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Recent Notification
by LibApps

Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar? No worries! Recent Notification can safely store them for you. Relax and read them when you find time. Find out which applications are spamming annoying notifications and uninstall them.

– Notifications are grouped by application.
– Read the full details of notifications in the same style shown on the status bar. (e.g. inbox, big and regular style)
– Easily filter notifications by day.
– Swipe to remove notifications as a group or individually.
– Automatically deletes old notifications on a specified days limit.
– Tap the notifications to launch the respective application.
– User interface developed using Material Design.


Recent Notification

Recent Notification


To read notifications, enable notification access on device settings.
No in-app permissions required while install or to run this application.

More Information:
– For your security privacy, this application will not read notifications posted by system applications.
– Ongoing notifications posted by music or any other apps will not be saved to spare device storage.

– Notifications saved on this application cannot be read by anyone.
– No internet access is required to use this application. This guarantees that your notifications are stored only on your device.

Download Recent Notification App :-


Download Recent Notification App


User Reviews :-


David Anonymous
I was going to give this a good review and just note things I didn’t like. So I saw an update wad available, figured maybe things might have been fixed, so I installed it. Now features I had in the last version are gone and you need to buy pro to get them back. Dude, this is a junk app, not worth a penny. You are lower than low. People, save your time, find something better.

App User
RANSOM WARE. I now have to pay to adjust the settings of this previously free app. Without a warning that this would change. This is ridiculous. Especially since the payment system is broken.

John Lockard
Starts, but select anything and the app dies. Samsung Galaxy S6. [Update 2018-02-17] app no longer crashes. Unfortunately it only shows the correct notification but won’t link you to the app the notification is from. If you’re only worried about keeping a history of notifications, this app is excellent. If you’d like an app to keep history and link you back to the app which generated that notification, you should look elsewhere

Marc A
Everything works as expected and it is helpful. However, the memory/RAM usage is a bit much for what it does. The notification listener is one thing, but the billing service is another?

Milan Hoppe
I can’t unselect all applications and then just select a very few. The app would need some more features to be really helpful, like bringing back notifications to the status bar in case they were accidentially dismissed or a valuable option to keep ALL push notifications alive on the lockscreen until closed manually. Can’t find any launcher or app as of now that has this feature.

Dmitry T
Nice app, but I was hopping it could redirect me to the message in the corresponding App upon tap. Tapping on the message does nothing. Hope you will improve it.

Septryandika Putra
I don’t know why it’s not working properly. Just in the first time to work

Pavel Kovalyov
Everything is good, but there’s a big miss in that nothing happens when I tap on notification in-app. As example, when I tap on Twitter native notification, the page of Tweet opens and I can read it fully or at least use the links. The action on tap is very important!

Andhika Hidayat
After purchased, the notification doesn’t work anymore! I re-permission the app, the notif is work but just a second time, and then doesn’t work anymore!

The SektorZ
Just purchased it. But please add the option to remove “Recent notification” from the widget top, its a waste of space.

Kelvin Yap
Doesn’t work well with whatsapp unread messages.. Messages not displayed in chronological order. New messages do not appear at top, even after buying app.

App User
i want to know how do i know the past notification. i can’t just buy the app, to change the date format.

Jimmy Hendrick
I really have no idea,but this apps hundred percents helped me..

App User
Waktu saya mau liat kok gak ada ya tetep pesan ini telah dihapus.. Padahal jarang waktunya hanya tidak sampai 5 menit Tolong yaa kasih tau saya kenapa bisa begitu Trimakasih

Hakamy bin Sugianto
The notification text should be black, not gray, for better reading experience.

Daniel Albin Muhammad
Best app ever, this app show me about notifications that are been a long time

Elysa H
I cant see anything i delete before

sathish krish
It shows same notification 4 times… it makes it difficult to find the needed notification

Iwan Setiawan
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