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Reaction Machine
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All in one tool of reaction machine.


Reaction Machine

Reaction Machine

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NeNeL DaNiaL
The best thanks for making this app. It really help me out. Here some suggestions that you can add for further update. Please beside liker can only give customer like add Haha Sad and Love Reaction too So it doesn’t look so fake. Thank you again

Bella LØvskal
Does what it says. Best FB app liker out there but with adds. But I notice when the app is launched it reads giant 999. Up side down meaning triple 6. They need to take that off. What are they trying to say really. We are launching into being deceptive with the fake likes. It’s true we are and I woke up

App User
I don’t know if this is useful, because it didn’t work. But I’m just waiting wishing to have a many likes on facebook. Im so depressed because I don’t have enough likes on my profiles. Please I wish rhis is helpful.

Mayank Gupta
Hate this app, every time im clicking they are showing adds. And crashing again and again constantly. Don’t install this fake app

App User
I have not used it b4… If I try it.. And is good I will come and react it 5star..but if it is bad I will come and collect the 2 stars I gave u guys b4 I will uninstall it.. OK.. I have tried it.. Is a very nice app…

Ramesh Babu
it’s really working. After we login, select a photo and put how many like we want….. After finishing it, go to facebook and like & unlike ur photo which you selected in this app. Go to top and refresh 3 time , go and see the post you get likes really . i got 457 likes per hr…….

Josephis Wade
So far I haven’t had a chance to use the app. This is step one, so I’m not sure how valid my rating is.

Amen Amen Jami
This thing is rubbish Didn’t even got a like and how can they say it works It’s just a work of fiction BC

App User
At first it work properly but after somedays it didn’t work. It is useless app.

Eugene Popcaan
It works properly, but suddenly stops working later. All the same it’s an awesome app, it also just got too many adds to show 😍I love the app

The app is good but some post they said I should change it to public I don’t know how to do it, and is liking only profile pic

App User
Its gud app but Why does not it give like in my profile and cover picture..?plzz solve this problem

Neha Das
Hate this app… Worst app … Waste of time… I suggest pls dnt wste ur time in downloading this app… 😬😬

App User
stupid apps.i don’t know how to describe how much this apps stupid.whos make this?go to hell who make this

zette eufemia
its asking me to rate it after downloading so im not sure if it really works

habeeb shittu
This apps is a useless apps, I just wasted my mb on it not knowing that it not is a bad apps I hate it. 😠

App User
3stars lang muna kc pag una gumagana pag matagal doesn’t work

App User
Bakwas app hai koi working nai hai shame on u jis ne app bnai hai

App User
It worked perfectly fine on my android so I think it deserves 5star for that, it really does increase the number of likes but not up to 30 and above just less but otherwise its a great app and not fake

GeMini The Queen
It worked however they changed my timeline language to Chinese and started making posts I DID NOT MAKE. Not cool! 😒 I’m telling Mark Zuck

Anees Mehtab
I don’t know how is this app after using asking me. Feedback who idiot create this app

App User
It’s works bt very less times like if if you try 30/40 times den it ll wrk for 2 or 3 times only,,,, I don’t know why😟😟 It wastes so much time

Luqman Muhammad
Only one time working again downloading and again start working otherwise good

App User
This app is working at first i got many like from epbi . but suddenly sometimes it’s always loading. Then i got like. So you Decide now. If you still want to download this app.

Mohit singh
Waste of time, I have never seen such stupid app. Who is the bloody developer of this app!!

App User
Sometimes i hate this apps there is so many ads showing before they process my request Then sometimes it didn work

olawale hammed
Perfect app to increase your facebook likes…. It’s so easy and efficient!

David maiva
I rate it 4 star because I haven’t use it yet, but if it’s work I’ll give 5 star That’s why I didn’t sure anything you ask me about it stopped working in my phone I don’t know why?

Bivek Poudel
Worst app Whenever I want to open the app it doesn’t open even when I have fully internate

Christian Chibueze
I have not tried it but if it is OK I will come back and give u 5 stars but if its not OK, I will come and take my 3 stars. Thanks

App User
This is one of the best apps I have ever seen it is simple and easy to use because you just need to install it and that is all about it I have sent others that are just fake but this want is real

App User
It does what I want but for sometimes now it stopped I hope it pick up again ooooo honestly apart from this complain it’s perfect.💞💞💞

Onitnerolf Florentino
ilove thiss apps guyz if you need 1k likes you nees follow me on Facebook john leonard florentino

bhanderi vrajtul
I cant show any activity.. just showing splash activity. Bkvas… Cant install . Jst waste your time. Nthing more in this app.

Dad ullah Hotak
This app have working only first day but second day can not work what,s problem?

RG incredible videos
This app is awesome. There is no need to wait for likes on FB and you can continuously get likes. This app really deserve hundred percent 5 star. Thanks.

App User
I swear this app do all.. I never seen an app loke u before. Thakn u very very verry much

Anthony Muli
It’s a scam don’t fall for it and download it coz the app doesn’t even open its not worth your time

Comedian Içë
This app is aswome But not work on all photos. That’s why I am giving only 4star!!😊😊

DJ Capone
It gets the likes no doubt..but how do I get likes om my instagram on there please someone tell me

pb banti
this app really works.. if anyone wants to have fake likes on there photos or in any post u must download this app

Kiely Borchatdt
OK updated rate Isn’t crashed on me in a while so when it’s not crashing it’s perfect it works exactly like it says it’s supposed to perfect 5 stars as long as you keep it from crashing

App User
Ur liker is so kull….it’s doesn’t require u waiting for 14 minutes after each reaction……’s nice..

App User
I think you must upgrade the likes system because they are less than 100 and i dont like that😥

App User
It’s an awesome app for people who did not get likes on their post…I just wanna to give 10 stars….final review is #awesome…

App User
At first it works but then if do it a lot then you just realize that it won’t work anymore

Lisa Thomas
It works well.. just that the maximum is 30 need to keep adding..not sure if the likes will remaining there for ever lol..nice

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