evenson

Great Now I don’t have to get up to change the episode on websites!!!

Fredy Campuzano

Good Very good app.

Lucian Tapia

Pretty cool, I guess Wifi connection didn’t work -Nextbit Robin, Comcast cable, 6.0.1

Prasanna Laad

Best for presentation… Specially it’s virtual laser dot. It’s just awesome.

Carlos Molina

Very useful app Esp. When presenting slideshows at work, and watching movie at home (lazy enough to turn volume up & down)…

Learn The Unknown

just nice… awesome

Sidharth Srinivasan

It is just amazing. Anytime I really want to watch movies in my tv using my laptop, i can use my phone as a remote to just pause and play the movies when needed

Thabo Mashiloane

Watching Netflix via laptop connected to tv is now a breeze. So useful. Great app!

De Risaldy

It work ! It’s work perfectly both on my laptop and my phone !!

Blake Nguyen

Ultimate Remote Control for HTPC This is MUCH more convenient than a remote control that is lost easily and is uncomfortable to use.

Rizqi Ismanda

best really cool . i like this . very usefull when i doing presentation . but it will be more better if have more feature .

Sridhar Rao

Super remote control, wireless mouse

Niña Crizelle Relucio

VERY HELPFUL! Used it as my assistance on doing my presentations. Partnered it with presentation link and its pure AWESOMEness! I just hope its not a separate app. Oh well, I wonder if ASUS also has a mirroring app that include sounds.

Aaron O

Awesome app! This app is simply amazing. Works flawlessly.

Sharath Bopanna Chowrira

Thumbs up!!!!! Awesome app

App User

Awesome! Saved me from spending $30-50 on a Bluetooth keyboard with touch pad. It works great! Super easy to setup after installing the program on my laptop that I hooked to my tv.

Tamir Patito

It took me time to consolidate my opinion About this application, and now, after two months of using it, in my opinion it is the best and the simplest that you can find in the market. Super recommend!

Toefl Lankapura

Love ASUS Connected ZenFone 2 with ASUS s46


Best ever I have tried alot of remote apps and by far this app out do the rest, great work by the developers i think this is a home run hit. 5 stars.

Prashant Parmar

Great app just love it. Very easy to configure just need to install and go enjoy.

Studlee Hungwell

So far, so good… I recently downloaded this app for my tablet (after discovering that the Remote Mouse app I PAID for isn’t compatible with ANY tablet I’ve owned), and I haven’t experienced anything but good results so far. I’m starting to think that this free app is much better than what I PAID for

omar samak

Very useful It works perfectly and solved a huge problem i had

Hanzel Soliza

Super dooper convenient to remote a pc tru this app.


Best ever This is a fabulous apps that ive ever seen in my entire life . thanks a lot for giving us this kind of useful apss…

Pabasara Premadasa

Loveit app and pc software. Thanks. Very very good. I lobe this app.

Ikma Mohd

Asus like that Service management system software and services for my phone

Binod Bhattarai

Excellent Works like a charm. Great Work team !! One suggestion on the keyboard part instead of hitting send to feed text, make it appear on the screen the same time one types.

Madhu Madhu

Nice app Very useful with out mouse for basics if keyboard have these keys it would excellent alt,ctrl,shift keys

Vlademere Bishop

Great program, simple interface. Highly recommend.

ajay kawane

Best Remot App Its really very nice and simple application.

Muhammad Eric

Amazing ! This is amazing, when I must presentation on my office, I don’t need anymore to use Bluetooth remote for my computer … this one of brilliant invention !

Robin 5644

Super!!! Best remote apps available in Android, not only thanks but also many “LOVE” for very useful app.Keep upgrading.Live longer.

Georgi Hristov

Saw it when I got W10 and I have no words to describe how handy it is!

Gustavo Parrado

Pretty good Functional, very good at everything it’s supposed to do

Karim El-Zoghbi

Simple and Efficient Just install the app to your PC and you have all in control

Nyambe Simataa

Love it The combination of Bluetooth and WiFi makes this one stand out.. Awesome app

Brandon Wang

Great app! Once connected, easy to use. Very nice app. The only problem is that I don’t know how to use the laserpointer…

shannon hill

This app is amazing and I highly recommend it. Very simple to use

Sumeet Rajput

Never experienced app like this Could gave if 100 stars were there…☺☺☺☺☺

cak syam

App ok test with zenfone 2 and laptop lenovo . mouse,keyboard,laser,music via wifi its ok.

Dharshan Shan

Nice app Fivestar. It works with wifi and bluetooth with minimum delay, which you cant even feel. Great app. Keep up the good work guys


In Absolute Love With Remote Link. It’s A Fantabulous App which Lets You Actually Connect To Your PC and Do Stuff!! ButI Have Faced Few Issues Like Not Being Able To Connect Via Bluetooth, Can’t Erase Text!!,But Overall Hats Off To Asus!

khalil norsham

loved it i really like this app. now i dont have to stand next to my laptop whenever i have a presentation anymore. thanks asus u’re a life saver 👏👏😊

Christianova Handaru

So functionality ! Love this app, but I fell scrolling up/down so fast when use volume control. I hope it will more easy to scrolling up/down when using volume control.

Kalangi Trinadh Kumar

File transfer Give file transfer option also like given in file manager because when using file transfer if we minimise the app ie disconnects it better if u give in remote link then we can use every option

ohn Fender

Good app Just takes a little longer to install then I thought it would but it’s a great app if you need a wireless mouse for you PC or laptop on of the best apps I have found and I have looked for months and this is the best on I found just give it a try

Peter Ambrose

Best app ever . As a UNI student this is so useful for presentations. I dont have to use the mouse anymore. Ty to the creators

Aditya Kusuma Al Arif

Usefull This app is useful when doing precentation with microsoft power point and playing music in windows player. But theres no support to other presentation app and other music player.

Deshaun Shane

Very smooth This very well made it’s alot better then most pc remote out i notice how smooth it was and has useful features like volume and play buttons media button and it compatible with other asus apps and it quick to launch


It’s very nice app…I shocked by watching the performance of this app

App User

It is very good and easy to use, but I think it should be totally free, no need for ads.

SHAyAN Mousavi

Easy connect Easy connect & auto start pc software in windows start up ❤

Lokesh Pal

One of the best This software works better than any other . there are some difficulties to connect with WiFi but works fine with Bluetooth

Kyle L

Good Works, but I did have to go out of my way to use Lucky Patcher and remove ads for free, as $5 is a ridiculous asking price and I’m not paying for something that came with my computer for free.

Anthony Khoury

love it 5 star app, i recommend if you add a timer, so when you’re in your bed and get sleepy the program shoot down so you won’t get your battery drained, happen to me all the time because i use it when I’m in my bed to the pc

Sahjahan Sani

Very helpful Just awesome. I have never seen such kind of thing before. If you are a very good presenter you will need this, that thing works so fine in Microsoft power point.

Leon Prawiro

Amazingly Convenient Neat Application package with just the right features to control your PC, play media, and delivering presentations. Simple and easy to use with no additional bloatware… luv it

md moulana sameer

Awesome Nice working man I loved it it’s like I’m operating like a futuristic gadgets

Jeronimo Mora

Works great for controlling my laptop while watching movies on a monitor so I don’t have to contort myself to change things when it’s on the floor. Pretty painless to set up if you get the right drivers on the computer.

Derly Johanna

I really liked it! It works perfectly! It not only helps you with slides, Powerpoint presentations but it also works as a mouse and a keyboard for PC.

Jafis p.c

The best app for remotely controlling PC. Loved it. Very useful for Presentations. **If PC screen can be synched to phone like ppt slide, it will be huge advantage.

Shubhanshu Agrawal

Great work team ASUS Simply amazing app. Was surprised to see the capabilities of this device. Hats off to team Asus. Would love to work with you one day.

Luke Melosso

A MUST HAVE APP!! Set up took less then 10 seconds and works flawlessly! Can’t believe its free!

Mangesh More

Best remote app No need to buy ppt controller devices from market, just install remote link app for ur smartphone that’s it. Works just fine on my asus zenfone 5. Great work team asus. The app is great acts as ppt controller, wireless mouse

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