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Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music
by GoProVideo Players & Editors

Create awesome videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. You can customize your story with text, music and more then easily share it with friends. Editing has never been this fast—or this fun.


Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music


— Works with photos and videos captured with your GoPro, phone or other device. —

+ Add up to 75 photos and video clips from your Gallery, Albums, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus or GoPro Quik Key.
+ Quik analyzes your video clips and makes smart cuts. Or you can add HiLights to select your own moments.
+ Quik detects faces and colors to frame each photo perfectly. You can also crop photos manually.

+ Choose from 23 video styles, each with carefully designed transitions and graphics.
+ Adjust the font, filters and graphics for any video style.

+ Easily reorder photos, video clips and titles.
+ Trim video clips, make them play faster or slower, and frame photos to capture the perfect moment.
+ Personalize your story with text overlays and title slides. You can even add emojis 🙂
+ Change your video’s format from cinema to square for easy sharing on Instagram.
+ Set a custom duration for your video. Quik will adjust the cuts and transitions automatically.

+ Choose from more than 80 free songs, or use a song from your own collection.
+ Pick any point in the song to start your soundtrack.
+ Quik automatically syncs transitions to the beat of the music.

+ Save videos to your camera roll in gorgeous HD 1080p or 720p—now even in buttery-smooth 60 fps.
+ Share your videos to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Or share via text or email.

+ Rediscover your day with Flashbacks 24H—ready-to-watch videos of your trips, friends and adventures created from your last 24 hours of footage.

+ Quik works with the free GoPro app to bring you QuikStories—awesome videos made automatically from your latest HERO5 footage.

Download Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music App : 

Download Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music App


User Reviews :-

Jack Le
I love it! Usually takes me ages to create meaningful video clips, this allows me to do it the easy way or a more precise way. I dont know what these other people are having trouble with. U can manually trim videos or have your own highlights. Put your own music and it goes with that! What more can you want?

Jing Masca
I love this video app. It enhance my video quality.. I love the filters, effects, and the musics. But one thing that makes me feel a little bit disappointed, there is no cropping of music. I suggest to update your setting and put adjustment in musics. Like cropping it into chorus.. I also suggest to add DUBBING in sounds so that we can achieve a better video for our vlogs. Overall this is a great app. Hope you enhance your editor tools so that we can give you more 5 stars and good feedbacks.

Bethy Carroll
I only used flipagram before and after they switched everything I was desperately looking for an app similar so I could make a really important video. This app is super easy to use and amazing. Best one I’ve ever used by far. So many options when you’re editing the video too. 5 stars for sure. Wish you could add video to the photo slide shows though. Maybe you can i just haven’t figured it out yet.

Sophie Mancini
I love this app!!!! So easy to use with such cool features!! Very excited to see what other features they add in the future. I highly recommend getting this app if you want to make fun videos. I don’t have a great deal of experience in the video editing world but I have tried other apps and this one has come out on top every time.

Scarlett Rider
Am satisfied with the idea and the options shared in the app. But I want to know that the background music and song which is available, so after completing the videos can I upload the same on social media’s? Because why am asking, I was uploading the video and Facebook pop me with the error by saying this video consists of non copyright song. Please help me to understand that I can upload the video or not.

I have a lot of fun with this app. It can be tricky getting the exact timing of clips down, but the overall results are great. I don’t usually have to do a lot of editing over what the program automatically does, and that’s great for me. Update: June 2018. The app is crashing a lot for me. Hopefully an update will help.

Pole Waxers
Not sure what all the great reviews are about. It use to work. Now it doesnt. It keeps freezing and makes video jump and can rarely get into to be able to edit anythimh Why haven’t you all fixed all the glitches yet? It use to be a great app now it freezes and makes horrible videos?

Tua Umbra
Its really good for Instastories, but a lot of things have to be fixed. Firstly, when i start editing it starts with its own music on which is annyoing. Second, it has duration limits when i put music on photo and when i cut video it would be easier to enter time. And third, it converts any video extension in mp4. Also its interface is kinda difficult, but after several uses its good.

App User
Experience a terrible lag with this app redownloaded it many times and videos have trouble playing back properly, sharing is difficult since it has trouble processing footage it seems. Have yet to share anything that successfully. Final product is always corrupted glitchy footage.

Elysia El
Latest version keeps saying “something went wrong” or crashing. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and cleared space + optimised phone storage to no avail. Such a good app before the latest update has made it unusable 🙁

App User
Not sure what happened? I love this app but it hasn’t been working for me. Keeps saying, “something went wrong” what went wrong – my phone, the app? I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled it. Please let me know what I need to do to fix it. I’ve tried other apps but they’re lousy. Thanks

hol guacamol
Theres no option to Not use any of the lame entrance and exit presets? The app is clean and clear cut, i just wanna use it to splice videos together, would be nice if it were abit more customizable.

Jackline S
I really disappointed to this app …when i m edited to my photos and converted into vedios its looks really awsome. .but when i came to save my vedio its just could not be saved..and overall its very superv…please fix it my problem ….i dnt want to unstall this app .

Harry Tomlinson
This app worked perfectly, but all of a sudden it didn’t let me save a video. It “saves” the video, then it goes back to the editing screen. I have plenty of storage. This is really frustrating because I really need to have this video finished. Please help me solve this! I’ve already deleted apps, videos, and pictures.

nivin venugopal
This app is an extreme one for images are converted into video like slide show without watermark and all… But for video editing, rating for this app is only 3star because we couldn’t edit or add extra effects in between lengthy videos. Still i love this app

Brandon Smith
App used to work great, now every clip I try to make winds up with bugs and studdering footage. Footage from the camera is just fine until it goes into Quik, then it becomes problematic. Please fix the issues!

HoracioJr Gutierrez
Use this everyday! My IG Stories are next level due to this app! My only wish is an option to do VOICEOVERS 🙏 Quick team, if your reading this. Let’s make it happen please ✌

Riste Stefanov
I loved the app. But the latest update clips my videos and it doesn’t let me trim them. Keeps saying video cannot be loaded. I even installed on a different device. Still the same error. Please add an option to send you the data when this occurs so you can fix it.

David Chase
A frustrating disappointment. Would not read video from SD Card written by Gopro camera. Cannot figure out how to see highlight marks in editor. All the defaults are wrong, accidentally stumbled into “I want to edit my original video, thank you very much”. Seem to only be able to put text at the bottom. This is MUCH WORSE than the software that came with the camera (Hero 4) the day that I bought it.

Hazhaar Peshawa
4 stars cuz ur music adding part wasnt so satisfing i made 10min video now i had to go to another app to put music the way i want to, in the balanced mode there is some part that the app chooses it self and i did highlighted some part maybe i dont want ur choices only my highlights…. And more that i cant remember, but ur the best on mobilephone maybe there is better but i dont know

Pavan Rao
Buggy. Spent a lot of time making a video, but then it won’t save. Wasted my time on this app that used to work.. Switching to another one

Venky needs to Live
New update goes to error “something just went wrong”. Very hard to know why. Need features like clip speed adjustment , more video filters, stabilizer kinda features etc.. you r awesome.

App User
I am really disappointed with this app. When I edited the video it looked really nice . Yeah I liked it a lot. But when it came to saving and sharing .I just could not save a video.which I have been trying to save so many times!! Fix it ASAP I really liked this app And I don’t want to uninstall this.

I love this app what took me so long to get it…. I have been looking for at the perfect at to upload my YouTube videos And my God My God I have found are thank you… It’s a very low effort to upload the perfect video….yt: neeksworld inc

App User
Why is it that we can only make a 30 second video? Not satisfied with the duration. Or is it possible to make a video of longer duration? (like 15-20 mins?) I would really appreciate a good response for this.

Roh Music
Never imagined video editing would be this easy and can be done on the mobile phone itself. Nicely designed. No Ads. Love it how it helps to trim, change videos to match the audio track. A wonderful piece of software.

App User
Just wanted a simple cut here and play with no music or your own “movie action” features. You can’t find this easily. Too frustrating to use!

Ivana Filipovic
Would give it 0 stars if i could. Video freezes and gets stuck and interferes with other apps. Had some strange patches all over my screen. Disgusting app.

Ashley DiRuggiero
Awesome. Incredibly easy way to use your GoPro media right away. You can edit the videos or just enjoy the ones they make. You don’t need to have any editing experience at all to use this app. It’s great.

alex melendez
It would be great if i can actually use the app. Everytime i pick a video it closes out and brings me back to the main screen. I haven’t even get to use it and ive had the app for about 5 months now.

Roshelle Mooney
I just got into blogging for YouTube and I a rough time editing videos using other apps. Once I installed this, I was the happiest vlogger Alive. It’s so simple and easy to use plus its effective and free!!

Whing C
Great app for making videos and quite an extensive library of music too. Geared to share to social media, but I find it slightly restrictive though, in how you can save to your device .

Sira Status
They said it is easy to create a video in it. But it was not. Following are the problems 1. We can not trim the song 2. We do not have easy control on text 3. We can not extend the picture which we have selected But after all the app is quite cool. effects are really cool.

Natasha Eason
I do make up and hair video tutorials, and I absolutely LOVE this app! The only thing to me that is tricky is gettimg somgs longer then 5 min lol

Игорь Бобрицкий
When I try to add short videos they play glitchy during editing and in final rendered video. With pictures no problems

RK Digital
This app is awesome, y’all should get it, it is the best app for openings.. Like openings in shows or for intros and outros.. I’ve used this app so many times. Trust me it’s pretty good.

Graham Ewing
I run the social media for a local football team. The kids love the video clips and slide shows. Only negative would be that theres not enough different soundtracks.

Karunya Rao
I spent more than 2 hours editing a video for my mum’s birthday. When I was almost done and was just playing it to check for errors, it suddenly exits the edit window and shows the home page with the list of videos. From then on, its the most frustrating 15 mins I spent trying to do everything possible to get it to at least save whatever I had done. But to No avail. I have to now download a whole new app and do this all over again. Uninstalling Quik rn and staying away from it. You should do the same too if you don’t want your time and creative mind wasted.

Serene Nabil
It’s an amazing app for making memories and saving it… But the only thing that’s annoying in it is that it doesn’t take much pictures… Only 75

Prasanna Wagh Treks in Sahyadri’s
Really awesome app to work with HD videos.. Only thing sometimes frustrates me that there is no option to combine multiple music files

App User
I’ve Used Other Apps And The Quality Was Horrible But Now That I Have Found Quik It Makes My Quality Better And Surely One Of The Best Editors It Their In My Opinion

OHMG! Combined with insane camera of Galaxy S8+, it creates stunning videos with effects at minimal effort! Very fast processing too, even at high fps. Just one recommendation, please add more and more automatic filters. Thanks.

Naquash Bent Jr.
I’ve Been Looking For An App To Make Videos To The Songs I Make With The Cover Art, And I FINALLY Found It. I Love The Effects In This App And It’s Easy To Use! Easy 5 Stars

Shubham Mishra
Very easy yet very powerful app. Only missing is effects between clips like fade in or black n white. Hope to see some basic effects in future update.

Michael Hack
One of the worst video editing apps out there ..56 second video ..13 GB free on my phone ..error while producing video ..say what ..come on Devs do something

Andrea Zappola
Dear Quik Makers.. I personally love this app. I have made so many great videos÷ I love how you could get your OWN downloaded music, so you don’t ALWAYS have to use the ones included. within the app. And the options for the videos are GREAT! But here are some suggestions you could add so that people can rate your app even better. You could add custom songs, like: Counting Stars by one Republic Uptown Funk You Up by bruno mars. Or even Hip hop.. Rap.. Jazz… Or pop music! Continue the great work! Never give up! -Andrea

Tony Creech
I just love how easy it’s been to make good videos that are personalized. The selections the app makes for me, when I decide not to select which pictures or moments in videos to highlight is really intuitive. I didn’t even look at any tutorial for how to use the app or anything and have already made three videos that I’ve shared with everyone. Plus, love that it doesn’t force you to put the app brand on the end of the video. That’s a deal breaker for me. I want it to look like a product of me, not something else. And it’s got that nailed.

Petit Julien
Great app, some tweaks to be done though, especially with the automatic highlights that should be disabled easily. Also got some videos corrupted couple of times.

App User
Impossible to make even semi precise trims. Fixed length timeline is no good for anything but very short videos. Video is tiny on edit screen.

vijay kidecha
This app was working fine until the update. Can’t trim any video. Whenever I click on trim, application freezes and doesn’t respond.

Andrew Ryan
I just got my Gopro. While I do like the features of this app, it is impossible to complete an edit because of playback errors. Right now the app is broken, but once the app is fixed I will change my review.

App User
It is an epic disgrace that this is what people consider a worthwhile video editor on mobile. The ONLY video “editor” I could find on the play store without microtransactions or ads, and it’s just a childish applet with canned “effects” for idiots who don’t know anything about video editing.

App User
Wondering if the editors choice and rave reviews are of the app I installed. Not intuitive, no menu, no edit option. On to the next app.

Максим Голубев
Clipped all of my videos severely on import. For instagram-long videos may be fine. Too many features are tied to GoPro Camera.

Richie Ho
App used to work flawlessly but now I keep getting “something went wrong while making your video… Sorry!”. Such a shame as it was an amazing app

App User
I like it very much but its confusing sometimes. I’m still learning how to use it tho 💙

Roohith Reddy
One of the best video editing apps to do quick editing. It is completely free without any annoying adds and have a quick responsive UI . The app offers you a good sum of themes to play with. Enjoy editing. Congratulations team goPro

Rishi Pawah
Awesome job, made the whole process lot simpler and with lots of option. But hangs if made to work more. But still will rate 5 star

Lesha Govender
Everytime I try to log in, the app kicks me out. It is very frustrating be its a good app but I am not able to use it. Please help!

Mah 710
Easy to use, i love it specially that the quik mark can be deleted, there is just some lacking in texts and fonts and i can’t use different filters in one video

App User
This all is really good! Because I made my video With mobizen and i just edited the video with this app and added some text and background and stuffs..Thx!

Ladessa Sullivan
I would like this app more if it did not force me to use a video effect that fades the video in or out. Sometimes I do not want that feature because it ruins the ending of a video that required no effects.

matt winters
Is this compatible with the Galaxy S9+? I can’t get it to work past selecting photos and videos. Kicks me out of the editing screens.

The Firey Queen
I loved this app and i had given it 5 stars…. But now after the updation.. Its not good at all…. So i am deleting this app…

jaykumar jani
I don’t know what the problem is…but every time when i try to make video…this application show’s me… Something went wrong while making your video Don’t know what to do

george philip
Perfect! I didn’t uninstall it , and I didn’t have to look for any other app, and that’s more than enough when it comes to me

Bryan Choy
Makes wonderful videos when it works but the integration with gopro plus is terrible. I can’t get my videos from their own product to work reliably

You guys doing fantastic job I like your app so much But Sir, I have one request if u include one more feature such as Voice recording and voice overs support in videos would be supurb app for me and other creators

I was completely blew when flipagram changed their format, but not only does this do the same thing it’s better. You can add your own music plus it gives you great effects 10 stars if I vould🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Huy Pho
I need support. The app worked just fine before, however, with the most recent project I create, all of my clips are added in reverse timeline anh I have to move tons of them to correct position in my movie. It seems like this happenned after I used the Highlight tag before add them to the project. Could you please check? 1. Use hightlight tag in gopro app for every single clip you’ll use 2. Multi select all clips 3. Select Q (Quik) on the top right panel 4. Check if your clips are om the right position (timeline) Thanks for your support.

App User
It kept forcing me to do things I didn’t want to do. I hate this app, it’s terrible.

rick dalton
simple and straight forward without a lot of bells and whistles to confuse you. did exactly what i needed it to and didnt bog me down with useless ads. five stars. keep up the good work

Kamal Pourhanifeh
It will be much more useful if you allow users to add overlayer , Transition , sound effect in any seconds of video and also subtitles, having an access to voice over for such a good video editing app like quick is really needed. I hope you guys will do something about it.

Dynver Jackson
Do use if you have a lot of nice pictures you want to put together and play music in the background of your choice. So it’s all together nice cool app!! I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chante C
It’s a fun and quick way of making short videos the only thing I would like is to be able to change the type transition between each photo

Alberto Escobedo
Muy buena, me sacó de apuros pero le doy 2 estrellas porque no exporta los videos en HD y se ven feos, como en 480p. It doesn’t work in HD, only in standard quality 480p or less. I need to export in 720p at least.

App User
APP IS GREAT JUST THE WAY IT IS! DON’T CHANGE IT, EDITING IS GREAT, I enjoy this app alot, it has plenty of great effects for your video, making the video is nice and easy I LOVE IT!! Great simply to use app!!

App User
This app is way better than other apps you can find. I had 1 app whick was pretty good but the picture quality was trash. But this app just is very good. 5 stars

App User
Would work great if it did not constantly freeze and crash my phone! No other app causing my phone to freeze other than this app

App User
Absolutely love this app. It’s quick and easy to use and makes videos & photos look great! It does all the work and you get all the credit for a professional looking video 😉 You can’t ask for more than that! Perfect for Instagram, Facebook etc.

Bobsmei Bontilao
An essential app for every gopro user. Very convenient to use and eases the process of making your very own videos.

Marilyn Blyth wilson
It used to be fab. Not every time I try to make a video it says something went wrong. No idea what though.

ilyich ugel
Siempre me dice que algo va mal cuando edito videos, tanto intentando usar trim, como la funcion split. Me parece muy poco intuitiva, no termino de entender como funciona. De cualquier manera, si no puedo recortar los videos no me sirve

Ma . Jocel Hernandez
It has a lot of video styles to choose from but upon saving the video, the saved video had flickerring scenes or repeating in a fast motion then it would resume its normal speed. I hope they could fix this.

precious walker
I was just messing around checking the app out and I love my video its beautiful. It was easy to use I still have a lot to look into but as of now I feel good about it.

Brian Trenholm
This is such a user friendly app for creating amazing short videos. I would pay for it if GoPro wasnt so generously providing it for us.

Dau Diana
Great app for quick videos that look amazing. It would take hours to do a similar video in adobe premier that with quick takes 10min. I wish they would be a bit more customisable, like being able to change the cover of the video. I def recommend it though

Earl Jefferson Del Rosario
This app is great. I just have an issue with the music library. I downloaded the whole library so I could choose from a variety of songs even when I’m offline. But upon opening the app the next day, all the songs I’ve downloaded were gone. I tried downloading the music library again but still, all are gone the next time I open the app again.

I hate it, because QUIK totally limit for choose video style for portrait!! And video not full view! If i want apply full video to Insta Story with (Portrait Mode) and IGTV (Instagram) resolution portrait mode automatic crop video to center view!! I need RAW STYLE video look like, Full View for Portrait video.. Record video in video landscape, edit video using RAW style video , and change to video style Portrait. Please UPDATE AND FIX for feature!!!

Ryan Monroe
Decent app for someone who has no clue what they want or what they are doing. If you order that 8 you might want a different app.

Sonu Jossy Abraham
I was using this app for all my video editing. After I have updated my phone to Oreo the app keeps showing an error message ” something went wrong while creating your video”.

App User
Best video editor ever in the world 🌏. It’s easy to use, It makes very great videos and I will never uninstall this app 💖❤

Punjabi Boys
It is okay. But it seems that the developer has just forgotten that he has manufactured any app, because since a long time there is no update or added anything new.

yassine weindenfeller
Such a bad app, whenever I try to create a video with music and stuff.. it stops suddenly without any reason. I will uninstAll it now. I DONT SUGGEST YOU GUYS TO UPLOAD IT.

The Unpaid Riders
Everytime best but just one feature missing. You can’t add transparent text over videos.

Nuzomi Kujo
When I try to download the video it goes up to 89% and then the program stops working. The app is totally useless if you cannot save the video.

Lhey Ralston
Very intuitive and very easy to use. With great tools. Thank you for creating such an amazing app. If you guys will add paid contents for more sountracks and highlights and other trim options, i’d gladly pay! Again, 5 stars! Thank you!!!

Moushmi Halder
M just loveing this.. app… The quality of d video i jst awsm… And editing system is supb… Do try this app.. guys u need 5 to 10 min to learn.. bt d reslt is awsm..

Nathan pacurar
For some reason when i try to edit the video the screen glitches and then goes black for a second or two and then goes on to the next slide, it doesn’t flow good at all

Quinlan Jenkins
Pretty basic editing app, gets the job done. But why would it put music over your video by default? The amount of times I’ve not noticed it until I’ve posted the edit.. it’s very frustrating.

Aicha Zhg
Super easy to use, high quality. One recommendation is that it’ll be better if I can mix and combine different transition effects. But all in all it’s a great app!!

App User
you can edit and add your music and it turns out well but once you download it to your camera roll it freezes while the music is still playing . it’s aggravating ! Fix !!

Ivo Stankov
Why I can’t edit the speed anymore. There use to be a video edit button. It does not appear on my phone anymore. Just frames, text and length, not very useful

Gaurav Kumar
Very user friendly. I think this is best app for making videos/stories with lots of inbuilt effects. Everything is easy and amazing. Nice work team(App Developers)

App User
Please have the option of selecting video frame size like 1280×720, 1920×1080; when saving videos to be more compatible with different social media sites and not having the video getting downsized to low quality.

App User
Amazing I can finally make edits for musicall.y Instagram Facebook ect now one thing you could do is maybe add like more rotation. That’s all 🤔😉👍👍👍👌

Wtaf Wtf
Cant turn off native audio. Weird bc I was able to use music over my first vid. 2nd vid and the background sounds are there. How to mute that? I thought it wld be auto.

Manish Painuly
Nice app with wider editing options, but looking for some more features like focus, re-edit, fonts choice etc.. Looking forward

Kenneth Shum
Great app for a quick spruce up of your adventures before putting on instagram or fb, wish there was more tutorial prompts

Jamie Nguyen
Great for ppl who take lots of pics but need a home video once in a while too. String together a bunch of quick clips of the kids, edit, share. So easy.

Don Fea’o
Amazing app for quick video edits. Hopefully the developers can make it possible to choose custom or own type of transition between the videos in the selected styles etc. Also need a function for flipping video horizontally and vertically. Cheers

kyrsha welter
Pretty awesome program but i worked pretty hard on this certain video and as soon as i hit save it crashes and wont open any of my files.

App User
I really think this app is good especially for my youtube channel but it would be good that for an intro music you can add your music like from spotify or whatever. It would also be good to add full screen recording. For gaming videos

App User
Awesome app went on it thinking it was an editing software but then found out you can just compile a load of clips and it outs it into a really cool edit however you want it

John James
How the he’ll can I edit my vids. Not clear on how to stop the app from chopping my video into soundbites

Nagendra Rayabarapu
It’s much fantastic if u add some more effects and a music trim when adding music…really loved d app

App User
I love the app,It is really easy to use but I gave it 4 stars because there is not a lot of song choices for your videos but other than that it is good

Dinesh Kumar
I think some problem in software ,it skip in middle while playing video

Rahul Bakshi
Unable to create new project the moment I add video it came out. This problem started recently. Please help

Ysabel Nicole Taruc
The app is great!! It has many features that I really like. The pre-edited presentations come with style, and you can even chooae a song from your library. I would recommend this app 💙

Swapnil loya
After the new update of trim the app is not able to develop any videos, it stops all the time when I select videos for editing, hope u will resolve it at the earliest. Thanks

This is great app, it will be more better if we can input Sound effects to the Video as a background music

Bahram Tajalli Nezhad
One of the most amazing apps ever. Could use some extra features and done freedom on text configs but The existing features are solid.

Brandt L. Allain
Thank You Go Pro for this App. Hopefully one day I can maybe earn some money to build and grow. Thank You so much for the tools that help me create and deliver my Art.

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